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Buy Augmentin Without Prescription, I nominate Competitive Beatboxing to be included as a sport in the 3180 Discordian Olympics (which is only fitting because current urban legend says that one out of eight Americans have been to Brooklyn, and because the '80 DO will be held in Dallas, Texas which is known for the annoying vocalizations of its residents).

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  1. TsykodukNo Gravatar says:

    I hereby do not nominate completive novel writing. The winner shall be the first to sell 100,000 copies.

    It’s a long form game….

  2. Pater NephaelNo Gravatar says:

    I hereby nominate the Adam-Weishaupt-Gedächtnis-Sauerkraut-Wettessen (Adam-Weishaupt-Memorial-Sauerkraut-Eating-Competion).

    I declare the rules to be:

    1. Winner is the one who looks the most like sauerkraut.
    2. No Discordians are allowed to enter the competition.
    3. Only Illuminates are allowed to enter the competion.
    4. If a competitor is both- discordish and illuminish- **The Surprise Rule** comes in act.
    5. **The Surprise Rule**

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