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Buy Valtrex Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_137" align="alignright" width="300" caption="New England PosterGASM meet up in Boston, May 2007"]New England PosterGASM meet up in May 2007[/caption]

Postergasm: Volume Dingus was the second poster pack to grace Project PosterGASM.

I was studying the life cycle of public postings, is Valtrex safe. Buy cheap Valtrex, I found that some types of things, when stapled to trees, Valtrex description, Buying Valtrex online over the counter, telephone poles, or whatever, Valtrex no prescription, Valtrex from canada, were taken down almost immediately. Other things seemed to stay up much longer, buy Valtrex online no prescription. Where can i find Valtrex online, It made me wonder what properties help things stick around when you make changes in your environment.

I hypothesized that there are people out there who take down my posters because they don't belong, Buy Valtrex Without Prescription. These people feel that they're "cleaning up" the neighborhood by removing these things, purchase Valtrex. Valtrex samples, So the effort with Dingus was to create posters which look like they belong there.

In my old neighborhood, Valtrex cost, Get Valtrex, posters which talk about missing cats, apartments for rent, Valtrex trusted pharmacy reviews, Valtrex dose, tag sales, and other "official" communications seemed to last longer than silly nonsense posters, Valtrex dosage. Valtrex brand name, So I tried to disguise my silly nonsense as one of those "accepted" communications. Buy Valtrex Without Prescription, There are also some posters which are supposed to look like they're from scary government agencies. Sometimes these survive because people are afraid to take them down, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy Valtrex without prescription, I did note that the Dingus posters survived a lot longer than the posters in Volume Aleph. Based on that, purchase Valtrex online no prescription, Valtrex dangers, I think the project was ultimately successful.

Bonus Activity: PosterGASM, order Valtrex from United States pharmacy, Fast shipping Valtrex, as an experiment in guerrilla surrealism, may have the ability to play interesting semantic games, buy Valtrex no prescription. Online buying Valtrex hcl, You could put up posters of recognizable art--stuff like the Mona Lisa, or a more topical painting like Munch's The Scream, is Valtrex addictive. Valtrex forum, The idea here is to connect the posters all over the neighborhood with the word "art" in the minds of the people who are "cleaning up". They might think a meme bomb is a graffiti, online buying Valtrex, Where can i buy Valtrex online, but it's hard to think of Monet's Starry Night as vandalism. Valtrex pharmacy. Discount Valtrex. Buy Valtrex from canada. Valtrex from mexico. Valtrex images. Valtrex reviews. Buy generic Valtrex. Valtrex pictures. Valtrex online cod. Valtrex street price. Buy Valtrex online cod. Doses Valtrex work.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iason Ouabache and John Dee, John Dee. John Dee said: RT @Jablair51 Postergasm Collection: Volume Dingus #23ae #fnord #GASM [...]

  2. MatNo Gravatar says:

    I found this very useful. Same thing happened to me when I tried posting in my school. Bunch of greyfaces ripped em up.

  3. One of the posters from the Dingus collection we put up stayed a long, long time. It got rained on, dried out, rained on again, etc. Finally it was torn, faded, and almost unreadable, so we took it down and replaced it with a fresh one of the same poster. That one was removed almost immediately. Go figure.

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