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Buy Cymbalta Without Prescription, A Discordian Sect is a group which has been inspired by a body of work which has greatly influenced Discordian thought. As with most fandom, Cymbalta schedule, Cymbalta without prescription, the author of the works is reified.1

Here, then, rx free Cymbalta, Cymbalta dosage, is a brief overview of the most popular Discordian Sects, in chronological order.2


Description: Happy-Fun Post-Absurdism Western-Zen Joke-Religion

Summary: Religion can be fun, discount Cymbalta. Cymbalta description, Philosophy can be fun. Thinking can be fun, Cymbalta wiki. Where can i cheapest Cymbalta online, Living can be fun!

Origin: A bowling alley.

Also Known As: Pinealism, Disco-Fundamentalism


Description: Post-Paranoid Politico-Conspiratorial Auto-Biographical Dull-Zenarchy

Summary: Paranoia can be fun, Cymbalta dangers. And profitable, Buy Cymbalta Without Prescription. Buy Cymbalta from mexico, Which is good, because I got nothing else.

Origin: Dallas, Cymbalta recreational, About Cymbalta, Texas.

Also Known As: That Guy Who Keeps Writing About Kennedy.


Description: Long-Winded Psycho-Philosophical Pot-Headed Maybe-Agnosticism

Summary: I don't believe it. Maybe, Cymbalta dose. Buy Cymbalta without prescription, Let me write a five-thousand page book filled with inane ramblings to explain what, exactly, Cymbalta brand name, Order Cymbalta from mexican pharmacy, I don't believe.

Origin: The Sirius star system. Maybe.

Also Known As: Learyism3


Description: Half-Stolen Pun-Loving Technology-Uninspired Amateur-Episkoposes

Summary: Computers are neat, Cymbalta forum. Buy Cymbalta Without Prescription, Let's post silly stuff on the internet: I have a black belt in Haiku. Cymbalta overnight, And a black vest in the cleaners fnord.

Origin: news:alt.discordia

Also Known As: Alt.Discordianism, Pinealism, purchase Cymbalta online no prescription, Cymbalta steet value, Hyper-Discordia


Description: Doom-and-Gloom Black-Iron Prison-Apocalypse Hate-Cult

Summary: We must liberate ourselves from our metaphor for adult-hood angst. … after we finish talking about how much our lives suck.


Also Known As: PDism, comprar en línea Cymbalta, comprar Cymbalta baratos, Buy generic Cymbalta, PeeDeism, P.Diddyism, buy Cymbalta without a prescription, What is Cymbalta, BIPpy-ology


Description: Romantic-Werewolf Romantic-Vampire Tweeny-Mommy Abstinence-Cult

Summary: Women are weak and like being stalked by monsters. Men are proud, Cymbalta pharmacy, Cymbalta mg, noble monsters that protect their helpless victims.

Origin: The Forks, Washington Tourism Bureau

Also Known As: The Twilight Phenomenon, order Cymbalta online c.o.d, Cheap Cymbalta, TwiMomism, Rape-Culture


Note 1. We all know there aren't any Real Discordian authors, taking Cymbalta. Fast shipping Cymbalta, The only Real Discordian Author is Shakespeare, and even he was really his sister.

Note 2. Chronology is relative, Cymbalta over the counter. Cymbalta no prescription, The author of this work is not responsible for lost or stolen timelines.1

Note 3. Despite popular rumor, “Greg Hill” was never a pseudonymn of Wilson's, my Cymbalta experience. Ordering Cymbalta online, It was Mr. Momomoto's brother that was a pseudonymn of Wilson's.4

Note 4. Not really, Cymbalta cost, Buy Cymbalta no prescription, but don't tell Them that!

Note 5. I met Stephanie Meyer once and she has the words “Ewige Blumenkraft” tattooed in a very private area.4

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  1. Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

    Michael Bolton

  2. snarkoNo Gravatar says:

    I refuse sects cept Disco.

    “we are the wild cards. they dunno we’re coming.”

    Michael’s a pussy. But a darn cute one.

  3. Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:

    You left out several. What about 23 Apples of Eris? A group that’s not a group, has no theme, has random bits from wherever, is full of love/hate, is incredibly active/inactive/active again?

  4. 23AE is Eris’ retarded step-son that she locks in a closet and only lets out on its birthday (aka Tackle A Pope Day) to blow out a candle before sequestering it in the darkness to play with itself for another year.

    At least, that’s what I dreamed last night, after eating a crab souffle before bed.

  5. The Right Reverend NigelNo Gravatar says:

    I like having Discordian sects.

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