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goldenapple Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, Some of you are newcomers, others have been reading 23ae for years and years and years. Welcome nonetheless, comprar en línea Nizoral, comprar Nizoral baratos. Taking Nizoral, This is a new beginning for the 23 Apples of Eris. As you can see, Nizoral dose, Nizoral price, coupon, Professor Mu Chao ripped out the old site and installed this tight new wordpress setup. This has created a bit of confusion and a lot of broken links, Nizoral without a prescription, Order Nizoral from United States pharmacy, but we'll rebuild, bit by bit, Nizoral wiki.

But now what, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. Nizoral from mexico, What are we doing here.

It's hard to pin down the Discordian Society and say anything concrete about it, doses Nizoral work. Nizoral description, For over ten years, I've been questing after it, Nizoral use, Nizoral interactions, trying to find out if there really is a lunatic fringe network out there, pulling pranks, purchase Nizoral for sale, Nizoral mg, jaking jakes, trading abnormail, Nizoral street price, Nizoral samples, helping each other out with hilarious hijinks. Is it even real, Nizoral online cod. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, Is it a tripped out imaginary cult of a dead sci-fi author. No prescription Nizoral online, A dead joke from the 60s. An elaborate conspiracy, Nizoral price. Is Nizoral safe, A facebook group. What the hell is it, effects of Nizoral.

I've always figured that I'll just go through life acting as if there really is a decentralized trickster network out there, Buy Nizoral Without Prescription. Generic Nizoral, And if others are doing the same, we'll find each other, what is Nizoral. Nizoral overnight, In the last five years, I've learned that yes, where can i find Nizoral online, Nizoral gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, there really is a Discordian Society. This website is one of those rare few places where we can see a bit of its shape, rx free Nizoral. Nizoral dosage, We're looking for a few good nutbars to help document and create the Discordian Society. Buy Nizoral Without Prescription, Years from now, people will wonder what the Discordians of 2010 were up to. Let's answer this question together, Nizoral steet value. Buy Nizoral from canada, So if you have a cabal, and your cabal does activities together, buy generic Nizoral, Is Nizoral addictive, let's hear about it. Even if you're a one-man cabal, after Nizoral. Order Nizoral from mexican pharmacy, And if you have activities that Discordians would enjoy doing, let's hear about that too, Nizoral long term. Online buying Nizoral, Because we're easily distracted, and sticking apart is more fun when we do it together, where can i order Nizoral without prescription. Nizoral for sale. Nizoral brand name. Kjøpe Nizoral på nett, köpa Nizoral online.

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  1. Hung Mung the YoungerNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t get my post in email: the one post I made before the reboot had gotten changed over to “anonymous” and probably lost the attached email address due to site issues. Not a big deal, given the post in question, so whatever.

    Also, I need a new login, I think.

  2. Hey spagsNo Gravatar says:

    Saw the Eccentrics letter so am dropping in. My cabal’s a secret one so can’t talk about it here. Too many greyfaces. Currently I’m infiltrating Un cyclop edia but not typing the name together so they don’t see this. I’m about to win an award there that I was nominated for before I existed. It’s like this. They have this useless joke award and someone nominated a non-existent user. It got more votes than anyone because its a joke. So I just signed up today under that user name. You think Eris would be proud?

    • One of our regulars is a regular at the un cyclop edia site. Heard about what you did, assuming you’re the one I heard about–yes, Eris would be proud. Send us a writeup and we might use it in our Snooze Letter–or maybe you could see if you could post it here. But remember, Eris might also get jealous, so….

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