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Buy Provera Without Prescription, Dr. Jon Swabey's 100 pages of culled Discordia, buy cheap Provera. Provera canada, mexico, india, This is the Second Edition of the Apocrypha Discordia. The first is a rare volume that is dearly prized by those that have a copy, Provera used for. Provera alternatives, This is available here in PDF. If you do a quick search on google, Provera reviews, Herbal Provera, you may find that you can purchase a dead tree version of this now.

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  1. I’ve read just about every Discordian book on the Interfnords and some that aren’t (if you don’t think I’ve seen yours, visit my homepage and send me a link). But I still consider this to be one of the best, and not just because it has something in it by me. As far as I know, this is the first major ecletic Discordian collection published in the 21st century.

    While it’s not in the book, if you’ve ever read the long-missing “The Myth of Ichabod” (which the fourth edition of Principia Discordia called but didn’t include as “The Myth of Starbuck”) you can thank DrJon for that. The Apocrypha does include…well, read it and find out for yourself, spag.

  2. Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:

    I had this book but I used it up when I ran out of toilet paper. Can someone send me a dead tree copy?

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