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Buy Betapace Without Prescription, Much has been written about the destruction of the ancient Discordian Libraries at "La", "Shanfrhan", "Port Land" and the mythical "Shang'Burke'Leah". A lot of it is bullshit, buy Betapace no prescription. Get Betapace, There is no evidence that the librarians were aliens. There is little evidence that artifacts such as "Mal-2's Toe" or the fuzzy dice from JFK's Lincoln SS-100-X Limo were kept at any of the locations, comprar en línea Betapace, comprar Betapace baratos. Discount Betapace, Sadly, most of the ancient Erisian manuscripts stored there have been lost to time, herbal Betapace, Betapace dangers, including "The Honest Book of Truth" and the "The 23,001 Tales of Herhairizod"

Two years ago scholars around the world were excited to learn that we found a copy of one of the lost manuscripts in a Discordian Alchemists library, Betapace price. The thin "paperback" (a primitive form of Kindle) was stuck between two larger tomes and had been undisturbed for quite some time, Buy Betapace Without Prescription. What is Betapace, The Alchemist had forgotten completely that the document existed*. Written by Andalusia The Heretic, cheap Betapace no rx, Buy cheap Betapace no rx, "The Complete Discordian Moosemas Celebration Handbook" details an Erisian Sabbat which may or may not have been a Winter, Spring, my Betapace experience, Effects of Betapace, Summer or Fall celebration... in fact, Betapace results, Purchase Betapace, some early writings indicate that Discordians may have invoked this Sabbat during multiple seasons, in order to "maximize the moosing out", Betapace from mexico. Where can i buy Betapace online, A copy of this ancient tome dating back at least to YOLD 3150, has been scanned and digitally preserved by The Great Googlie Mooglie Cabal (GGMC) and can be found at The Invisible College Dot Com, Betapace alternatives. Buy Betapace Without Prescription, I had thought it was happenstance that we had come across the document and considered it a anthropological curiosity. Doses Betapace work, However, She What Done It All had other ideas, rx free Betapace. Is Betapace addictive, Last year, as we at the GGMC prepared for our winter holiday, purchase Betapace for sale, Online Betapace without a prescription, Eris herself gave unto the GGMC a vision so that we might have further insight into the workings of this ancient Sabbat.

Here is a transcript of the vision as written down by GGMC scribes, order Betapace no prescription. Cheap Betapace, -------------
In vision, Eris approached and said unto us: "Is your house ready for the Moosemas visit of Saint Klaus?" and we could not speak, Betapace online cod, Generic Betapace, for how were we to believe that Eris considered Santa Klaus as a Discordian saint.

Seeing the disturbance of mind, she grinned and threw a nut at Ratatosk, Buy Betapace Without Prescription. "Silly Squirrel" she giggled, ordering Betapace online, Betapace without prescription, "Not that fat old Saint Nick. I wouldn't send him anywhere except retirement, fast shipping Betapace. Where can i order Betapace without prescription, I mean Saint Stapler Fahrer Klaus. Did I not reveal him to all of you Spags last week on, fast shipping Betapace, Taking Betapace, through my child Iason?"

At this we saw fully the vision and LO. Buy Betapace Without Prescription, Saint Klaus upon his fork lift was coming.

Facing this horrific revelation of Forklift Destruction, buy no prescription Betapace online, Betapace blogs, Sjaanzte, Harbinger of Distraction did come upon a plan to distract him from the GGMC HQ, Betapace samples. Betapace description, "We shall sing unto him carols and he shall be distracted from us. Also at the same time we can warn others." Thus did we resolve to write Moosemas Carols about Saint Klaus, my Betapace experience. Betapace pharmacy, ----------------------------
So now, we can all sing along, Betapace forum.

Here Comes Saint Klaus

Here comes Saint Klaus, Here comes Saint Klaus,
In his fork lift truck
If you see him 'round the corner
you had better duck, Buy Betapace Without Prescription. Betapace long term, Bells are ringing, workers screaming,
cowering in fright
Grab a hard hat, say your prayers
'Cause Saint Klaus comes tonight.

Here comes Saint Klaus, Here comes Saint Klaus,
In his fork lift truck
With him come his motley friends,
because they're kind of stuck.
See the chain saw hack and mangle
every body in sight
So jump in bed and cover your head
'Cause Saint Klaus comes tonight.

Here comes Saint Klaus, Here comes Saint Klaus,
down the forklift lane
He doesn't care if you're rich or poor
or if you've gone insane. Buy Betapace Without Prescription, On Moosemas Eve he drives around
I wish he'd learn to steer.
OSHA's glad that Moosemas Day
comes only once a year.

Here comes Saint Klaus, Here comes Saint Klaus
One more job to go
Eris sends him every year
from deep within Limbo.
Peace on Earth will come again,
after Klaus is done
But if you hear his fork lift wheels,
tonight... you'd better RUN.

Enjoy the Moosey Season.

Dr. Rat Bastard,
Professor of Historical Erisian Studies
The Invisible College Dot Com

*Memory problems seem to dog most Discordian Alchemists, particularly those that work on the transmutation of gold to green and then to ash.

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  1. Do you happen to know if the original site ( I mean archaeological, of course) for Moosemas has been restored? One of our scribes had handwritten a copy preserved in not-moose leather in our archive at . But we’d like to give a link to the original site.

  2. On an unrelated note, I’m glad to see and are back up. If anyone hasn’t seen an issue of that Discordian magazine, or if you haven’t seen them all, check it out. (Rat, maybe you could make a post about it, or if you don’t get around to it, I could).

  3. On an unrelated note, glad to see are back up. If anyone hasn’t seen the issues of this Discordian magazine, check it out. Maybe Rat or someone could post an entry about it. I might, if no one else does in the next couple days or so.

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