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  1. Wow, whoever edited this must be a complete and absolute creative genius. Who is this amazing anagramic editor anyway?

  2. Really this issue is great! Ok so I did a little of it but I mean the parts I didn’t do. :D

  3. Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:

    This issues great. That’s because it has a picture of a girl masturbating. Other than that it’s crap.

  4. If possible, I’d like the brief Intermittens description at for Issue 7 to be reworded. It says, “Issue # 7 of Intermittens. Brought to you by the Spags at” The theme of the issue was Operation Mindfuck and that could usae a mention. And also, as Cramulus pointed out, that issue was specifically made to share material outside of one site and has stuff from several cabals and people who aren’t a part of any cabal. It certainly includes some great stuff from peedee dot com, but the majority of the content is from elsewhere, including some of the 23ae regulars.

    Maybe something like, “Issue #7 of Intermittens: created by spags from everywhere and nowhen. The Operation Mindfuck issue that is itself a mindfuck.”

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