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  1. I can’t believe nobody commented on this yet! Really I feel I’ve always been me. I lived in my own apartment and became a Wiccan priestess when I was in high school even though my family wasn’t Wiccan. Now I’m high priestess of a small coven that’s a branch of another. Then I became Discordian even though my friends and family weren’t except for one friend. And how many people do you know who are almost 22 years old and are still virgins? It’s not cuz I didn’t have a chance I could have done it when I was 14.

    And I’m a member of the ACLU and Amnesty International even though almost nobody I knew then was. But still I don’t feel like I do enough. It’s like until there’s nobody starving and nobody in prison who shouldn’t be there and nobody being executed we still should do more. I used to believe the government and police were there to protect us and they do sometimes but really it’s about control.

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