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  1. Why do you want a point?

    And the point to what, exactly?

    Non-artificial things have no point. Most artificial things have the point of serving some of us in certain ways. The point of a tooth brush is to clean teeth.

    Since humans are not technically artificial (by the definition of artificial that I’m using here) but can be described as a natural phenomenon, then they have no point.

    Civilization, being artificial, has a point: to serve the few at the top. Perhaps you’re mostly frustrated at all of the “pointless” crap that people do. Well, the answer is simple: they do that because those in power have found that it’s best to encourage such behavior in their underlings. Television, fast “food”, racism, misogyny, sports, “government”, etc., all exist as control mechanisms to keep the slave class from recognizing their situation and revolting.

    So, it seems we have a choice: resolve yourself to pointlessness, or accept the slave motto of “an honest day’s work”, or create your own meaning.

    The point of having a point is to motivate us toward greatness.

  2. 1321_VMBNo Gravatar says:

    a question i ask myself every day.
    there really isnt a right or wrong answer though. its usually a safe bet to say there isnt one and that you have to go about and make your own. which really frees you up if you think about it.

    id like to think that the point is to put signs on things, to go explore new places, to never truly have a home and to find virtue. whatever that may be.

  3. I feel we can make our own point. We don’t have to follow anybody elses unless we’re looking for something from them. But really we often are looking for something from someone else, and that’s the point of a lot of what we do.

    What I most want to do is do good for others. When I do that I also do good for me. And that’s my point. 🙂

  4. DrOwlNo Gravatar says:

    To entertain Eris before we go of and entertain Aneris.

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