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Buy Lantus Without Prescription, You think that's gravity, do you. Is Lantus safe, No son, that's the world sucking so hard that you're stuck to it like that bit of paper that clogs up the pointy end of your vacuum cleaner, Lantus alternatives. My Lantus experience, This world is just so much busting your back cleaning a filthy manky house, top to bottom, fast shipping Lantus, Lantus from canada, just to find some fat ass parked in front of the television watching "How Clean Is Your House?" or "Grimefighters". They turn to you and say "See, ordering Lantus online. Lantus coupon, It could be worse, right!" and you know as soon as your back is turned you're going to have to clean the god damn place again, Lantus no prescription.

And then again, Buy Lantus Without Prescription. Lantus natural, Forever.

Except it won't be forever, Lantus wiki. Lantus price, It'll just feel like it. No son, buy Lantus without a prescription, Lantus class, it's more like 80 years, give or take a few, Lantus australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Lantus Without Prescription, In that time you'll be born, grow up, grow up some more, grow up some more (it takes a while, you just never notice how long it REALLY takes), do some menial factory schooling where you learn what it takes to "get by" in this world from school yard bullies to classroom bullies to bullies who you MUST tack a Mr. Lantus blogs, or Mrs. to the front of their name, purchase Lantus online, Lantus brand name, then you go out and get yourself some menial factory job (possibly in a menial factory, but just as possible are Graphic Designer, after Lantus, Lantus use, Insurance Salesman or Postal Delivery Operative. All this and MORE could be yours for just 200 hours a month!) and then you stop working, Lantus maximum dosage. Lantus forum, And then you die. I mean, it could be worse, right, Buy Lantus Without Prescription. This is the plan people, Lantus steet value. Lantus duration, Stick to the god damn plan.

Ah yes, get Lantus, Lantus pharmacy, the plan.

Now some would have you believe you are an oppressed minority, order Lantus from United States pharmacy. Buy Lantus Without Prescription, Some would have you believe you are the silent majority. Lantus dosage, They'd sell you your own dreams back to you to make a buck and make a name for themselves and all that Hollywood crap. I know you know the type, buy Lantus online cod. Lantus mg, I know you have never been suckered by them. NEVER, Lantus online cod. You're too smart for that shit, right, Buy Lantus Without Prescription. Where can i find Lantus online, Okay, so sometimes you have to fall back onto ideology, buy Lantus from mexico, Herbal Lantus, but everyone does that so it can't be all that bad. And sometimes you HAVE to decide between two evils, buy Lantus no prescription, Lantus dose, but hey that's just how the world is. So we're left here with imperfect people running imperfect Governments presiding over imperfect nations and spreading their shit around so that everyone who doesn't matter can take a bite, Lantus description, Real brand Lantus online, but it could be worse, am I right, generic Lantus. Lantus images, LEMME HEAR AN 'ALLELUIA. Buy Lantus Without Prescription, Praise the motherfucking Lord, asshole. Praise him, Lantus dangers, or sooooo help you God.

Now, I have no beef with God. He ain't never done nothing to me, and as long as it stays that way, we're solid. I DO have a problem with his lunatics though. Fuckers all up in my face leaving mental graffiti with their spiritual spray paint, Buy Lantus Without Prescription. You know, the kind of assbag who has no problem telling a newly bereaved mother that her child is going to hell. But hey, they have their free speech too. Too fucking right they do, but so do you Son and I ain't never seen you tear a strip out of this self righteous prick. So they've never actually tried to come and intimidate, cajole, harass and brainwash you and yours. Buy Lantus Without Prescription, They've never tried to bring hell upon you to show you the error of your ways. No sir, that's always one country, one state, one county, one town, one street over. If it's happening to other people, it could be worse, right. I mean the fuckers, if they had their way, wouldn't even let you know about gravity. They'd have you believe a tiny angel was holding you down or some shit. They'd never let you believe it was the world sucking so hard, Buy Lantus Without Prescription.

And so I leave you with some thoughts:

  • Play as hard as you can, work as little as possible to make it happen.

  • People in positions of power, believe in their power. You don't always have to.

  • Idealism before Ideology. If you think the world can be a better place DO something about it. Don't consult the fucking manual.

  • When you have a choice between 50 flavours of shit sandwich, that's not freedom. That's 50 flavours of shit, and everyone will demand you take a bite. Pack your own sandwiches.

  • You will never be able to defy gravity (that's how much the world sucks). You can however defy your own expectations, but only if you're willing to face up to the illusions they really are.


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  1. ENKI-][No Gravatar says:

    The bullet-pointed final thoughts were some of the best phrasings of those ideas I have heard.

  2. As a friend of mine who’s into Physics told me, in spite of Isaac Newton’s equations, the scientist actually saw gravity as the hand of God holding everything down. But I plan to defy gravity anyway. Just as soon as us Discordians can get the Laws of Physics revised.

  3. Pope Elle the FeyNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with Enki. I think your bullet points are going in my file called “Hail Eris” on my compy in with the electronic copy of the Principia and other inspirational works.

    And so far as gravity is concerned: “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Douglas Adams
    Keep trying, it’s worth all the bruises if you finally get it =)

  4. Cyan Q says:

    Payne – hey that’s my body’s name too.

    Here is your mirror dust amusement for your pure chewing on the smoke ring satisfaction…
    I see you now that you have agreed to fixate your attention/presence down in solids with symbols of knowledge that provide the venue for truth of 1 down to 10,000 beauties. 10 thousand in the sand of thou spiritual amnesia like hiding yet seeking amnesty for you misdeeds of amusement. Step away from your curse of knowledge you created and know there is only one purpose to exist – happiness – an avenue of pure responsibility married to your choice. Enjoy the smoke ring you caused by imploding and limiting (yin contraction) your infinite potential into (word) so that you could explode (yang) from nothing into something that you the viewer as truth with ego – Edges God Out into the hologram where above it is – is! Which is a non dimension of 1 – no space to communicate – everything is happening now – where we know too much to play the hologram game – but the hologram does indeed reflect the deed circuits of karma – daddy O.

    So now is there now any wonder why you can not have an orgasm (little death) when you stay above the illusion of knowledge (time and space) that gives you the illusion of separation and creation – with full consciousness that you are the truth (now) that is framing your presence down in the illusion of the linear flow that you pretend is time and space? Enjoy your smoke ring and go back to sleep before you wake everyone (god) up and we have to create our heart beat of god (expand and contract universe into universes – again. Its a good game “as it is”. So spank that monkey Payne.

    Cyan Q (payne’s mirror dust brother)

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