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Buy Buspar Without Prescription, by Professor Cramulus, ASSPostergasm_tree

I have a little brown messenger bag which waits by the door for me like a puppy wanting to go out. Buspar description, In my bag, I carry a few pages of stickers, Buspar pharmacy, Buspar no rx, some markers, post-it notes, is Buspar addictive, Buy Buspar without prescription, pope cards, my notebook, online Buspar without a prescription, Buying Buspar online over the counter, a camera, two fake mustaches, Buspar price, coupon, Buspar from canadian pharmacy, and a folder containing a few hundred posters. I like to walk around the neighborhood, Buspar samples, Buy Buspar without a prescription, putting up fliers, making changes to signs, fast shipping Buspar, Comprar en línea Buspar, comprar Buspar baratos, and generally having fun.

One day, Buspar pics, Buspar duration, past midnight, a one-eyed bum approached me on the street, taking Buspar. Buy generic Buspar, "What've ya got there?" he asked. "I seen your pictures around the neighborhood, Buy Buspar Without Prescription. What ARE you doing?" This question always stumps me, Buspar without prescription. Buspar overnight, It's a funtime activity I've never really attached a name to other than "putting up stuff".

Searching my brain for a quick explanation, buy cheap Buspar no rx, Buspar no rx, I eventually told him, "It's art, Buspar from canada, Buspar long term, " but the word stuck in my throat. Well I guess you could argue that anything is art, buying Buspar online over the counter, Buy Buspar no prescription, but I don't really consider this art. Buy Buspar Without Prescription, I lay in bed that night, the question turning over in my mind: What AM I doing.

For one, effects of Buspar, Order Buspar from mexican pharmacy, I'm taking back my environment and gradually transforming it into the place I want it to look like. I just like making everybody's day a little bit more surreal, online buy Buspar without a prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, and this is a really visible way of doing it.

For two, Buspar natural, Buspar trusted pharmacy reviews, I know that somewhere out there, there are other people like me, Buspar without a prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Other people who appreciate these weird little intrusions into pedestrian reality. My posters are signposts saying "I'm here, and you're not alone."

And for three, it sends the message to everyone that public spaces are public property, Buy Buspar Without Prescription. We all modify our environment by living in it, after Buspar. Rx free Buspar, The sounds and smells and rhythms of the neighborhood are an organic reflection of its occupants. Putting up posters is just like trimming the hedges or mowing the lawn, Buspar interactions. Order Buspar online c.o.d, Walking through the neighborhood with my bag over my shoulder, my cabal at my side, Buspar online cod, Buspar images, I'm reminded of don Juan Matus and Carlos Castaneda on their way to Ixtlan, trying to walk with the entities and intelligences of the desert, Buspar use. We're urban shamans, befriending the spirit of the neighborhood. While you go on your ventures, I recommend this attitude, one of respect and stewardship for your environment, your companion on this journey.

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  1. O. VertherainbowNo Gravatar says:

    So when do I get to eat?

    (i am now online via the magic of user account function)

  2. Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

    I have the same problem using the A word… but it is really just easily-cleaned graffiti and everyone keeps trying to convince me that spraypainting your name in 10 foot high letters under a bridge is art, so I think this might fit the bill.

    • Ironically, I just saw an old comedy where people were manipulating someone by saying e was a great artist. There’s a huge debate about what’s art and what’s kitsch. Frankly, I think like many things, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

      There are some possible legal problems, though; depending on where you live and where you place the signs, you could get a hefty fine, so be careful. I did once get questioned by a security guard while we were putting up posters, but e didn’t see that we put it up so we acted like we knew nothing about it. The funny thing was the man simply left it there.

      Also I read this piece quite a while back, and still like it.

      • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

        My hesitance to use the word Art is that in some ways that label gives the poster a neat and tidy purpose. It “explains” my motivation for putting them up: that I am an Artist, and I’m trying to make some kind of Artistic Statement or something.

        I don’t want it to be that clear, that simple. I don’t want my efforts compared and contrasted with other artists who have tried their hand at “culture jamming”, I don’t want anything to be concisely summarized as a part of a situationist dialogue.

        The first time I was introduced as an artist (I think it was at the HOPE convention 2008, where my posters went over real well with the Discordian hacker crowd), I was kind of disoriented to be under the same heading as these people who were making these beautiful, challenging art pieces. I mean, I don’t disagree that postergasm is a form of art, but unlike an artist, I didn’t make this stuff with the intent of producing art. I went out and tried to make my neighborhood a little bit sillier, and if that happened to be considered “art”, cool.

        To me it’s mostly about having a great time navigating your home turf, and maybe feeling a bit subversive. The value or message is somewhat secondary. I mean, I hope some people have seen one of these posters and it really shook them up. But I’m not counting on it– and I wouldn’t consider the project a failure if it never woke a single sleeper. I really do just have a gas putting these things up.

        • We have a difference in perspective, which I think is good. If Discordians start all agreeing with each other, there’s not much point.

          In spite of my enormous ego, I’m more concerned about getting the message out, even if no one accepts the message. What I hope is that someone starts to question their own perspective, which to me is the message behind almost every Discordian thing I do. Several people have rightly discerned that I don’t mind people writing hate rants about me, as long as they notice what I’m doing. When you’re an unknown, any publicity is good publicity. And it can be even if you are known.

          I remember a story about the great P. T. Barnum, the 19th century showman and hoaxman who was a force behind the now world-famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Early on Barnum was known for es sideshows with mermaids and such. When people started questioning whether or not these exhibits were real, it was a major threat to business. But Barnum didn’t stand up to them, and say of course they’re real, and I’ll sue you for defamation of character.

          Instead, Barnum challenged people to check it out for themselves. Business went up. (By the way, some of Barnum’s stuff was real, some was fake.)

          We really ought to make Barnum a Discordian saint.

        • rygDNo Gravatar says:

          You were at The Last HOPE? I was unable to attend, and it isn’t looking so great for The Next HOPE either right now.

          Perhaps one way to think of it would be that it is an art, but not in the sense of visual art. For example, a definition of art (from Wikipedia) is “Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.” Art, in my opinion, is not merely visual arts, music, writings, etc. Take into account “martial arts” which can be used for shows, however it also is used by some to develop internal discipline, and by some as a tool for defence. Much of what I see presented as art today I do not feel deserves such a label. I feel that the posters, and even bathroom graffiti, is closer to art, but perhaps it is best to leave the labeling of such things to the individual, as art has a long history of controversy.

          Perhaps posters and memebombs and such fall into the category of anti-art…

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