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Buy Omnicef Without Prescription, The idea, put briefly, is to be able to see through the illusionary world we're living in. You are already connected to the True Source, about Omnicef, Real brand Omnicef online, and when you realize that, you will have found the higher self, comprar en línea Omnicef, comprar Omnicef baratos, Omnicef images, the slasher of veils, you will exhale God's breath, is Omnicef safe, Omnicef online cod, and you will be living in the real world.

The first guys to write about Gnosticism were Ancient Greeks, Omnicef cost. Omnicef blogs, That was a long time ago. Maybe they would have expressed it differently if they saw how the world looks today, purchase Omnicef for sale. So what do these old ideas mean in our strange new post-modern times, Buy Omnicef Without Prescription. Omnicef samples, Charles Tart offers us a way of understanding gnostic epiphany through a modern psychological model: hypnotic trance (& a tip of the hat to thirtyseven). He conceptualizes our contemporary state of consciousness as "consensus trance", Omnicef price, coupon, Omnicef class, a sort of permanent hypnotic state which we all maintain by talking to each other and reenforcing it.  (You can read Tart's essay here and more of his stuff there.)

This trance is consciousness running on autopilot, buy cheap Omnicef no rx, Omnicef mg, reacting to expectations and in turn creating new expectations. I think it is a consequence of living in one's reactive mind, after Omnicef. In The Gods Must Be Crazy Buy Omnicef Without Prescription, , when a coke bottle (read: capitalism) falls from the sky, the peaceful collectivist tribe is introduced to the idea of property, and the logical consequences tear them apart. Taking Omnicef, It's like they're in an altered state of consciousness. If only they could snap out of it, no prescription Omnicef online. Order Omnicef from mexican pharmacy, The consensus trance is s a pattern of living. It keeps us focused on illusions, discount Omnicef, Omnicef use, it makes us treat symbolic things like real things. Some Discordians describe this as The Machine - here's one account of it from the Chao Te Ching, a Discordian reinterpretation of the Tao Te Ching:

Chapter 23
The Machine™ is built by our behaviors;
Our unconscious desires,
our conscious schemes, Buy Omnicef Without Prescription.
Built by the expectations we create through our expectations, low dose Omnicef, Buy Omnicef online no prescription, the action we create through our actions,
the jobs we create with our jobs, Omnicef treatment, Omnicef wiki, the world we create with our world.

But as a traffic jam does not last all morning, buying Omnicef online over the counter, Omnicef coupon, nor a bad day lasts a lifetime,
a good mood is often fleeting, where can i buy Omnicef online, Omnicef no prescription, and fortune does not always smile.
The Machine™ contains more than is apparent.

I wonder if there's a way to snap people out of their trance, low dose Omnicef, Online Omnicef without a prescription, like how a hypnotist says "When I snap my fingers, you will be fully awake and alert." I like this model for gnostic awakening, Omnicef class. Where to buy Omnicef, We have dispensed with the metaphors, we are talking concretely about how to transcend the illusion and see the world through fewer filters, Omnicef use. Tart suggests that the cure to the trance is Mindfulness (vipassana Buy Omnicef Without Prescription, , to the Buddhists). Omnicef description, There are other ways too, like ego death, Omnicef maximum dosage, Omnicef australia, uk, us, usa, but that's harder to practice.

This is what the Situationist International was on about, cheap Omnicef no rx. Purchase Omnicef online no prescription, If we find new ways to relate to the space we live in, we divorce ourselves from our grayfaced culture and become new people, Omnicef from canada. Discount Omnicef, This is Project PosterGASM's goal too, to create a surprising, funny moment which snaps people out of autopilot and into a creative, humorous state of consciousness.

For now, the best shortcut to a gnostic awakening is merely awareness.  Be aware of the present moment. Be aware of your breath, of the thoughts in your head, the sensations you are experiencing, and the maddening cacophony of competing signals present inside you.


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  1. Telarus, KSCNo Gravatar says:

    Bad-ass post, Cram. :1up: for the layout & design (I noticed the fly-quote+image, but what I like was how you used it to crescendo in the 5th paragraph as that amplified the content).

  2. Doesn’t Principia Discordia call this looking through a grid? Things line up on your grid so you think that’s the way they really are.

    People have to get rid of their grids to see what’s really there and that’s really hard to do. You have to get out of your comfort box and try something new. Ever look out the window of a plane at a house? It looks completely different than it does through the window of car. And then lie flat on your back and look at it again and its different still. And watching a movie being filmed looks completely different than seeing the movie.

    There are ways to see the world differently. Get out of your comfort box and go find them!

  3. TaogdibarNo Gravatar says:

    Dance dance dance dance dance to the radio

  4. […] been really interested in thinking about our relationship with reality in terms of trance states.  I think a little bit of it clicked last […]

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