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Buy Abilify Without Prescription, Kevin Carson, my favourite left-libertarian, has made the case for this over at the Centre For A Stateless Society, which is well worth a read.  Dystopian fiction has an unfortunate tendency to be overruled by reality, it must be said.  Just look at 1984 and Brave New World, it is hardly a suprise Illuminatus! is no different in this regard.

Except, generic Abilify, Abilify use, of course, Yog Sogoth hasn't attempted to aid Hitler in raising an undead army to take over the world.  That particular facet of the novel does seem absent from current political happenings.  But, Abilify maximum dosage, Abilify canada, mexico, india, then again, all these Neo-Nazis popping up over Europe have to come from somewhere, comprar en línea Abilify, comprar Abilify baratos, Where can i buy Abilify online, and some certainly smell bad enough to be mistaken for corpses... Is Abilify safe. Abilify pharmacy. Order Abilify no prescription. Real brand Abilify online. Herbal Abilify. Abilify pics. Doses Abilify work. Abilify photos. Abilify street price. Abilify pictures. Low dose Abilify. Discount Abilify. Abilify no prescription. Abilify overnight. Abilify over the counter. Get Abilify. Buy Abilify without prescription. Abilify from canadian pharmacy. Abilify long term. About Abilify. What is Abilify. Order Abilify from United States pharmacy. Abilify coupon. Purchase Abilify online no prescription. Purchase Abilify. Australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Abilify online. Online buying Abilify. Abilify samples. Canada, mexico, india. Purchase Abilify for sale. Abilify dangers. Ordering Abilify online. Buy Abilify no prescription.

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  1. the other anonymousNo Gravatar says:

    I say we take a page from Their playbook and militarize the Far Left. It’ll be just like the ’60s, but with less drugs and more blogs.

    And we’ll call them Coffee-Baggers, because only conservo-fascist redcoats drink tea.

  2. Pater NephaelNo Gravatar says:

    Isn’t the far left already militarized? Well at least here- in Germany- they started throwing explosives on the police again
    (Which nobody noticed cause of the World Cup…)

  3. RRFMEtalNo Gravatar says:

    A New Threat to Human Reproduction

    “We enthusiastically support the concept of eugenics
    by encouraging the reproductive efforts of those having good genes
    while condemning procreation by undesirables.”
    - The Rockin’ Fellas Foundation

    A new spin in the eugenics and genocidal saga of the accursed human race, a new threat to human reproduction has been unleashed upon modern western civilisation: Heathen Lesbians.

    Lesbians are homosexual women, women who are sexually attracted to their own sex, i.e. other women. No outward sign identifies a lesbian. Only self-identification through disclosure or the wearing of recognition mementos -a form of recognition aimed to be understood only by others from the same group- can ensure proper identification. In contemporary society, archaic bronze-age values still prevail and morality is defined by a deeply entrenched disrespect for life, human rights and responsabilities. Hence, homosexuality is burdened by strong social stigma and perceived by many idiots and small minded people as “wrong” or unnatural. Given this strong social stigma, lesbians often need or elect to hide their sexual orientation to others and sometimes even to themselves. Many lesbians experience heterosexual activity and might even marry men in order to obtain the benefits associated with traditional unions or to “blend in”. On the other hand, sexual experimentation is not a sufficient criteria for identifying that a woman is a lesbian. Many women physically attracted to men have dabbled in sexual encounters with partners from the same sex without this being true lesbianism. Of course, strictly speaking, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with lesbians or lesbian experimentation. There is no justifiable or morally tenable reason to associate any negative connotation with a woman being a lesbian.

    However, as with everything, there always are bad apples, when it comes to lesbians, these bad apples are known as heathen lesbians, particulalrly those who have joined under the banner of the Heathen Lesbian Local 69 (HLL69). Set-up under the pretence of providing a community of like-minded individuals, the HLL69 is the front of the most threatening conspiracy currently working towards depopulation and eventual total extinction of the human race. Originally funded by elitist philantropists such as the Rockin’ Fellas Family, The Gorgeous Bush Appreciation Society and the Karn Evil 9 Institution, HLL69 has liberated istelf of its original mandate of white aryan race eugenics and has now moved on to more ambitious and gloomy prospects -ultimate human depopulation through the spilling of men’s sperm on their face, one cumshot at a time. Any query of the internet through a search engine using the keyword “cumshot” will confirm to you that HLL69 already dominates close to 50% of the information superhighway. This has lead to a generation educated to sexuality based on these websites which now considers oral sex and coming on a woman’s face to be normal social interaction, no longer equated with sexuality but with common civility. Most contemporary post-puberty young women who are physcially developped but who are still vaginal virgins have already received the seeds of hundred of male peers, acquaintances or strangers on their face or in their mouth. Almost all modern diets must now include the calorie count intake from sperm, consisting on average 36% of calorie intake among women aged 18 to 25 (range 12-78%,).

