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Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, One of my favourite ways in which Discordians celebrate their Faith is by insulting it.

I'm working on a collection of Heretical texts directed against Discordia, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Glucophage price, If you would like to come play, leave a comment, where can i cheapest Glucophage online. Get Glucophage, My humble submission is as follows;

Playing the same game

In our western society, it pays to be a Christian, Glucophage overnight. Glucophage steet value, It has political value, social value and offers a set of easy to understand conceptual points that are useful for discussing the human experience, is Glucophage safe.

However, we reject this, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. Glucophage description, We are instead Discordians, and are miles ahead of the game, is Glucophage addictive. Taking Glucophage, Or so we think...

What a crock, buy generic Glucophage. Glucophage gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Our philosophy fundamentally proposes that there is a single state of the universe, but we need to divide it into various frames, buy cheap Glucophage no rx. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Some are nicer than others, some are more useful and some are more interesting. Canada, mexico, india, So for starters, we can note that all we're really up to is playing with frames, online Glucophage without a prescription. Buying Glucophage online over the counter, Why choose Discordia over Christianity. Or for that matter, Glucophage use, Comprar en línea Glucophage, comprar Glucophage baratos, Islam, Shinto or any other majority religion, Glucophage treatment. Glucophage long term, So, maybe you don't believe homosexuality is wrong, Glucophage australia, uk, us, usa. Or in heaven, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. Glucophage from mexico, Well, shit, Glucophage maximum dosage, Glucophage from canadian pharmacy, so what. That sixteen year old with a silver cross around her neck doesn't think gays are punished for their love, purchase Glucophage. Australia, uk, us, usa, Christians believe unproven things out of convenience all the time; there's no reason you should be the exception. We act the way we choose to, low dose Glucophage, Where can i order Glucophage without prescription, with varying consistency. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Discordians of all people should understand the value of paradox. What we indulge as a beautiful element of our faith, Glucophage interactions, Cheap Glucophage, we despise in other religions as 'hypocrisy'. What is this but the very same religious arrogance that we see ourselves so far above, Glucophage natural. Glucophage pics, Or is it an issue that they believe in God, when your views are more atheistic, Glucophage pharmacy. Online buy Glucophage without a prescription, Take a step back buddy; you're associating yourself with worshippers of the Greek goddess of Strife. Why, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. Because sometimes, Glucophage forum, Generic Glucophage, for cultural, personal, fast shipping Glucophage, Glucophage for sale, political or just recreational reasons, it's useful to believe things that just aren't true, online buying Glucophage hcl. Kjøpe Glucophage på nett, köpa Glucophage online, So, some Christians take it too seriously and picket soldiers funerals. And. Some Discordians eat hot dog buns on Friday and live and breathe pinealism. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Just exactly when the hell did Discordia get the exclusive rights to the idea of 'don't take shit too seriously'. You can score similar hyperbole from the Discordians about greyfaces to the ranting of Christians about Muslims. In both cases, there just needs to be a little more breathing and less yelling.

Perhaps the most savage indictment against Discordia is that it is an obstacle in front of its own mission. By pinning your fnords to your chest you make the statement that, unlike the others, you are hip to the way things are, and are above all the deceptions. Of course that only leaves you with a sense of smugness in place of a critical mind, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription.

We think of ourselves as playing the better games in the playground, but the truth is that we're just playing with a smaller group, and patting each other on the back for doing so. There is no reason for the rejection of Christianity (or any other majority religion) other that a vain attempt to subvert the mainstream. Jesus the political figure, God screwing with Job, Jonah in the whale, Jesus murdering innocent figs, God playing Moses and Pharoh off against eachother, the delightfully flawed Sampson's bizarre adventures (including a beating a gang of thugs the fuck down with an ass's jawbone); if a pair of hippies had invented Christianity in the 1960's and photocopied a bunch of the stories, we'd be all over it like a rash. Instead we act as though the niche appeal of Discordia makes it a kind of art form. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Which is OK if you're the kind of person who thinks Radiohead were like, totally cool, until they got popular.

