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As Olivia aka Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, Ms. Candy Monkey becomes increasing and fecundly impatient to get the baby out (it's due next month), taking Zelnorm, Zelnorm duration, it occurred to us maybe our lovechild should have a name.

For some reason Olivia has been somewhat hestitant to accept any of my wonderfully touching suggestions for the name for our coming baby girl.  You know, Zelnorm from canadian pharmacy, Zelnorm long term, really special names gained directly from our random name generator.*  So far the Baby Mama hasn't accepted any from my list of to-be-legally-recognized baby names such as Princess Pineapple, Godling Minnie Cheerleader, Zelnorm coupon, Buy no prescription Zelnorm online, Sister Mary Discord, Pope Baby, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Zelnorm online cod, and Empress Baby Poop.

So we decided to turn to others for name ideas.  Pope Hilde did the same thing, buy Zelnorm online no prescription, Zelnorm overnight, and es and Fundament's baby touched Mommy's breast to self-choose the wonderful Discordian-but-not-too-Discordian name Erisa (suggested by Princess Unicornia and Nurse Eggscream as announced in our July-August 2008 Snooze Letter).

Submit as many names as you like either by posting here or sending them to us by email at  (The email addy will be discontinued after a name is chosen).  The winning name and winning name suggestor will be posted here and in our Snooze Letter, buy Zelnorm from mexico. Canada, mexico, india, Thanks for your suggestions and have a day.

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  1. Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

    You are forbidden from using Eris Olive. I already claimed that one 4 1/2 years ago.

  2. DrOwlNo Gravatar says:

    I bring these names before you for your humble consideration.
    Owleta Conchetta,
    Puffle toes twinkelton,
    Left tong,
    First name lovely legs the third,

  3. I already emailed these but I’ll post them here too. These are from Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Priestess Erisian Spectre or Princess Erisian Hellion shes not sure yet, and Princess Unicornia with some name ideas!


  4. Thanks for the suggestions here, and we got lots more by email. Keep em coming!

  5. Miley SpearsNo Gravatar says:

    I already suggested Miley! But here’s some more all from Discordian American Princesses!

    Christina Aguilera – Drew Barrymore – Clara Bow – Miranda Cosgrove – Eris Discordia – Hilary Duff – Anne Hathaway – Paris Hilton – Vanessa Hudgens – Lindsay Lohan – Madeline – Marilyn Monroe – Hannah Montana – Bettie Page – Katy Perry – Natalie Portman – Minnie Rae – Nicole Richie – Olsen Twins – Brooke Shields – Britney Spears – Jamie Lynn Spears

  6. I forgot Rae who also made it popular and made one of those links is probably named after Minnie Rae. Shes the Discordian saint who knew Emperor Norton and shes also a DAP.

    Miley Cyrus was a Disney Princess who became Discordian so I think thats how the Disney Princess DAP got started.


    That’s the name of some imp who gives pregnant women false labor pains. I was all ready to take Olivia to hospital. So much for our natural childbirth agreement. She insisted it really didn’t hurt very much, but it’s hard for me to handle pain in someone else.

    Excuse me while I go practice my rhythmic breathing. In, out, SCREAM! In, out, SCREAM!

  8. Olivia went into a labor a couple hours ago. I had to leave the room and do something else. I don’t know how I’ll handle this. Will keep you posted.

  9. If you missed the later posts, the girl’s name is Lexena Rae. Alan Moore looked at the possible connection between Emperor Norton I’s Minnie Rae and J. M. Barrie’s Wendy of Peter Pan and Wendy. See

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