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[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A poster from the Calvinball Poster Pack"]A poster from the Calvinball Poster Pack[/caption]

Calvinball is the third installment of POSTERGASM Buy Medrol Without Prescription, poster packs. The theme here is:

  • imposing / removing rules in public spaces

  • creating the illusion (or reality!) that the reader is in the midst of a game

There are a lot of posters which imply a game is being played all around you, online Medrol without a prescription. Get Medrol, These are riffs on the following meme bomb: "Congradulations. You've just found clue #5 - the man in the green jacket will tell you what to do next."

We also wanted to play with Games of Authority, order Medrol no prescription, Medrol reviews, so there are several posters in this pack which masquerade as missives from the department of homeland security. Pranksters are pressured to take paranoid precautions when putting up such perilous posters, buy Medrol without a prescription. Comprar en línea Medrol, comprar Medrol baratos, Calvinball is a reference to a game played by Calvin and Hobbes, in which they make up the rules as they go along, Medrol street price. Purchase Medrol online no prescription, Many Discordians see this as an apt metaphor for life, or at least a good distraction from shrieking the word MONEY over and over again at the top of your lungs for your entire life, Medrol australia, uk, us, usa. Medrol alternatives. Medrol dose. Purchase Medrol. Medrol forum. Where can i buy Medrol online. Medrol price, coupon. Medrol from mexico. My Medrol experience. Medrol dangers. Medrol samples. Medrol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Medrol online no prescription. Cheap Medrol no rx. Medrol coupon. Fast shipping Medrol. Medrol wiki. About Medrol. Medrol brand name. Cheap Medrol. Buy Medrol online cod. Medrol over the counter. Online buying Medrol hcl. Medrol for sale. Where to buy Medrol. Discount Medrol. Medrol used for. Buy Medrol from canada. Ordering Medrol online. Medrol from canadian pharmacy. Buy Medrol from mexico. Herbal Medrol.

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  2. snarkoNo Gravatar says:

    Most recent game played by our staff (which is all artists): Dick Parking. It’s fun!

    Do not use the grid the parking lot gives you, at all. Block other players by not allowing them to get out of the weird situation they created. Nevermind your customers have no idea they’re in the game already. Then start humping the sidewalks–like, anything an Aner would do but do it on purpose and just walk from it.

    I won this week’s round by calling someone not on staff to drive his motorcycle up to the front door, block it so no one could enter nor leave, and put his helmet over the handicap parking sign. The two biggest complaints from customers were the one parked handicapped that wasn’t, and the matching-sweatsuit crew in an SUV who screwed the whole parking thing up just because they didn’t want to walk.

    I win this week’s game, but as you said, the rules keep changing. I win for changing two of them: screw with customers, too, and the handicap space (but didn’t block it–I wouldn’t that’s not my nature).

    This week’s game started with, “I’m picking up what you’re putting down” and has moved to “I’m smelling what you’re farting”. If you get drift.

    • Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:

      Hey, great game. You should add some poetic terrorism, spray grafitti on cars, slash car tires then into the slit shove a spoon, and instead of mercilessly screwing with customers, screw customers. Let’s violently rape the handicapped while dressed as Santa Claus. That will give them the message.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by lostfnords: #HAILERIS Postergasm Collection: Volume Calvinball – Calvinball is the third installment of POSTERGASM poster packs…

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