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Buy Exelon Without Prescription, [caption id="attachment_1379" align="alignright" width="201" caption="photo by Ken Hammond for the USDA, thus public domain"][/caption]

Yes, Olivia aka Miss Monkey Candy aka Ms. Kjøpe Exelon på nett, köpa Exelon online, Candy Money pushed out a baby girl at 05:28 local time on 11 June 2011.  The baby weighed in at 3676 grams (8.1 lbs), and was 51.4 cm long (20.23 in), Exelon brand name. Exelon reviews,  Labor took 12 hours, which I'm told is short for a first vaginal birth.  That's counting from the first "I think that was a labor pain maybe."  For some reason she didn't want to watch Knocked Up.  So we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Confessions of a Shopaholic.  You can guess which one I chose, Exelon results. Buy Exelon online no prescription, Hard labor, the 10 cm mark, herbal Exelon, Where can i order Exelon without prescription, was much shorter.  Seemed like forever to me.  Now it's about a week before I, Reverend Loveshade, where can i buy Exelon online, Online Exelon without a prescription, have my first Father's Day.  Unbelievable.

 I don't know how I feel.  Happy, Exelon long term, Exelon from mexico, nervous, overjoyed, Exelon blogs, Buy Exelon from canada, and scared as hell.  And newborn babies?  Talk about wet and messy.  How can something be so ugly and so beautiful at the same time?  Face red and scrunched up with a cone head.  That was me.  Seriously, I know that's natural for a newborn, Exelon photos, Exelon images, but damn, birth is messy.  But it's a life, Exelon no prescription, Discount Exelon, a human being that grew from almost nothing.  Amazing.

Olivia handled the pain well and used natural methods (and safe natural substances) to reduce it.  I couldn't handle the pain and had to walk out three times.  One time Olivia walked with me and held my hand.  And Olivia's sister Amelia who's only 12 kept reassuring me everything's fine.  Incredibly sweet for them, incredibly pathetic for me.  The midwife, thank Goddess for the midwife, we erisened with a Discordian name of Nurse Velvet Hands.  E was amazing.  I think the girl started studying midwifery with es aunt when age 15 or so and I suspect Velvet could have handled births when Amelia's age.  A complete natural.  They said the birth was textbook perfect, Buy Exelon Without Prescription.

All right, purchase Exelon for sale, What is Exelon, the baby girl's name.  We had asked for suggestions for a name and got several at and by email ( will no longer work).  We narrowed it down, and thought we'd do like Pope Hilde and Fundament did; say our favorites and wait for the girl to touch Mommy's breast to choose.  But the girl didn't wait for us to start the names, canada, mexico, india, Rx free Exelon, so that didn't work. 

So let's open the envelop, please: the name goes to Lexena Rae.  Lexena was suggested by DrOwl and Minnie Rae by Miley Spears.  We actually wanted a unisex name, Exelon schedule, Generic Exelon, but Olivia liked the look of Lexena Rae better than Lexena Ray, and anyway "Lex" is unisex.  As Miley Ray Cyrus is a Discordian American Princess and Minnie Rae is a Discordian saint (and an ancestor on my Mum's side), buy Exelon without a prescription, Buy generic Exelon, it seemed like a good choice.  It's also a little nod to Corinne Bailey Rae and Jason Rae.  Anybody know what Lexena means.

Other names we strongly considered were Alice (my initial first choice), fast shipping Exelon, Order Exelon from mexican pharmacy, Drew, Dylan, no prescription Exelon online, Order Exelon no prescription, Emma, Erisia, Exelon street price, Buying Exelon online over the counter, Hilary, Holly, Exelon recreational, Exelon dose, Jamie, Shamin, get Exelon, Cheap Exelon, and Puffle Toes Twinkelton.  Well, maybe we weren't that serious about the last one, order Exelon from United States pharmacy. Exelon from canada,  Lexena Rae wouldn't wait another 9 minutes past 5:28 to be born at 5:37, which is the number of the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild.  But we figured 2 +1 = 3 and 8 - 1 = 7, Exelon gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Exelon for sale, so it still works out.

And yes Amelia the computer whiz did the math.  Olivia's the one who gave birth, Exelon interactions, but I'm the one who couldn't think straight.  I still can't.

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  1. On a side note, congraduations (Alden made that word) to Princess Unicornia aka Lorien Loveshade for graduating from college! Excellent!

  2. Congratulations Revy Love! That’s totally cool!

    As we’re in the same family does that mean I have a new niece or a new cousin? :-D

  3. Lexena reminds me too much of Lenexa, which is a town in Kansas. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    • I kept seeing Lenexa when I was searching online for Lexena. But I don’t know Lenexa, so it didn’t bother me. And when I think of Kansas I think of St. Dorothy of Oz, so that was cool.

      Do you or anyone else know the town? Maybe we should petition them to change their name to Lexena.

  4. greuh F.K.S.C.No Gravatar says:

    Contratulations !

    And… 5:28 is just 5:23 and 5 seconds… ! :)

    • Good Goddess I didn’t even think of that. Sometimes I miss the obvious. That’s even better.

      Lexena’s doing great; Olivia is tired and worn out. Not surprising. She and Lexena did all the work; I just did the worrying. But I’m doing great so far.

  5. Miley SpearsNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for chosing Rae! I’m very happy for you! Babies are cool. Also noisy and sometimes stinky!

    Here’s a great bedtime story you can read to your little girl. It’s called “Go the F**k to Sleep.”

  6. Here’s some real baby names you can be glad you didn’t choose. and

    But really I think some of these are cute. What’s wrong with Thyme and Apple Blythe Alison and Laprincia?

  7. DrOwlNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations and joyful huGGs of joyfulness are cast out in the general direction of Lexena, mother godess and farther dearest.

    One day in many years to come I shall revel the origins of the name…

    I have come back in time to let you know now that Lexena is the most powerful force in the two Universes!

  8. DrOwlNo Gravatar says:

    Out of interest how do you pronounce “Lexena”?

    • I say it lex-EE-nuh or by phonetics leks-’ē-nәh. Olivia used to say it lex-AA-nuh.

      So we tried half a dozen computer voices. One said LEX-uh-nuh which we didn’t like. All the rest said lex-EE-nuh.

      How do you pronounce it? We didn’t find it one of our favorites at the beginning but it grew on us.

      And I’m not surprised how powerful Lexena becomes. E’s already got Olivia and me running around at es whim. I understand why men used to run away from home and hide out at the office for eight hours. The only one e doesn’t control is Amelia. I think the two of them have some form of secret communication.

  9. As to Minnie Rae, I just got a note from Dodgem Logic, Alan Moore’s magazine. You know Alan Moore–Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V is for Vendetta, and my favorite Lost Girls. I snail mailed Alan info on the possible connection between Emperor Norton I’s “The Little Countess” Minnie Rae and J. M. Barrie’s young seductress (read the original) Wendy Darling of Peter Pan fame. I’d long wondered if the possible connection was an inspiration for Alice of Wonderland, Dorothy of Oz, and Wendy of Neverland ending up together in Lost Girls.

    Alan said he hadn’t known of the connection, but “found the notion fascinating.” Who knows; maybe something will develop from our Discordian American Princess.

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