    New sexual mores or plot for the extermination of the human race? A quick read at the following memo recently leaked from the HLL69 following infighting during “that time of the month” leaves no doubt.

    Manifesto of the HLL69

    We recognise and commend all the tireless and selfless efforts that have been expended in the pursuit of eugenics and population control in the 20th century. We are particularly indebted to such luminaries in the field such as the Rockin’ Fellas Foundation, the Karn Evil 9 Institution, The Gorgeous Bush Appreciation Society, the Nazi regime, the American Military-Industrial Complex and the international agro-pharmaceutical cartel. We have come a long way since the early modest beginnings of the International and British Eugenics Society, the Kaiser Wilhelm Eugenics Institute and the Planned Parenthood Programs.

    What have we learned so far? From efforts expended on the African continent, we have realised that sanctions, man-made famines and droughts, wars, diseases, biological warfare, and mass migrations have been effective at maintaining control over national resources but costly and inefficient from a population control point of view. Repeated European efforts at direct genocide conducted, among others, by states like Germany, Yougoslavia and Russia have proven to be unsustainable in the long term. The blablabla practiced in South America have been effective at maintaining power and control over resources but have unfortunately not kept the religious population growth under control. From efforts invested on the Asian continent we can conclude that the witholding of proper medical practice, stringent government enforced childbirth restrictions, and carpet bombing of civilian populations with toxic agents are of limited value and are grossly inefficient from a cost-recovery point of view. On the American continent, social engineering such as family planning, genetic testing, abortion peddled as pro-choice, homosexuality as a life choice, the recruitment of women into liberal professions, easy access to prophylactics and long acting sterility treatment are low-cost, highly effective agents of population control but are dysgenics in that they affect to a lesser extent the most genetically degenerate citizen groups such as the religiously or criminally inclined. Finally, current efforts at full spectrum dominance combined with exclusive rights to rebuild are giving indications of being valuable from a cost recovery basis but their efficacy is limited due to population dispersement. In summary, the sum of these efforts has been effective at maintaining into the proper hands the control and ownership of natural resources such as water, food, land and energy supplies. A very worthy realisation, but is it enough?

    Depopulation is about body counts – un-armed men, women and children are all targets to fulfill the objective. Humans are either a source of profit or a commodity. Non-viable populations such as non-whites, religiously inclined individuals, handicapped or genetically flawed individuals must be eliminated. We cannot overestimate the importance and necessity of depopulation. The slaughter, starvation, slave labor, and suffering of human nations has always been practiced to limit excess in population growth to preserve the earth and its resources. The vast majority of the earth’s population is expendable and represents a nuisance at best, a threat to survival if left unchecked.

    A private, global system in which an international holocaust can be performed now exists thanks to the American military/industrial complex, the international agro-pharmaceutical cartel and the ever growing social engineering humanitarian movement. Governments must stand strong in their twofold efforts of repression and destruction abroad combined with humanitarian genocide at home. Eugenics strategies must reamain concealed and for this purpose, a mirth of disinformation strategies, mindless entertainment and addictive behaviors and substances -from which additional profit is derived- are available.

    All of those efforts are laudable and necessary. Yet it still is not enough.

    As long as man’s sperm flows freely, babies will be born. This is where we come in. Thanks to the pioneering work of the women’s liberation movement and the more recent youth oversexualisation movement promoted by the Dxsnxx channel and internet porn, we have been succesful, successful beyond our wildest hopes. We have worked for years now to divert the flow of men’s sperm from our vaginas to our face, mouth or anus. The flow of man’s sperm must be stopped, fully, completely, once and for all. We shall not rest until the full flow of man’s sperm is not completely and utterly under our control. We will prevail. Resistance is infertile.

    In the end the only thing that will stand erect is our resolve.

    Onward Lesbian Soldiers, Suck it Up

    Milestones in Modern Male Initiated Eugenics1

    1385: The British military tossed the remains of plague victims and diseased animal carcasses into their enemy’s towns.2

    1738: In North America, Lord Jeffrey Amherst had his men distribute smallpox-laden blankets among the Indian population leading to their decimation without firing a single bullet.3

    1836: The U.S. Army distributed smallpox-infected blankets to the Mandans at Fort Clark. This led to the smallpox epidemic of 1836-40. There were only 31 survivors out of about 2,400 Mandans.3

    Early 20th century: The modern day eugenics program was initially sponsored by American
    advocates for population control and the study of eugenics and included a host of very public vocal figures such as the Rockefellers, Carnegie, Harriman, Morgan, DuPont, Kellogg and the Bush families. Eugenics research was funded at the Galton Laboratory at University College in London and at the Cornell Medical School in New York.4

    1927: The U.S. Supreme Court approves of selective breeding by allowing the court-ordered sterilization of “undesirables”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court attested that: “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for their crimes or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

    In between wars: A new specialty was born, Psychiatric Genetics. Rockefeller funded the
    foundation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Eugenics Institute in 1927 Germany. Circa 1932, the British and worldwide Eugenics Federation promoted the killing or sterilization of burdensome people, individuals referred to as “useless eaters.”

