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What's a Sigil? Buy Nitrofurantoin Without Prescription, Sigils are magic spells encoded into MS Paint. Online buying Nitrofurantoin, At the height of orgasm, or when you're all tweaked out on meth, Nitrofurantoin from mexico, Nitrofurantoin street price, your brain is particularly open to suggestion. (that's why you keep calling those 900 numbers in the back of the magazine) So if you stare at the sigil while you fap or watch late night aerobics videos, kjøpe Nitrofurantoin på nett, köpa Nitrofurantoin online, Nitrofurantoin canada, mexico, india, the message encoded into the sigil will enter your brain and start micromanaging your nervous-system-homonculous like a playground bully, and suddenly you will be like CAPTAIN PLANET and not a pasty-ass namby-pamby spag who's all like ehhh ehhhh stop twisting my arm Cramulus ehhh I deserve a turn at the water fountain too, Nitrofurantoin without a prescription. Nitrofurantoin results, That's scientifically proven: If you masturbate just right, you will unleash the power of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Nitrofurantoin pics. Get Nitrofurantoin, Then you'll smoke a cigarette and say to yourself "I just fucked the universe."

I'll get us started!

Effect: this sigil will make you think that cartoon characters from the 1980s are real, and they might be, Nitrofurantoin trusted pharmacy reviews, Purchase Nitrofurantoin online, you know, a romantic option, Nitrofurantoin dangers.


Effect: If you fap to this sigil, you will ejaculate tiny Beatles, Buy Nitrofurantoin Without Prescription. Nitrofurantoin brand name, They will perform music for you until they dry, at which point you'll have to do laundry, is Nitrofurantoin safe. Buy Nitrofurantoin online cod,  


Effect: This one will make you talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger for 11 minutes.

edit: 19 minutes, online buy Nitrofurantoin without a prescription. Nitrofurantoin used for, new record!


Effect: This one makes you want to kill the president




 Effect: This one makes you think you ARE the president.


Critical Safety Tip: Do not combine the last two sigils.



Effect: Buy Nitrofurantoin Without Prescription, This one makes you question your sexuality, apparently.




Effect: No fap necessary, where can i find Nitrofurantoin online. Where to buy Nitrofurantoin, You are now sexually attracted to World War II.




Cramulus' Zero Sum Diet Sigil!

Effect: You will simultaneously gain and lose weight at a rate of 23 pounds per minute, order Nitrofurantoin from United States pharmacy. Order Nitrofurantoin online c.o.d,  


Effect: your natural reactions to shock porn and breakfast cereal are switched.



Effect: The Ghost of Mark Twain will climb into bed with you and gently stroke your moustache.



Effect: Jesus christ I'm going to throw all the food in my fucking refrigerator at these god damn bats




Effect: You will understand that All is One and the True Self, the Higher Self, is a pulsing sphere of Light Energy which plays Christmas Songs when you Open the Card


This one's from Elite Kaos Wizard Triple Zero:

FAP BONUS:  Seventy days of extra good luck when trying to pick the shortest line at some checkout or other, Buy Nitrofurantoin Without Prescription. Will start somewhere between now and your next birthday, Nitrofurantoin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Doses Nitrofurantoin work, Note that this sigil just implies you'll have good luck, no guarantees your line will actually be shortest, Nitrofurantoin from canadian pharmacy. Buy cheap Nitrofurantoin no rx, Overcast, 37% possibility of rain, order Nitrofurantoin no prescription. Order Nitrofurantoin from mexican pharmacy, FAP CURSE:  If you cum while looking at the monkey, your line might be shortest, Nitrofurantoin maximum dosage, Buying Nitrofurantoin online over the counter, but the cashier will consistently fuck something up when it's your turn, have to call the store manager and enter the wrong price or drop your shit, Nitrofurantoin alternatives, Nitrofurantoin online cod, causing you to spend twice as much time checking out even though you got to your turn really quickly.



Effect: If the target creature fails a Will saving throw, my Nitrofurantoin experience, Herbal Nitrofurantoin, its Intelligence and Charisma scores each drop to 1. Then you can freely run your sweaty hands all over its hit points, Nitrofurantoin images. What is Nitrofurantoin,  




Effect: You will be able to send spam e-mails with your mind.

Flaw: the spam e-mails must be in the chiller font, buy no prescription Nitrofurantoin online. Nitrofurantoin price. Nitrofurantoin recreational. Nitrofurantoin no rx. Buy cheap Nitrofurantoin.

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  1. Say great. But I don’t need the first one. I knew 80s cartoons were real back when I was a kid in the 80s. And as for fapability, say, Duchess Ravenwaves in Lady Lovely Locks was pretty hot. At least I thought so at the time. Of course there’s the whole Scooby Doo gang. And while its not really a cartoon, I think we’d all do anybody on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I learned about attaching a mirror to the top of my shoe from that show–hello upskirt! (I heard a rumour that Kerry Thornley had a particular fondness for Chairy).

  2. You can make everything Discordian. :) But I don’t want to kill anybody.

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