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  1. I love this list, lots of potential fun to be had here. I especially like number 12 and will probably be doing it soon. As kids, my brother and I did a variation on number 27, where we ran up to people saying, “What YEAR is it?” and then follow it up with, “My god, twenty-five years!”

  2. MuirNo Gravatar says:

    These are fantastic! Unfortunately I’m unable to do most of them because I live and work alone. Trying to figure out an alternate way of doing #4 in England. 58 is a must do; I’m also going to memebomb my estate by writing one sentence meme’s/silly phrases on coloured index cards that have been punched by those different shaped “confetti maker” hole punchers and slipping them through everyone’s letter boxes. :P

  3. RiverNo Gravatar says:

    This brings up fond memories of high school. Unfortunately, in college I discovered girlfriends and therefore lacked the time for pranking (though I indulged once in a while).

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