When Yann Martel wrote the introduction to Life of Pi he told us that it was a story that would make us believe in God. Not because it was so convincing, but because it talked to the part of us that needs faith in something, not always because it's true or even important, but because it's beautiful, or clever, or fun.

Is Discordia a useful frame. Of course. But in a society where identifying with a mainstream, known religion, that Discordia itself acknowledges to be true (in some sense) is of social benefit, choosing to lock yourself into the lesser respected frame is like wandering into school with a pornographic T-shirt; great to get noticed, wedgied and suspended, but hard to make friends, or a difference, and doesn't make you any better than those jackasses wearing Ben Sherman shirts.

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  1. Discordianism itself is such an oxymoron. We’re such free thinking induviduals right? An yet we choose to wear a label? I mean, come on. The fact that there’s a name means there’s order. We go on to having our own sacred literature, our own forums, even our own Wikipedia page. Hell, we’re about as free thinking and induvidualistic as every goth child who wears exactly what her friends wear, listen exactly to the same music her friends listen to and is in fact an exact copy of all her friends “because it shows i’m an induvidual, you know?”.

    Let’s face it. We call ourselves Discordians because we pretending we’re unique and interestingly crazy. In reality, we’re just sad little people who probably don’t get enough sun and all those things we like to say which we imagine give the impression of insane genius just give the far more accurate impression of a socially stunted internet nerd.

  2. RRFMEtalNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, but, in my case, I truly am hip to the way things are and above all deceptions. Or wedgie me.

  3. KierreNo Gravatar says:

    Rather than pointing out what’s wrong with Discordia, this article is itself an example of what’s wrong with Discordia.

  4. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iason Ouabache, DISCORDIAN SOCIETY. DISCORDIAN SOCIETY said: #HAILERIS Heresy! – One of my favourite ways in which Discordians celebrate their Faith is by insulting it. I'm work… [...]

  5. FinniusNo Gravatar says:

    I think one of the main problems with any “religion”/”organization”/”cult”/”cabal”/”corporation”/”group”/”what-have-you” is that members of said faction tend to believe they are right, or happy, or “true”…and consequently attempt to sway others to join. These others belong to their own faction, and changing their minds tends to be rather fruitless in the majority of cases. So members tend to fall back on ‘circle-jerking’ (stroking each others ego’s)…very counter-productive (imho)

    Culture-jamming, postergasms, et-al is FUN, yes…and in the back of our minds we HOPE we are making a difference, that we are waking people up to the mechanization that is always in vogue. But, I think we know better. People see such displays, and are confused (confusion leads to questions, questions lead to answers, and answers are what we ALL are looking for.) for a minute or two…hell, it might even liven up their little diaries for the day, but when all is said and done, I would bet that fully 100% of those confused people slip back into normal routines. Why, you might say?…because routines are safe. Routine are comfortable.

    I say, go back to having fun…and to hell with everyone else. Don’t do things to ‘make a difference’….do things because it makes you laugh. You won’t get disappointed as much.

    • CramulusNo Gravatar says:

      Finnius – do you think there is a method to be discovered which WILL make a concrete difference? I am thinking about this because the fun of postergasm is wearing a bit thin for me, feeling a bit hedonistic… If makes me wonder if I’m wasting energy that might be spent hacking my environment in more productive ways.

      • Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

        Hedonism has a bad rap. Productivity is overrated.

        Doing things to “make a difference” is a losing proposition unless you are a multi-billion dollar corporation that buys senators and your idea of making a difference is starting a war so that you can sell the 10,000 missiles you have stockpiled in a warehouse to increase shareholder value. That makes a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives in one fell swoop!

        I’ve become a bit of a Hermit because I am sick of kicking against the pricks. Discordia doesn’t do it for me anymore, and hasn’t for a while. I’ve kept the site up and have fond memories of Discordia because it taught me one of the basic tenets I still follow today – “Don’t take things so seriously!”

        I have gotten to the point where, for example, I don’t read the news anymore because there is no truth to it anyway. Every story in every publication has a hidden agenda, and I’m done playing the game of figuring out what think tank or special interest group is at the root of each story. It just pisses me off… and its the worst kind of pissed off because you are completely impotent to do anything about it.

