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If religion is worth a good god damn Buy Combivent Without Prescription, , then it's able to help us make sense of these crazy contradictory strange times we're living in.

All those old books - the Bhagavad Gita, Combivent used for, the Tao Te Ching, the Nag Hammadi Texts, the Bible - were written for a slice of humanity which lived at a specific moment in time, Combivent photos. They have a few pieces of timeless human wisdom (that's why we kept those smelly old things), Combivent images, but they're not able to explain the stuff going on at the edge right now--except for in very general ways.

The conflicts many of us experience in our day to day lives, as well as the spiritual trials we are facing, online buying Combivent hcl, are unique to 2011. Combivent overnight, For example: how can we balance privacy and membership in a community. (You need communities to transcend individuality and effect things on a larger-than-individual scale, but you have to sacrifice some of your anonymity / autonomy to do it) How do we escape the consensus trance of modern living - and should we, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. Ancient man thought of deities as personifications of universal forces, but now we think of the universe in different terms - what is a deity in this context, herbal Combivent. What is the relationship between capitalism and spirituality. Combivent dangers, Is an identity made of market-determined capitalist choices a real identity. How do we pick which tragedy of the commons to rally against. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, Consumerism, by its nature, creates suffering elsewhere in the world - how do we balance our desires and our compassion for rain forests, sea creatures, and those poor spags in sweat shops. How can you relate to a guru who is also selling something, my Combivent experience,  as most are. Combivent pictures, Is politics capable of healing our world, or is it a distraction from the forces we should be focusing on. What is nature, where can i buy Combivent online, and are we inside or outside of it. Generic Combivent, These are the things I wonder about as I read stuff like the Gospel of Thomas and Zhuangzi and the Principia Discordia and other spiritual ravings. Religious writings can suggest answers to most of these questions, but we are a new people now, we are in need of new myths, Buy Combivent Without Prescription.

The best way to use religion is not a matter of perfectly internalizing the lessons some dead people left behind. You should figure out how those writings uniquely explain the world you're living in right now, Combivent price. If it seems intangible and you can't relate to it, Combivent without a prescription, you might be reading it wrong, but there's also a good chance it's no longer relevant. I mean, Combivent schedule, Jehovas Witnesses are prohibited from receiving blood transfusions, Purchase Combivent,  even in times of emergency. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, How does this help them master the period they live in now. We live in a dangerous world, and refusing surgery is not going to save you from it, buy Combivent from mexico. The Buddha says we should not harm living things, Combivent for sale, but what about when some crazy dictator is gunning down his people en mass. If somebody was about to gun you down for speaking out against their regime, wouldn't you want somebody to intercede on your behalf, get Combivent.

We live in the information age. Few religions have successfully described it, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. Rx free Combivent, I think we live in increasingly syncretic times. We have to take the contradictory inputs and synthesize them into something new, something personally relevant, cheap Combivent. This is an active process, Order Combivent from mexican pharmacy, it takes critical thought and self-reflection. I don't have the answers. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, I'm just some spag trying to make sense of things for myself. There is no true wisdom, buy no prescription Combivent online, no really-real model which beats the other models, Combivent trusted pharmacy reviews, they all suck in certain ways.

In Hesse's novel Siddhartha, the titular character seeks wisdom from the Gotama Buddha and discovers that he has to create this wisdom on his own, buy Combivent without prescription.

"You have found salvation from death. Real brand Combivent online, It has come to you in the course of your own search, on your own path, through thoughts, order Combivent online overnight delivery no prescription, through meditation, No prescription Combivent online, through realizations, through enlightenment. It has not come to you by means of teachings, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. And—thus is my thought, Combivent cost, oh exalted one, Buy Combivent from canada, —nobody will obtain salvation by means of teachings. You will not be able to convey and say to anybody, oh venerable one, fast shipping Combivent, in words and through teachings what has happened to you in the hour of enlightenment. Buy Combivent no prescription, The teachings of the enlightened Buddha contain much, it teaches many to live righteously, to avoid evil, order Combivent no prescription. But there is one thing which these so clear, Combivent price, coupon, these so venerable teachings do not contain: they do not contain the mystery of what the exalted one has experienced for himself, he alone among hundreds of thousands. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, This is what I have thought and realized, when I have heard the teachings. This is why I am continuing my travels—not to seek other, buy generic Combivent, better teachings, Is Combivent safe, for I know there are none, but to depart from all teachings and all teachers and to reach my goal by myself or to die. But often, purchase Combivent for sale, I'll think of this day, Combivent pics, oh exalted one, and of this hour, when my eyes beheld a holy man."

The Buddha's eyes quietly looked to the ground; quietly, what is Combivent, in perfect equanimity his inscrutable face was smiling.

