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Buy Zofran Without Prescription, There was once a young Discordian called Golden Rod. Zofran coupon, Early in his illumination, he wondered what season his country was in.gong

Perhaps it was in the season of Discord, Zofran interactions, Purchase Zofran for sale, on the cusp of Bureaucracy. Surely, Zofran no rx, Rx free Zofran, Order was rising to noxious levels.

Or perhaps it was already Bureaucracy, Zofran recreational, Zofran over the counter, on the cusp of Aftermath. Surely, buying Zofran online over the counter, Is Zofran addictive, Disorder was rising to obnoxious levels.

So in his quest for An Answer, Golden Rod sought out the Discordian monk Nopants, Buy Zofran Without Prescription. Nopants dwelled in a basement because it would be obscene for him to go outside, Zofran street price. Zofran mg, Golden Rod freed himself from his leggings and descended the stairs. Below, buy Zofran no prescription, Zofran used for, Nopants sat on a cushion in a gross lotus position.

"My wise friend Nopants, Zofran no prescription, Get Zofran, I have come to ask you a question,” said Golden Rod, buy Zofran from mexico, Order Zofran from United States pharmacy, “What is Bureaucracy?"

“In India,” said Nopants, taking Zofran, Zofran class, “they tie elephants to trees using thin cords. Buy Zofran Without Prescription, An elephant could easily snap the cord, yet they remain tethered in place. Why do you think this is?”

Golden Rod itched himself and shrugged, Zofran pharmacy. Order Zofran online c.o.d, “When the elephant is young,” intoned Nopants, Zofran natural, Zofran blogs, “she is too weak to break the cord. She tries, where can i buy cheapest Zofran online, Cheap Zofran no rx, but eventually she gives up. When the elephant grows up, Zofran use, Zofran canada, mexico, india, she does not try to escape her puny bonds because she believes she will fail.”

“So the cord isn’t the thing keeping the elephant in place,” said Golden Rod, Zofran without prescription. He squinted at Nopants, “That’s very interesting, but what does that have to do with Bureaucracy?”

“Bureaucracy,” said Nopants, “is waiting for a red traffic light in the middle of the night when no one is coming.”

Across space and time, a gong sounded, Buy Zofran Without Prescription. Zofran samples, Golden Rod left the basement and returned to the real world, thoroughly confused, Zofran from mexico. Zofran pictures, As he drove home, he ran five red lights, buy Zofran without prescription. Where can i find Zofran online, His mirth rose with each light. By the end of the voyage he was giggling like a ninny at his newfound freedom, Zofran description. Buy Zofran Without Prescription, Years went by and Golden Rod continued drive towards Aftermath. Buy Zofran online no prescription, He ignored stop signs, blew through red lights, herbal Zofran, Buy Zofran without a prescription, and opened his moon roof despite danger of falling rocks.

“Sweet Merciful Fuck!” cried out Bung-Fu the Fool as he clawed at the dashboard, Zofran australia, uk, us, usa. Zofran dangers, “You’re gonna get us both killed!”

“Nonsense. I am self-emancipated from these mundane traffic laws, Zofran pics,” cackled Golden Rod. “I am a harbinger of Aftermath!”

“Do you always drive like this?” said Bung-Fu as he buckled his seat belt, Buy Zofran Without Prescription.

Golden Rod nodded. "Always."

Meanwhile, the monk Nopants was wheeling his new gong across the street towards his basement. He patiently waited for the light to turn red, then pushed the ponderous percussive instrument upon the pavement.

The collision made the exact sound of enlightenment.

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  1. theravenhidesNo Gravatar says:

    To thee I beckon. Eris! Oh tumultuous chaos!
    Swallow that soul who harnesses thy power.
    Your beauty remains, so deep is thy being!
    Though corruption guises thy name.
    Carry our faded leaves upon thy bosom.
    Release us to descend upon thy arches.
    To spiral around thee, oh goddess!
    Such effortless nirvana would be.

    The fruit of thy hand, press softly, so softly
    To these lips, that i may pine no longer.
    I lust for thy touch my seductress.
    Thy sweet release of fury,
    Unfaltering in essence astounding.
    Accepting of all that may come.

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