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How do I upload photos?
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  1. Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

    First off, here’s the beautiful Qhloe, of the FOOP Cabal:




  2. Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

    Next up is the illustrious Darth Cupcake, of the Greater Boston Cabal:


    here’s one with a blank card so you can add your own caption:


  3. Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

    Next is Himitsuhana, who I found on flickr.


  4. Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

    I confess I have no idea who this is, but I love the picture:


  5. Brilliant idea, Cramulus! Here’s my submission.


  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael K. Berry. Michael K. Berry said: Eris Pageant, in celebration of 5/23… #discordian #eris #illuminati #ladygaga #mk-cultra #23 #5 #Robinhood [...]

  7. Don’t know if this exactly fits what you’re looking for, but this is from the Krewe d’Eris Parade of 14 February 2010. I think that’s the siblings Eris, Aneris, and Spirituality.

  8. Note to self: Hey, Reverend Loveshade, you fool, read the directions at the bottom that says “You can add images to your comment by clicking here.” I’m so used to having to type in code I wasn’t paying attention. I’ll blame it on my ADHD or whatever it is. Also 5/23 or 23/5 is Jake Jr. Day, or Day of the Elppin. It’s a day to pull minor Jakes or practical jokes.

    In any case, below is from the Krewe d’Eris Parade of 14 February 2010. I think that’s the siblings Eris, Aneris, and Spirituality.


  9. von B.No Gravatar says:

    That’s a great pic there, Rev. Loveshade!

    On the 23rd of May we Roman Cat-holics also have Pentecost, maybe I’ll spit on a hot-*dog* bun or something. ;)

  10. May 23 (70 Discord): Jake Day Jr. (DJ)/Day of the Elppin (MH). Pull some small Jakes or
    practical jokes, especially those that cause embarrassment or the loss of personal modesty. In
    other words, do like the Elppin do. Remember, junior jakes should be fun! And legal. Don’t
    forget legal.

    DJ is Discordians for Jesus and MH is Mythics of Harmonia.

    Here’s the link

  11. I’d probably ruin my soiled reputation if I didn’t post at least one photo of alleged Discordian American Princess Miley Ray Cyrus flashing. I mean flashing the Discordian number 5 sign, of course. What did you think I meant?36C5145822136C2EE9C002.jpg

  12. Here’s Misa Amane from Death Note. Yes, the apple is black not golden, but here it represents death.


  13. This one is from DragonCon of 2009.


  14. Forgive me for what almost amounts to advertising, but I can’t leave out Discordia Suicide, who is a 23-year-old model.


  15. And no collection like this would be complete without the woman who is perhaps the most famous one who portrayed Eris/Discordia/Discord, Meighan Desmond. Here’s Meighan who portrayed a bitchy version of our goddess in the TV show Xena. (And remember, Planet Eris and its moon were originally named after people in Xena).


  16. HovercatNo Gravatar says:

    Modeled after me.

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