        I’m firmly convinced that the best course for me is to continue to insulate myself from the rest of the world and try to lead a happy, content life doing things I love to do… things that might not fulfill me, but keep me happy while I am doing them. In short, I have come to the conclusion that the meaning of life is to be as hedonistic as possible for the longest period of time you can manage (without, of course, negatively affecting other people I choose to engage with).

        • I believe you can make a difference in your own backyard. You don’t need billions to do that.

        • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

          I 100% hear you man. The Machine is built to last, programmed to keep things as they are. It’s all so frustrating – as individuals, we’ve been conditioned into inertia.

          We are individuals, without the support of an organization, we can really only affect things at an extremely local level. 9 days out of 10, this is enough for me.

          Every so often I surface out of it like it was some kind of fever dream, and I get about 2 or 3 weeks of this drive to make an impact on things on a larger scale. Hedonism is one of the only rewarding things you can follow – is this just the Machine’s way of neutralizing change? I’ve got that bug right now, and I caught it from Doloras LaPichio at the chaos marxism blog. (actually, it probably came from putting together a little booklet and then having to defend it)

          Doloras thinks that the individual CAN affect things on a larger level of magnification, but you have to sacrifice ego, silence the everyday mind, and align yourself with a group. I’m not a “joiner” really, but Doloras makes me wonder if that’s a self-defeating position. Agnosticism and Skepticism tends to make people hold things at arms length.. to a certain degree, this becomes insulation – rather than embracing an uncertain and flawed system, we retreat from it entirely.

          I still don’t know what the answer is. I’m not really an activist type, I usually think protests and political activism are effete token gestures designed to make you feel like you did something while affecting the system in the most minuscule way possible. And then I hear about the protests sweeping through the mid-east and the real battles that are going on right now, and I’m reminded that the static forces of this world can’t hold on forever.. and this week I want to be riding them down in flames.

      • Have you tried Bookgasm? My people have been sneaking Discordian and other odd books into libraries, schools, houses of worship, prisons, etc. I was raised by my grandparents to be a fundamentalist Christian and Eris helped me get out of it.

        And if buying books is too expensive, you can do bookgasm light. Put bookmarks with enlightening bits or references in books in those places (we even have a prisoner who does that).

        One of my favorites is to bookmark Bibles at churches, hotels, etc. to extreme passages. I mean ones that describe masturbation, have graphic descriptions of sex acts including sex organs and ejaculation, describe how a young girl should be executed for getting raped in the city–but in the country has to marry her rapist if she’s not yet betrothed; tell the proper way a man should sell his daughter into slavery, etc.

        We may be making up some regular bookmarks that list many of those verses. The story that as a boy I got banned from reading the Bible out loud in a Christian school is not a joke….

        • FinniusNo Gravatar says:

          Ya know, Genesis 9 verses 18-25 are cute. Basically it says that the moment Noah got off the ark, he planted a vineyard, got drunk, and was sexually molested by his son Hamm…(some will argue that Hamm only “saw his father’s nakedness” but you keep reading you find that “when Noah awoke, he saw what his son had DONE UNTO HIM”…..ewwwww

  6. FinniusNo Gravatar says:

    I’m 47. I gave up watching tv, radio, newspapers way back in the 80′s. It was (for me) just a bunch of propaganda intended to lull me into distraction, or fear, or worse…patriotism. I started out as a hippie-dippie way back in the 70′s, then went thru the fads (“Bob”, punk, goth, industrial). Each taught me a little more. I grew more and more pessimistic towards humanity. I could never wrap my head around what it was that people really wanted. The dichotomy of our species is…lol…insane.

