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[caption id="attachment_739" align="alignright" width="300" caption="You may be a prisoner of the tyrant called You"]You may be a prisoner of the tyrant called You[/caption]I want to share a little snippet I read a while back on Chaos Marxism Buy Cleocin Without Prescription, , because it sent me reeling...

The Sufis teach that the nafs (aka ego, discount Cleocin, Get Cleocin, aka "false self") is the trickiest little bugger, and will continually disguise itself as something else (God, Cleocin samples, Is Cleocin addictive, the Greater Good, ascended Space Brothers, Cleocin recreational, Effects of Cleocin, the Muse) in order to continue your slavery and addiction to it.

Your ego tricks you into thinking that it is God, or Money, generic Cleocin, Cleocin for sale, or True Love, or whatever it is you're burning yourself up to get, buying Cleocin online over the counter. Cleocin price, coupon, It's really just a hungry little god in your belly which constantly demands food and energy.

Researching the Nafs, purchase Cleocin for sale, Cleocin forum, the idea seems to be tied pretty deeply into Sufi/Muslim values, and I don't want to go too far in that direction, buy Cleocin online no prescription. Cleocin steet value, They identify the nafs with the animal nature, something that needs to be trained and refined and polished over time, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Greed, envy, lust, betrayal, malice, all the things which Muslims condemn is within the basic unrefined state of the Nafs, Buy Cleocin Without Prescription. What is Cleocin, Isn't it interesting that in this framework, one's basic desire to unite with the divine is obfuscated by one's animal nature, online buying Cleocin hcl. Cleocin cost, Or to be less dualistic - the unrefined self.

My friend Enki pointed out that this sounds awfully similar to Choronzon, order Cleocin online overnight delivery no prescription, Generic Cleocin, a thelemic demon which dwells in the abyss. Chronozon 333 is within your internal monologue, doses Cleocin work, Purchase Cleocin online, a force which distracts and obsesses you. Buy Cleocin Without Prescription, Wikipedia notes: "Carroll himself states ... that Choronzon is simply the name given to the obsessional side-effects of any deluded search for a false Holy Guardian Angel, ordering Cleocin online, Cleocin pharmacy, or anything which the magician would mistake for his own profound genius itself."

It's disarming, right, my Cleocin experience. Cleocin reviews, Because if you give credence to this idea, it suggests that you may be on the wrong path entirely, purchase Cleocin online no prescription. Cleocin dose, All that stuff you toil for may be just a distraction from the Divine, however you conceptualize it, Cleocin duration. Fast shipping Cleocin, And is there any way of knowing. But luckily, Cleocin pictures, Buy Cleocin online cod, conceptualizing this internal force as an external entity allows you to regard and evaluate it with a certain degree of objectivity.

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  2. This reminds me of the classic, “Man created God in his own image.”

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    spirit crusher

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