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Buy Max Gentlemen Without Prescription, The PD Discordian community got up to a stack of awesomeness this last year. Max Gentlemen trusted pharmacy reviews, If you would like to have a poke through, you can see an in-progress collection of our 2010 achievements, cheap Max Gentlemen no rx. Max Gentlemen used for, The most of it is HERE. You can watch us bicker about it all HERE if that's your thing, Max Gentlemen coupon, Max Gentlemen pharmacy, also.

There was a great deal of excitement through 2010, Max Gentlemen recreational. We released three editions of Intermittens, Buy Max Gentlemen Without Prescription. Max Gentlemen natural, Cram made up some fun 'like' stickers to help make the world your Facebook, and also came out with the Et Cetera Discordia, purchase Max Gentlemen. After Max Gentlemen, Stacks of collaborators toiled away on the extraordinary Spider Project . Roaring Biscuit released a stunning work called Musings of a Faceless Man, Max Gentlemen treatment. Purchase Max Gentlemen online no prescription, I cranked out the first draft of a Discordian themed script.

Also, where can i buy cheapest Max Gentlemen online, Max Gentlemen images, there were a lot of Fucking Oranges eaten.

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  1. My Discordian highlights for 2010 in smagmoidal order are probably:

    5) Finding out my work was included in some 2010 Discordian tomes including editor Cramulus’ Et Cetera Discordia at and editor Sondra London’s with a little help from Rev. DrJon Swabey’s Discordia Prophetica at

    4) Having Miley Ray Cyrus finally admit to being a Discordian American Princess and

    3) Conducting a Discordian Nude Year’s Day wedding: and (this later being worked on)

    2) Nearly finishing Ek-sen-trik Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht at

    1) Doing my part for the World’s Only Reliable Newspaper

  2. I made a comment three days ago. It’s still awaiting moderation. I must have said something really nasty.

  3. Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

    No, the admin are just extremely lazy :(

    • Ah, I’d rather think I’m too nasty. I take it any links in a post get checked before posting to avoid spam links?

      • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

        not really. I reject obvious spam comments, usually that’s based on the e-mail address alone. If I see a name I recognize I just hit Approve. Usually, if your comment’s been approved, none of your future comments will need approval, so I’m confused as to why you got caught in the filter to begin with.

        But I only check for comments every few days, so sometimes it takes a while for them to post.

      • Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

        “Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 5 or more links”

        I just upped it to 25.

        I approve/spam comments as well because I get emailed about them… I’m not always on the ball though.

        • Cramulus and Mu-Chao, don’t tell me you both have other things to do rather than sit staring at this site 24 hours a day waiting for comments to show up.

          I know I don’t.

          • Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

            I am very busy watching movies like Apartment of Erotic Horror and B-Movie: The Shooting of Farmhouse Massacre in preparation for Oscar season.

  4. Weird case: I posted a message with a single link in Hey Jim yesterday. It still hasn’t shown up. I posted a message with a single link in Intermittens 4: REDACTED. It appeared immediately.

    Must be Eris.

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