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What follows is a page out of the long lost The Book of Text of Document - A Beginner's Primer to Dins and Shouts of CookNote Fiberglass Buy Coreg Without Prescription, . Where can i buy cheapest Coreg online, Although this 800+ page book was regrettably lost one day years ago when Rev. Happy Fun Ball mistook it for a nightcrawler and used it as bait, about Coreg, Coreg pictures, this page inexplicably turned up in my pants pocket the other day. I can only assume that more pages will turn up in odd places, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy generic Coreg, If you happen to find one disguised as toilet paper, hiding in a bottle of sarsaparilla, my Coreg experience, Buying Coreg online over the counter, or growing out of your bonzai tree, please be sure to mail it to me and I will post it here for safekeeping.

3.6.002: If the requirements of 3.6.001 are met, buy cheap Coreg no rx, Online buying Coreg, the player may at this point declare "Total Annihilation" and walk amongst the pieces, kicking them over, cheap Coreg, Coreg canada, mexico, india, breaking some and generally causing a ruckus as the player sees fit. It shall be graded on a sliding Robigitus Scale (See 2.1.192) by the scorekeeper with the following endpoints: Mercy, Destruction, Style, Random, Buy Coreg Without Prescription. Bonus points not exceeding 2000 points may be given if the player reproduces convincing Godzilla-like screeches, online buying Coreg hcl. Buy Coreg without a prescription, The points will be reversed and given to the opponent if 1) the player does not destroy at least 50% of it's own pieces, 2) the player does not wiggle its posterior in an enticing manner as the annihilation is undertaken, discount Coreg, Coreg samples, or 3) the scorekeeper is generally not amused by the performance. After a "Total Annihilation", Coreg online cod, Coreg mg, the players must hire a government contractor (played by the scorekeeper, an onlooker or pizza delivery person) to repair the pieces and re-erect them in their proper spots, Coreg steet value. Buy Coreg without prescription, This must be done without any input from the players, unless of course they bribe the scorekeeper to look the other way, doses Coreg work. Buy Coreg Without Prescription, Remember, bribes must be parlayed according to the rules outlined in Section 1.7. Coreg trusted pharmacy reviews, If players are caught attempting to influence the government contractor, they will be fined 5, order Coreg no prescription, Coreg treatment, 000 points (on top of any bribe fines) and the government contractor should do attempt to do a quarter-assed job instead of their typical half-assed job. "Total Annihilation" may only be called once per game per player, Coreg results, Buy Coreg from canada, except in cases where the game has lasted longer than the Single Berry Limit (Appendix M-13) but not as long as Rootin' Tootin' Time (Appendix M-24), in which case it may be used a second time by the player who did not already annihilate, Coreg pics. Effects of Coreg,

3.6.003: If the requirements of 3.6.001 are met and "Total Annihilation" has not been called, the player may call for "Factor" and associate himself with one of his pieces or cards, Coreg no rx. Herbal Coreg, Once a player has been factored into the game, the only way for it to "Unfactor" is to play one of their Golden Apples, Coreg price. When a player is factored to a piece or card, they must assume the qualities of that piece or card (see Appendix B for current listing of quality and rule mappings), Buy Coreg Without Prescription. Coreg maximum dosage, Another benefit of factoring to a piece or card is the ability to remove the factored piece or card from the game - forcing a role switch between the player and the scorekeeper. If a role switch is initialized the former player must "Unfactor" to switch back into the game and return the piece or card back into play, Coreg use. Coreg from canadian pharmacy,

Beginners Note: Factoring and Removing is a nice way of getting out of a CF match that you are certainly going to lose - the loss goes to the new player, not you, purchase Coreg online no prescription. Is Coreg safe, Unfortunately, this tends to piss off the person who gets stuck with the loss, where to buy Coreg, Coreg from mexico, so beware of using it rashly. Also, Coreg wiki, Coreg alternatives, many players have switched, assigned mega-points to their replacement, kjøpe Coreg på nett, köpa Coreg online, then "Unfactored". This is a risky proposition at best, as no one likes to be used like a two-dollar whore. The Scorekeeper's handbook clearly outlines a...

Unfortunately, that is it. Again, please keep your eyes peeled for more pages from The Book of Text of Document - I know they are out there somewhere..

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  1. I do believe I remember playing a game similar to this when I was 10-ish (25 years ago), although I’m pretty sure it was called “Pee on the Electric Fence Without Screaming While Your Willie Fries” not “Total Annihiliation”.
    I also remember it having something to do with alcohol and impressing girls.
    Or maybe that was when I was 20-ish, in college, and still hadn’t learned what was important.

  2. foebeaNo Gravatar says:

    Sharing in case this is useful to anyone. I put it together in 2001 in the style of a few older games instruction books.

