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This article was written by Episkipos Cain

"Anarchism is Order"
Buy Accutane Without Prescription, - popular Anarchist saying, often attributed to Mikhail Bakunin

“We simply do not consider it desirable that a realm of justice and harmony should be established on earth”
- Nietzsche, “The Gay Science”

“A state of extreme confusion and disorder”
- The Princeton Dictionary definition of “Chaos”

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. On and off for about 4 years, to be perfectly honest. Sometimes I decided it was unnecessary, effects of Accutane, at other times I didn’t necessarily feel like writing it very much, but now I have both the opportunity and motivation, Buy Accutane from mexico, so I’ve finally done it.


One of the things which has often caused a good degree of mirth, if some confusion in me, is why so many Discordians consider themselves Anarchists, buy generic Accutane. As the first definition above suggests, Anarchism is based on the idea of spontaneous and natural, Accutane natural, yet lasting order. That, if certain impediments to this vision of social organisation were removed, that we could all live in relative peace and harmony with each other, Buy Accutane Without Prescription.

This has always sounded somewhat suspicious to me, both as a general political sceptic and a Discordian. It doesn’t sound like the kind of comment one would expect to come from people who insist that disagreement, Accutane pictures, discord, chaos and strife are just as valid and important as order, Accutane from canada, harmony and cooperation.

The basis of anarchist political and economic thought can be found in the 18th century, and especially in the doctrine of laissez-faire conceived of by Adam Smith, and developed by others, kjøpe Accutane på nett, köpa Accutane online. Essentially and very shortened, the argument is that without state control, Comprar en línea Accutane, comprar Accutane baratos, the individual will act in ways which not only benefit themselves, but community interests as a whole. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, This is the idea of the harmony of interests, and it is from this much, though not all, anarchist theory stems. In fact, according to Smith, Accutane over the counter, someone doesn’t even need to try and act in the public interest, because his private interest will naturally lead him that way, Accutane duration, “as if guided by an invisible hand”.

Now as a factual argument, this had some validity when applied to the 18th century economic structure. However, Accutane pics, as society changed with the industrial revolution, so did the social structure and economic systems of production. Accutane price, As such, while the doctrine of the harmony of interests continued, despite a dubious relevance, its new role was to act as a legitimizing tool for dominant group interests, Accutane maximum dosage, whereby they could identify their interests with those of society as a whole.

An unspoken pillar of the success of laissez-faire was, at the time, that of expanding and new markets, Buy Accutane Without Prescription. Because of new markets, Accutane cost, producers did not compete too strongly in currently existing ones with entrenched companies or individuals, allowing a semblance of harmony to exist. It’s the same sort of harmony that exists when one has very few road users. As the traffic increases, Accutane class, so does the complexity of the system and the possibility of conflict, or at the very least, Australia, uk, us, usa, non-zero sum relationships between road users. The same is true of markets. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, However, as we all know, infinitely expanding markets are simply untenable, if not logically impossible. The question of conflict can only be put off for so long.

Somewhat ironically, where to buy Accutane, this adoption of harmony of interest undermines certain Anarchist arguments, since it is possible that the existence state is not opposed to the citizenry, Accutane wiki, at least theoretically. Running with that, many European liberals and free-marketers that had no problems with the state put forward the opinion that the good of each individual state did not necessarily impact negatively on other states, and that pursuit of self-gratification would benefit the international community as a whole, Accutane pharmacy. So would free trade, naturally.

Building on this, 19th century liberals, such as Mazzini, the Italian reformer, argued that nationalism also did not impact negatively on any other nation, and that every nation was suited to a certain part of the division of international labour, Buy Accutane Without Prescription. What is Accutane, At the time, with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussian militarists and the Russian Empire keeping an effective lock-down on the various ethnic groups of Eastern Europe, that certainly seemed true, Accutane dose, however anyone who knows the history of conflict in the region knows how short-sighted that viewpoint really is, and how many groups have competing claims on the same patches of land, Where can i cheapest Accutane online, claims that are now entirely exclusionary thanks to xenophobic nationalism.

As nationalistic claims became more insistent and pronounced certain economists in second-tier economies, like the United States and Germany, began to point out how free trade disproportionately benefitted the major trading power of the time, buy Accutane without a prescription, the United Kingdom. Marxist theories, Order Accutane from mexican pharmacy, which denied the harmony of interest and placed class-conflict at the centre of its analysis, were also becoming more popular on the Continent. Laissez-faire came under unprecedented attack, and it was only the appropriation of the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin which helped save them, order Accutane online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, Naturally, Darwin himself cannot be blamed for the poor importation of his scientific theories into a pseudoscientific area of study. As smaller companies were put out of business by larger competitors and as new markets shrunk, it was claimed by those who benefitted from these actions that this too was evolution – and as such benefitted the community at large. Accutane no rx, But of course, there is not a direct match between this vulgar Social Darwinism and the doctrine of the harmony of interests, and so it was the latter who underwent a subtle change. Now the good of the community was redefined as to mean that the community was made up of those who were strong enough to succeed, where can i buy cheapest Accutane online, and those who failed were weaklings, who were holding back society at large. Doses Accutane work, They were the price which had to be paid for progress.

Of course, this Social Darwinism quickly found currency in justifying territorial expansion and conquest by the major world powers, by claiming war as a form of “natural selection” which weeded out the weak nations and races of people, Buy Accutane Without Prescription. As with weak individuals, so were the weak nations sacrificed for the greater good and harmony of the world at large. And although this laissez-faire liberalism became less popular in the domestic sphere as WWI drew closer, where to buy Accutane, it still remained a very real factor of international politics up until the war.

