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The Discordian Society,  a group of progressive socialist commie pinkos, has declared war on the Tea Party. Enough is enough -- it's time to get up from our keyboards and actually do something, buy Penisole online no prescription. Penisole natural, Missions have been sent to 3000+ Operation Mindfuck operatives.

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  1. Now, let’s not mis-characterize Discordians. At the root of the Sacred Chao lies the Hodge-Podge. Half of that equation is the Pentagon – the other half the Erisian Apple. When asked if Discordians where pacifists, Greg Hill was very evasive. To try to pin Discordians to one side of the political spectrum is simply WRONG.

  2. Jeff MachNo Gravatar says:

    Well, damn – evidently, I’m not on the right mailing list. :(

  3. “If you become naked.” — Yoko Ono

  4. On behalf of the I’m-Not-a-Member-of-Your-Party Party, I officially declare peace on the Tea Party.

    Populism (aka the Southern Strategy, aka racism-misogyny-and-ignorance) cannot be solved with either the methods or the rhetoric of war. If anything, it will embolden the enemy and give them evidence to support their raving lunacy. I’d rather their raving lunacy be unfounded; it’s so much easier to mock that way.

    Of course, if this were a stealth campaign involving assassination of key business leaders (aka the Real Government), I’d be all over it. What can I say? I’m a traditionalist.

  5. Jokum FoiblesNo Gravatar says:

    But how can we distinguish the good, true tea from the Bitter Tea?

    That being said, I can’t think of a better target of opportunity. Good hunting!

  6. everyotherNo Gravatar says:

    Eh, declaring war on things feels so anonymous-like.
    I like the misinformation tactics though.

  7. Speaking of war… has anybody noticed the Schweddy Balls debacle?

    I say we take strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla (y’know, Neapolitan) and mix it all together. We’ll call it: Santorum.

    Now that’s ice cream!

    Also: will we be fighting a war on Christmas? I’ve been sculpting infants out of my own turds and was hoping to place them in nativities.

  8. NoneNo Gravatar says:

    The Tea Party IS an Discordian Project.

  9. FurbyNo Gravatar says:

    Isn’t this just an act of trolling like when Westboro challenged Anonymous? I love the idea of the Tea Party attacking discordians

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