    Nazi Germany & WWII: Hitler became Chancellor of the Third Reich on January 30, 1933
    and Wilhelm Frick, the minister of the interior, introduced the sterilization law shortly thereafter. Sterilization was used for “life unworthy of life.”5 According to the Nazi regime Sterilisation Act, individuals who warranted sterilization were those with: mental deficiency; manic depression; schizophrenia; epilepsy; Huntington’s chorea; hereditary blindness, deafness and alcoholism; and grave bodily malformation. Our world has evolved since then and we consider that list to be overly restrained to the point of being dangerously restrictive. A much, much greater number of individuals would eventually need to be identified for sterilisation.

    1941: President Roosevelt authorized the creation of a civilian agency to supervise biological warfare under the jurisdiction of the Federal Security Agency. Chemical warfare is an ideal strategic weapon because infrastructures and facilities are preserved while populations are deciminated.

    ca.: Shortly after WWII, John Foster Dulles, then chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, concluded that there was a “need to stop the expansion of the non-white populations.”

    1948: U.S. State Department Policy Planning Study #23 “We have about 50 percent of the world’s wealth, but only 6.3% of its population. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and daydreaming and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world benefaction. We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better.”

    1958: Eisenhower appointed a committee to evaluate appropriate military actions in other countries. The committee’s head, William H. Draper, suggested that a better focus should be the threat of population explosion and a study on depopulation procedures for poorer non-white countries that pose a national security threat to the U.S.

    The 60′s: By the 1960s, the Eugenics Society of England embraced Crypto-eugenics, under
    which they would participate in eugenics without actually calling it eugenics. Rockefeller established the International Planned Parenthood Federation. In 1961 he stated that, “To my mind, population growth is second only to control of atomic weapons as the paramount problem of the day.”

    1965: The Population Action International (originally known as the Population Crisis Committee) was founded.

    By then, a private, global system in which the elite could choreograph an international holocaust, within the context of offering humanitarian services exists.

    60′s – 70′s: During the 1960s and 1970s the the Indian Health Service of the Bureau of Indian
    Affairs operated a methodical lost generation program against Native Americans wherein about 42% of women of childbearing age living on reservations were sterilized without consent. This was accomplished in conjunction with other medical procedures. This program was unfortunately terminated in 1976.

    1974: President Richard Nixon commissioned Kissinger to direct the compilation of a National Security Council population policy, The National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200, Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. Dated December 10, 1974 it was officially adopted and is still in effect. The NSSM 200 was declassified on February 8, 2007.

    The plan claims that population control serves the U.S. strategic, economic, and military interests. Third World or Lesser Developed Countries population growth is detrimental and a grave threat to U.S. national security in four ways: (1) large nations may gain political power; (2) the U.S. and its allies need the strategic materials from those countries; (3) a high birth rate means more young people who are more likely than older people to challenge global power structures; (4) population growth in relatively disadvantaged countries jeopardizes U.S. investments.

    NSSM 200 had special implications for thirteen countries – India, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.

    1974: The United Nations convened the World Food Conference in Rome where they focused
    on worldwide population growth and food shortages. Both oil and grain prices were increasing at about 300 to 400 percent annually. A supposed food crisis coupled with America’s capacity as the world’s biggest food producer effectively placed the U.S. government in charge of food production and pricing.

    Mid 70′s: Creation of the Monsanto’s Terminator seeds, fertile only for one planting. Given
    that most third world countries are managed according to Anglo-American eugenics interests, Terminator seeds provide ample opportunity for tyrants to stage famines.

    1979: On October 2, 1979, Robert S. McNamara, president of the World Bank and former secretary of defense during the Vietnam War, in speaking to a group of international bankers said, “We can begin with the most critical problem of all, population growth,” concluding that, “Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly, or the death rates must go up.”

    1996: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright when questioned about the half million
    children who died in Iraq as a result of the U.S.-imposed sanctions said: “It was worth it.”6

    1 This work could not have been done without the work and research of Deanna Spingola. Spingola, D. (2010). Depopulation by Government Edict.

    2 Jacobs, Wilbur R. (1988). “British Indian Policies to 1783.” in Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 4: History of Indian-White Relations (p. 10). Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

    3 Connell, E.S. (1984). Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Big Horn (pp. 15-16). North Point Press, San Francisco.

    4 Lynn, R. (2001). Eugenics: a reassessment (p. 27). Praeger, Westport (CO).

    5 Lifton, R.J. (2000). The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide (p. 25). Basic Books, New York.

    6 60 Minutes (5/12/96)

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