    My thoughts and actions have obviously changed constantly. I am at the point now that I feel that our species does not like to change unless pushed to it. Things have to come to a show-down. It seems to me that only when it is last-minute does anyone DO anything. The procrastinator’s lifestyle. Some see the big machine inching slowly towards the cliff-edge…and want to slow the process down. I myself want to speed it up, get it over with so we can build something new. This ‘slow torture’ is bleeding humanity, and is a waste of time. The sooner things come to the edge, and fall over, the better (in my opinion)

    As for the thought of Discordia, I still adhere to it. Stability and calm is stagnation. Nature loves change. Mutation and adaptation is required for life to progress. I still make my comments at work or in social settings (grocery store, outdoor public places, etc.) and of course I get very strange looks. I can’t help it, I am what I am. I see things from a different perspective. Obviously I don’t get much dates…lol

    But WHAT IS IT that I would like changed? Do I feel that we have entered the ‘age of information’…and desire the next step ‘the age of wisdom’…well, sure, that would be nice. Do I still view humanity as the masses being controlled by a small minority, a minority that cares only for the moment, for their own greed?..well yeah. BUT WHAT IF I’M WRONG. What if ‘the masses’ actually CONDONE what their government is doing? Well then i’m fucked. But i’ll still fight them till I die.

    …oh hell, I just noticed I keep jumping tracks here…sorry about that. Let me try to get back.

    Yeah, I did billboard culture-jamming when I was much younger (my best one was the billboard of Nancy Reagan’s picture saying “Just say No” (the drug one). I changed the picture to Rosa Parks. I’ve done audio cut-ups. I’ve marched in demonstrations against war before. I’ve become really educated in US foreign and domestic policy (it’s really ugly). I tried, in my little ways, to ‘wake up’ others. Professor Mu-Chao says he is insulating himself. I hope that does not mean hermitizing himself. I considered this a long time ago, but dammit, I’m a fighter, even if the situation becomes totally hopeless. I still see diamonds amidst the slime, and this still gives me hope.

    As for Cramulus’ comment to me: We are under the basic premise here that the majority of people are being subjugated by a certain minority, but the agenda of this minority does NOT appear to be for the betterment of mankind as a whole, and we wish it to be stopped. We feel that humanity could be growing into something bigger/better, and just need to get past this certain stage, so we can get off this petri-dish called Earth, and step outside our ‘crib’, and into the rest of the neighborhood. Is that a fair sentence? Well, as of this moment, I still advocate trying anarchism (law without government), but revolution will have to come first. It won’t come easy. Another big obstacle to overcome is this continued belief in a ‘god’. A majority of the world stills seems to need a father-figure, one that tells them “it’s ok, daddy is here, everything is going to be all right, it’s all under control”…even if they have to imagine one. This takes the burden of responsibility off the individual and also creates the thought that they don’t need to DO anything because it’s all going to end in some fiery cataclysm anyway, and this is just a waiting platform for the ‘train to eternal bliss’…yeah right, lemme hold my breath on that one.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand hedonistic behavior. It’s just that I still care about the people around me, even if they don’t give a happy crap about me. I see a very nice planet with a lot of unhappy people in it, people that are not allowed to realise their potential. I would love to be able to help cultivate THAT. I still feel that in the back of most people’s minds, they want something better. I look around and say to myself “Is this truly the best that we as a species can come up with at this point in time? Can’t we conceive and execute something a bit more fulfulling, more constructive?” It just doesn’t seem to be moving at a pace that I WOULD LIKE…silly me! Those of us that are still un-anesthetized continue to plod on, doing little things in our sphere of influence (small that it is) to reach out. To infect others with difference, if you will. Perhaps we should all start a serious concerted effort to affect things on a grander scale. I am still willing to be a part of that.

    (omg I think I might be thread-jacking with my rant…feel free to delete this comment if so)

  7. Professor Mu-ChaoNo Gravatar says:

    > I still feel that in the back of most people’s minds, they want something better.

    If this was really true, great films like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers would be lining the shelves of Walmart instead of movies starring the latest teen idol.

    Seriously though, I AM becoming a bit of a hermit. I don’t like people, for the most part. They have given me very little reason to like them or even to inconvenience myself by trying to make them see something that is right in front of them… they will not see it. Whatever their Sacred Chao is, they will insist upon it and for almost every single one of them, no amount of careful logic or inspired mindfuck will allow them to break out of their little bubble.