Siddhartha gets it - you have to choose to captain your ship. Combivent reviews, Don't let yourself get subsumed by the forces that guide you. This is the lifestyle I aspire to.

Militant Subjectivism, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. Fundamental Post-modernism, Combivent without prescription. Ecstatic Pragmatism. I don't know what to call it. Maybe it's best to not ossify it by naming it. It's a constant battle to make sense of the ever-changing world. Nobody can do it for you. We should reinterpret our traditions before perpetuating them. The new humanity is being born this year, let's raise that kid right.

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  1. I noticed the other day that I use definitions and familiar concepts as a shortcut. If I think of “violence”, it’s in an academic sterile input/process/output sense – I have to put conscious effort in to feel the concept emotionally, to relive the memories and experiences which built up my understanding of what that term means.

    Often it is that experience of reliving memories in the context of a new source, which enriches a stream of consciousness forming new connections… which in turn are the building blocks of definitions.

    Ah, I’m failing at describing this I think. I don’t have the words. Definitions are great for building new structures of thought, but before those structures start programming you, jump! If the definition/religion is worth a damn, it’ll still hold together while you evaluate parts of it again.

    • M.F. DamienNo Gravatar says:

      I came up with this analogy to describe our inability to speak of “truth” in words.

      Compare truth (or at least fundamental truths) to a black hole. On its own it cannot be perceived or measured directly. Only through its interactions with the universe around it, can we even approach an understanding of its very existence. The words and symbols we use to describe “truth” are like the accretion disk orbiting the black hole. The closer the stuff that makes up the accretion disk gets to the black hole itself, the more energy it gets and therefore the more noticeable it seems. It is this swirling matter that points to where the black hole (truth) is. Also it is not from just one point in the accretion disk that we can infer the location of the black hole. Rather it is by seeing the entirety of the stuff in orbit, that we can make the inference – much as it seems that, looking through the paradigm of one sacred tradition seems to be lacking.

  2. RatatoskNo Gravatar says:

    “I don’t know what to call it…”

    Life :)

  3. M.F. DamienNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Prof.

    I’ve enjoyed your writings and forays into Operation Mindfuck for a bit now. In this particular piece, there’s one detail on wish to comment on. “All those old books…were written for a slice of humanity which lived at a specific moment in time.” I agree with this statement, but I think that, if you put them in a proper context – with the appropriate cultural and historical background – they contain many more than a “few” pieces of wisdom for modern man. After all, since we’ve been human, we’ve all shared the same brain. This is really just a minor difference of opinion, though.

    I do have two brief things I wrote that you may enjoy. They are scriptures from The Church of the Astral Delicatessen.

    The First Revelation:

    The Cosmogony of the Sandwich:

    • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

      Hi man! Thanks for dropping by, and I dig the sandwich mythology.

      I’m not objecting to the wisdom gleaned from ancient texts, I’m suggesting that if we get too hung up on these things, it stunts our growth. People are -understandably- confused right now, we live in a period of startling emergence and we won’t really be able to understand what’s happening until it’s already over. There are a lot of people who think that you can make sense of this stuff if you just master the teachings of the Tao Te Ching or the Bible or whatever… and I strongly resist this.

      Earlier today, I was having a discussion today about Internet Trolling… perhaps you’ve heard of this Internet sensation Rebecca Black, this 13 year old girl who made an annoying music video that got over a hundred million hits. My friend’s position is that people are dicks for trolling a 13 year old girl. And I don’t disagree with that, it’s muddier than that because those assholes launched her music career. The real currency of the net is attention, and for better or worse, they gave it to her in spades. So was it immoral to comment on her video? In the end, the meanness made her very popular. So are the Internet trolls engaged in an immoral act? This is a complex, highly contemporary issue, and you’re not going to be able to resolve it by citing 5000 year old poetry.

      • M.F. DamienNo Gravatar says:

        Hillel the Elder once said: “That which is hurtful to you, do not do to another. That is the whole of the Torah, the rest is explanation.” I think that can settle most ethical and moral dilemmas. Or, at least with enough introspection it can.

        With some advances on the horizon – such as AI – things may begin to get a bit murky when we are confronted with the dilemma of who or what qualifies as “another.”

        So, maybe my minor difference of opinion just got a bit more minor.

        • Professor CramulusNo Gravatar says:

          Yeah, the Golden Rule is good advice, but it’s very general. Internet gives us all access to this many : many form of communication (as opposed to a one:one, like a conversation, or a one:many, like a speech) Just off the top of my head as a very contemporary example…

          So I think we’d both agree that it’s wrong to troll 13 year old girls and make them cry.