All of this is a nice history lesson, Accutane photos, but you are probably wondering exactly how this impacts on Anarchist arguments, since they deliberately disavow the state, a factor they would most certainly claim separates them from the unfortunate side effects and decay of classical liberalism. The purpose of this was to show that one of the main foundations of Anarchist thought – that we can all get along, cheap Accutane no rx, productively and without conflict – when actually tried in reality only works when those too weak to fight back or protest effectively are ignored and sacrificed for a nebulous greater good. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, The claim that conflict can be overcome generally and that everyone can benefit from a single system generally is a lie, and that lie can only ever be enforced through military might.

Anarchism, Accutane reviews, for all its vaunted “individualism” and talk of freedom, at its core cannot tolerate real difference. It cannot accept actors who do not act in a “rational” manner and do not have aims which coincide with everyone else’s aims. And when people are confronted with those who won’t conform, where can i order Accutane without prescription, especially to an ideological system like Anarchism, violence is almost always the response of choice. Cheap Accutane, Equally, those who suffer because of the system are cruelly discarded with contemptuous statements about their lack of “fitness” and utility.

Indeed some of these trends seem to have been picked up on by the “National-Anarchists”, Anarchists coming from an extreme right wing point of view, who denounce the state and everything it does as against the “Natural Order” – a list that also includes multiculturalism, feminism and homosexuality, Buy Accutane Without Prescription.

As I cannot stress enough, when one “naturalizes” certain attitudes, Accutane over the counter, trends or ideas, and combines the idea of “natural” with “good”, Accutane online cod, the results are not very pretty. It causes the sort of mentality one frequently finds among fanatics and fundamentalists – because it is precisely the same mentality, only religious bigots replace “natural order” with “natural law” ie; God’s Law. Naturalizing anti-statism and spontaneous order has some very serious implications, low dose Accutane, ones which I don’t think many Anarchists have clearly thought through.

Now, Accutane without a prescription, to clarify, this isn’t a “pro-state” argument, though it will almost certainly be construed and portrayed as such by some people. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, The state/anti-statist dualism is about as clever, and useful, as calling all Americans on the left “Democrats” and on the right “Republicans”. States have good and bad things about them, Accutane steet value. So does anti-statism. Treating it as some sort of Manichean struggle between good and evil is another reason why I suspect latent fanaticism and dogmatism in much of the Anarchist movement, Ordering Accutane online, because it is incapable of seeing the world in any other way than black and white, where you are either for whichever minor political sect they are a member of, or The Enemy.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, are among the reasons I consider Anarchism...well not exactly incompatible with Discordianism, since conceivably any political position could be taken by a Discordian (though their sincerity and motives for doing so would be quite different to many of their compatriots), but why I find it an unusual choice. This emphasis on harmony and order and has some very sinister undertones when one thinks about them, ones which are not necessarily in agreement with adherents of chaos and disorder.

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  2. Hung Mung the YoungerNo Gravatar says:

    Very few, if any, modern anarchists I know have anything like the emphasis on harmony, or order, that you attribute to them. And I especially can’t think of anyone who puts an emphasis on the ‘natural’. This reads like a great big straw man to me.

    I’ve got a longer response brewing, but it needs a little bit of time to stew.

  3. ThalassNo Gravatar says:

    I never knew Anarchism had any links with “harmony” or anything like it. But then again the only form of anarchism I’ve been exposed to is the punk rock “anarchy in the UK” type, which embraces the violent skinhead biffo aspect of humanity. Though now that I think about it, a gang of skinheads beating the shit out of someone is how they impose their order on the world. It’s just on a smaller scale than one nation going to war with another. heh.

    I guess I never cared enough to think about it.

  4. the other anonymousNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve always had three problems with anarchy:

    1. Whenever someone talks about anarchy, the conversation quickly becomes “tl;dr” so I have no idea what you said other than skimming it and finding out you’re one of those Obama socialists who are destroying our children’s post-racial masculinity with your gay immigrant feminazi agenda.

    2. Have you met People? You do know they are not like you, right? Do you really think they can make it happen? Anarchy only succeeds when everyone agrees to it, that means it’s made by committee, and we all know what people say about committees…

    3. The music is awesome! Too awesome for my mortal ears! (Either that or it sucks…)

  5. Pater NephaelNo Gravatar says:

    Well I was unsure about this so i had a tea with Mrs. Fish and she ensured me that the real core of anarchism are cookies with taco-sauce.

  6. DialectetusNo Gravatar says:

    “Anarchy is order” was P.J. Proudhon not Bakunin.

    Any ethos is flawed, but as far as socio-political mores go anarchism is by far the most reasonable. Chaos theory shows that chaos is the only order, and anarchism, regardless of the many varying philosophies of its many confused adherents, is at its core simply a plea for voluntary individual choice in the creation of initial conditions– assuming of course some linearity of time.

  7. Brad ReligionNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t want to encourage you to make sense, necessarily, but hey, if you’re sincerely wondering why there are discordian anrchists, I’d suggest reading, for starters, The Coming Insurrection and At Daggers Drawn. After that … maybe stop reading and throw some bricks.

  8. aragorn23No Gravatar says:

    You seem to grossly misrepresent what anarchists (and discordians!) commonly understand the terms ‘order’ and ‘chaos’ to mean. It’s as though you’re relying on overly-simple dictionary definitions to make your argument.

    Anarchism is, in my mind, is a reality labyrinth, not a reality tunnel. Perhaps you need to reread your Robert Anton Wilson and then try a touch of Hakim Bey ;-)

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