    I am at the point where almost everyone I meet bores me in less than two minutes. I am going to begin carrying a stopwatch and assigning people ratings based on the amount of time they can hold my interest. Maybe that will be my next Apple Corps mission. Handing out letter grade stickers to everyone I meet. “Congratulations! You broke the world record and spoke for five minutes straight without being boring! YOU GET AN A!”

  8. FinniusNo Gravatar says:

    I used to be very anti-social. My line of thinking was “I had to go thru all these tramatic things and there was noone around to give me a helping hand. Why should I now care about anyone else? They were not there when I needed help, so tit-for-tat.” I felt very disconnected from society as a whole. At times I felt, in a weird way, better than ‘them’. Not a good path that I was on. The last thing I needed was some superiority or messiah complex. (too much to live up to…screw that)

    Yeah, I get bored as well. As I have gotten older, it’s easy for me to instantly fit people into catagories, the quicker to dismiss them. That also is a strategy used by those in power. The quicker to dehumanize or throw someone into a pre-formed mold, the quicker they can be dismissed out-of-hand. So I try not to do it, but most people I meet are just parroting back the daily news headlines, or feeling some deep-seated need to follow the lifestyle of some famous actor/actress or singer. Then I come in and throw out some non-sequitor or sometimes something profound, but either way their response is just this blank stare. It’s as if i had commited ‘thoughtcrime’. So, yeah, I get where you are coming from. I don’t try to change that persons point of view, it’s just too exhausting.

    And yet, I see so many hundreds and hundreds of sites that all want change. They might not know EXACTLY what they want, but they DO seem to know exactly what they are dissatisfied with. They all want the same thing, something fucking different than what currently IS. It’s interesting to note that with today’s technology, we can gather worldwide via the computer and instantly congregate. Throughout history, such organization would take months because of the communication technology at the time. Now we could set up a time and date, and invite anyone or any group from around the world to come to a public chat room and discuss a new ‘Declaration of Change”…so why hasn’t that happened yet?

    It’s my fondest wish that the majority of humans want someone to publicly voice what (I THINK) they are thinking, and then they might jump on the wagon, and support it actively. Do I have to be the one to start the ball rolling? Well, fuck it, I suppose if I truly felt I had the pulse of the majority, I would. Sadly, I really don’t know if that’s true.

    *** This has been an unpaid announcement for the “Finn For Global Dictator” Campaign.
    *** All personnel are required to eliminate him before he is taken seriously.
    *** 1 dozen chocolate-chip cookies to the individual(s) who bring us his body.
    *** We return you to your previous web-blog, already in progress.

  9. Somebody asked once if Jesus was a Discordian?

    Jesus of Nazareth said people are more important than the laws of religion or state, advocated separation of church and state, cut hundreds of laws down into just two, welcomed women in places strictly for men only and even taught women (which was abomination), accepted young children as worthy, and taught and practiced passive aggression.

    He left his job to live on the streets and convinced others to do the same. He was a rebel, a rabble-rouser, and a revolutionary. If he came today the vast majority of churches would utterly reject him, just as they actually do reject the biblically recorded Jesus in favor of their “Jesus created in my image.” After all, even fundamentalists have to agree that Jesus was not a Christian–he couldn’t die as a sinless sacrifice to remove his own sins.

    • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

      Gospel of Thomas 6:

      [Jesus's] disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe?”

      Jesus said, “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate.”

      That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever read. Two commandments I can agree with!

  10. FinniusNo Gravatar says:

    I’m surprised that no-one mentioned that I seemed to be spreading discord here…or the fact that I was advocating that the Discordians join with other groups. A joke, yes, but at the same time, I was serious. Ahh insanity !

  11. Ralph Radix Fenderson-Mckenzie Etal (RRFMEtal)No Gravatar says:

    Reworded, only so slightly, RAW quotation …

    The greatest folly of all is to think that this moment can be other than this – this is called imagination
    The second greatest folly is to blame oneself for the moment being what it is – this is called conscience
    The third greatest folly is to find somebody else to blame – this is called “improving the world”

    Robert Anton Wilson. (1991) Nature’s God. The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Volume Three (p. 127). ROC Books.

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