          But look at this 13 year old girl Rebecca Black. She has this song “Friday” which got popular overnight for being the worst music video ever. Now the girl has 100 million youtube views and a record deal. So those people who were trolling her, making her cry, they actually catapulted her into popularity. While their interactions are bad on an individual personal level, the gestalt picture is that they were the best thing to ever happen to Rebecca Black.

          I resist the idea that all the truth we need has already been distilled by somebody living in the ancient world, and now we just have to think about it… keep thinking about it… think HARDER now …and it will resolve all our contemporary confusion. We live in unique times, MAD times, and we need a more nuanced approach than boiling everything down to, say, the ten commandments.

          • I’d like to clarify that the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-trik CluborGuild did not start the Rebecca Black troll, all we did was help get it moving. But it was not intended to hurt her, just to get her publicity. Like many of these things, it got out of hand. I deeply apologize if we contributed to anything that hurt her. I hope she does very well.

            As we posted on our February – March 2011 Snooze Letter about a week before the whole thing went viral:


            If all goes according to plan, you won’t be asking that question in the next few months. Rebecca Black is an as-of-right-now 13-year-old singer who recorded a song called Friday. It has a couple subtle Discordian references (we haven’t confirmed she’s a Discordian American Princess, but we have our suspicions). Under the philosophy that, when you’re unknown any publicity is good publicity, some fans of Rebecca’s who wish to remain anonymous are starting a troll campaign to get RB known to the world. Ordinarily we have nothing to do with such trolling, but in this case it’s being done for RB. So don’t feel guilty about trolling the video at

          • I suppose I should add a link to our offending Snooze Letter that mentioned Rebecca Black. It’s at

            Again, this began as fan trolling, and got out of hand. I hope it does prove to be a blessing in disguise.

  4. someone or otherNo Gravatar says:

    I really like “Ecstatic Pragmatism”.

  5. “Militant Subjectivism”

    You don’t know how happy it makes me to see that phrase being passed around. :D

  6. DialectetusNo Gravatar says:

    I realize that relatively speaking i am nothing but a troll here….but considering discordians have a rep for being trolls i feel at home here….sorry if that offends….check that, your welcome if that offends, but i couldn’t agree more without accepting your premise just enough to hate you. How dare you question my ability to generate wisdom for myself….I’ve sipped wisdom from the straw of the great hippo at the top of the hill….do not question his dogma! He is wise enough to predict your lies.

    Put that in your lysergic dose and choke…peace….

    I am the Truth!!!

  7. Telarus, KSCNo Gravatar says:

    Paranthropology – Narrative Approaches to the Paranormal

    “…the narrative structure of anomalous activity is often more important than the scientific veracity of its evidence. In exploring the story of unexplained events, the interplay of coincidence and phenomenon can develop far beyond what any rational theory holds on to.

    To move from the daylight world of objective experience into the twilight world of the unexplained can be deeply disturbing. It leaves one without an objective measure for reality, puts one outside the boundaries of what is easily explainable, and can make one an object of ridicule and rejection.

    George Hansen, who worked with the Rhine Research Lab and Princeton’s Engineering Anomaly Research center, has written extensively on the consistent struggle in the parapsychology world to maintain credibility in the face of phenomenal experience. One of the unanticipated side effects of the research has been that when results are achieved, or seem close to being achieved, things start to happen that destabilize the research. Divorces, job loss, suicides, lack of funding, or blatant frauds end up ruining years of inquiry. It’s one thing to study traditional or religious groups that have some element of the paranormal in their practice; it’s a totally different thing to study it within the context of every day life where there are no bounds to the experience, and no set structure for how it should be interpreted.”

  8. I hope it didn’t hurt Rebecca! That’s not what we meant. There’s too many hurting people out there who think they’ll feel better if they say how much they hate somebody. It doesn’t work! Thinking hateful thoughts changes the chemistry of your brain. It actually hurts you. Go Becky!

  9. I’m Wiccan which is both an old religion and a new one. Religion like everything else has to stay current! We learn from the wisdom of the past to help us solve the problems of today. But there are so many new things which is why Wiccans try to stay current. “If it harms none, do as you will” worked in the past and will work in the future. It’s freedom and responsibility and we will always need both.

    Wiccans are usually open minded but even we can get stuck in a rut. You have to keep your mind open always. And really you won’t fully understand anything unless you fully understand everything, and you can’t do that.

    People who think “we don’t need any of that old stuff” don’t get it. They are doomed to make the same mistakes that have been made before. Those who think “we have to stay in all the traditions of the past” don’t get it either. They will see the world pass them by.

    To see where you’re at, you have to look both back and forward. Then after you do that, look and see where you are right now. Then you can know which way to go.

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