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300px-ApplegunsOMGASM Buy Atarax Without Prescription, is a fresh coat of paint on an old idea. It stands for the idea that Discordians, Atarax pics, Purchase Atarax for sale, pranksters, irreligious nutjobs, Atarax long term, Atarax australia, uk, us, usa, and other ne'er-do-wells should be helping each other out with their crazy lunatic projects.

OMGASM stands for Operation Mindfuck: Golden Apple Seed Missions, Atarax schedule. Atarax mg, The idea is that we want to create this awesome activitist network, so all of our projects get better, Atarax without prescription. Atarax treatment, If you see a project listed as a Golden Apple Seed Mission (or "GASM"), you're encouraged to participate, Atarax from canadian pharmacy. GASMs get better the more participants they have, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Atarax used for, Anyone can start a GASM. You just have to post about it somewhere on the web where other Discordians will find it, where to buy Atarax. Rx free Atarax, These are a special kind of project which gains momentum with more participants. A GASM has to be kind of self-explanatory, kjøpe Atarax på nett, köpa Atarax online. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, We've found it's easier to get others to participate if you provide most of the tools and resources. Where can i cheapest Atarax online, For example, if your GASM has to do with putting up a certain kind of poster, where can i order Atarax without prescription, No prescription Atarax online, it helps if you host the posters somewhere for others to download and print.

Here are some GASMs you may or may not be familiar with:

  • A few months ago, what is Atarax, Online buy Atarax without a prescription, we threw a Jake Day, and organized ourselves to send a ton of surreal mail to Senator Harry Reid.

  • POSTERGASM is my personal favorite Golden Apple Seed Mission, Atarax over the counter. Atarax no rx, It involves putting up absurd posters all over your neighborhood. As the project goes on, order Atarax from mexican pharmacy, Buy cheap Atarax, lots of people have been making their own posters, or uploading pictures of their work, Atarax interactions. There are currently over 100 posters hosted on scribd, Buy Atarax Without Prescription. Atarax overnight, Make some. Print some, taking Atarax. Comprar en línea Atarax, comprar Atarax baratos, Put 'em up everywhere!

  • ColbertGASM was our attempt to recruit Stephen Colbert into the Bavarian Illuminati. On February 28th, 2008, Atarax price, Generic Atarax, Stephen Colbert succumbed to our letter writing, and tossed us a golden apple on the air, ordering Atarax online. Atarax from canadian pharmacy, Check it out: on February 28th, 2008, Atarax trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Atarax without a prescription, he tossed a "23 skidoo" at about 40 seconds in. Buy Atarax Without Prescription, There have been numerous other Discordian references on Colbert's show, check out our project page for some noise about it.

  • The Erister Egg Hunt is a new annual Discordian tradition. On easter, Atarax images, Where to buy Atarax, we put crazy crap in plastic eggs and hide them all over the place.

  • The Day of Discord is a Discordian Meet Up. It's a great opportunity to meet other whackjobs in your area, Atarax natural. Atarax maximum dosage, The more people do this, the more tangible the Discordian Society becomes.

  • Intermittens is an open-source Discordian Magazine, Atarax pics. Atarax treatment, Anyone is allowed to write an issue of it. Other Discordians will read it and crap themselves.

  • GASMGASM is the mission to tell other people about OMGASM and try to hornswaggle them into participating, purchase Atarax. Buy Atarax from mexico, This post, for example, is a part of that mission. GASMGASM is actually a part of GASMGASMGASM, the mission to tell others about GASMGASM. And then there's  GASMGASMGASMGASM, the mission to never, ever, STFU.


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  1. OmgasmNo Gravatar says:

    The official website for Omgasm is

  2. Princess UnicorniaNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for putting Erister Egg Hunt on here! But we didn’t start it we just named it. Pinky McFatFat revived it but its in Apocrypha Discordia even though it wasn’t named.

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