    For 2 players and 1 referee / I.Q.’s 110 and up
    CooKNote Fiberglass
    CooKNote Fiberglass was created by the Discordian Cabal ’23 Apples of Eris’, under the influences of Prince Mu-Chao and Happy Fun Ball, who were sitting around the house with nothing to do and feeling especially close to Eris. Lying on the table beside them was one of those cheap chess and checkers combination games.
    Eight hours and five cannibalized board games later, they were well on their way to creating CooKNote Fiberglass. It may have been born that night, but until recently, it was still an adolescent due to its resounding intricacy, complexity, and room to grow. Without Further Ado, The Church of Other proudly presents the young adult version of the game some 23 people have come to love!
    The Board
    The board may be as simple as a chess board, or as complex as a personalized board made from pieces of multiple game boards. Anything with enough squares for up to 84 pieces with enough room to move around is acceptable.
    The Pieces
    Each player may take up to 42 pieces from any game they like (for example: checkers, chess, sorry, monopoly, chutes and ladders). These pieces are set up as they would in the game they came from. One difference in CooKNote Fiberglass is due to the number of pieces involved. For instance, chess pieces and checkers may exist on the same square. They do not interfere with each others properties, unless a rule is created to that effect. Players are not limited to the games listed above in any way. Trivia, Tarot, Magic, Nightmare Chess, Uno, Skip-Bo, and even regular playing cards may be used. The player will keep these cards in hand during the game. Putting cards on the table or floor is not recommended as reasoned in the strategy section below.
    Players can use all one color or just mix the colored pieces up between them; however they must declare the color or concept they represent.
    The individual strategies players choose to employ during the game will vary, however there are three key pointers that will get you through any game: lie, cheat, and steal.
    Scoring is done by the referee without telling the players what they get points for or why. Referees can give many points to a player for creating an extremely humorous or well planned rule, or take points away for rules in poor taste, or if they don’t like the player as a person.

    Extra Points
    Extra points may be awarded for any reason such as:
    Wearing a funny hat.
    Playing Sink in a sink at least once during the game.
    Making lewd comments to the opposing player.
    And so on.
    How to Win
    Victory is determined in a number of ways. The player with the highest score when all of a players pieces are removed from the game is by default, the winner. This, just like any other situation, can be disputed. If a player feels they had better rule creation technique, better planned moves, and feels as though the referee just has much animosity, a challenge may be presented to determine the true, ordained winner of the round.
    A player can also win through the forfeit of the other player, as long as the referee agrees the player is completely outmatched. If this is not agreed upon, the player attempting to forfeit must agree to the terms of surrender placed forth by the other player. The forfeiting player must otherwise continue play.
    Actual Play
    The game starts with the players placing their tokens in the respective places on the board. After this is complete, the player who is judged by the referee to be the most intoxicated or intoxicating, (remember strategy applies to the referee as well) gets the first move.
    The First Round: The first player can now move any piece he controls in the manner of its design. The move must be legal for the first round. A piece cannot move onto a square occupied by another piece from the same game, however it can occupy the same square as a piece from another. If a move requires the use of additional tools, these must be used. This could include rolling dice, answering trivia questions, spinning a wheel, or other such nonsense. The second player will respond in the same fashion.
    The Second Round and Beyond: Play continues as before with one difference. From the second round to the end of the match, the most complicated aspect of the game comes into play. These are simply called ‘rules’. Each player can create up to five rules in each round. These rules can impact the current move, the pieces in general, the scoring system and even other rules. Players also have two blocks which they can use to prevent a rule from entering play. At the end of each round the player forfeits 1000 points for each unused block. By the same token, each player must create a minimum of two rules per round, with the same penalties for disuse. Keep in mind that creating more rules give you better odds of hitting on a masterpiece rule and sweeping the game in points when it’s all over.

    Global Rules
    Global Rules are like any other rule created by players, except they affect all future games of CooKNote Fiberglass the world over. One global rule per player, per game is allowed, but it can be blocked by either the other player or the referee. Also the CooKNote World Council may block the rule from Global publication if it is deemed detrimental to the future of the game. In this scenario, if the individual groups wish, they may include it as a colloquialism.
    Global Rules may be ignored by players with the creation of single game rules. In all other instances the Global Rule take precedence over any move or dispute.
    Here are a few examples of Global Rules currently in use. There are many more which have been presented and recorded, and if the person who has them will kindly return them, I give assurances that charges will not be pressed.
    All pieces must be removed from the board to finish the game. This included the opponent if necessary. As long as they stay in contact with the board it still counts as a piece on the board.
    Unless all players and the referee agree to it, no rule may be repeated in any one game, by either player, even if blocked or rescinded in its original use.
    One must always be intoxicated in some fashion while playing, or be disqualified.
    Situations are a special kind of Global Rule which allow for major changes to the game, scoring system or players. A maximum of 23 Situation may be declared before, during, and after the game by the players and the referee.
    Some situations are retroactive, some are pro-active, and some are just active.
    For example: Phobia – declared by any player
    - When Phobia takes effect, the referee grabs 5 pieces from each player. At intervals throughout the rest of the game, the referee will place the pieces back on the board in strategic locations – but under neither player’s control. They become ‘government’ pieces, controlled by the referee and will attack either player.
    With a game of this complexity, disputes are bound to break out. There is a Global Rule just for this problem. Whenever a player disagrees with a particular ruling, score assignment, or the decision of overall winner of the game, a Ouija board is to be used to determine the true direction of the ruling or points should have gone. This can be accomplished by having the players sit opposite each other with the board resting on their knees. The players will rest their fingers lightly on the glowing planchette, and the player who is challenging the decision will speak aloud the question. Both players and the referee will concentrate very hard, and the players will keep their eyes closed. If the challenger opens his eyes during this ritual, he is declared a caught cheat for trying to influence the answer and must forfeit the challenge and 5000 points. The referee will watch the message window and call out the message as it is made known. If it is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, the winner of the challenge will be determined by the wording of the question. If it spells out the answer, take heed, as this may be a special message from Eris, or some other deranged specter.
    If the challenged player refuses to compete with the aide of the Ouija, without the use of a high-scoring rule, forfeiture of 1000 points is compulsory.

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