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We begin our journey of annotation Buy Cytotec Without Prescription, right here. Order Cytotec no prescription,


The first thing we see on this page is "THE MAGNUM OPIATE OF MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER", apparently the author's name, purchase Cytotec online. Cytotec street price, And this is a bit misleading - the Principia is the work of both Malaclypse the Younger (aka Greg Hill) and Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst (aka Kerry Thornley). Kerry doesn't put his name right on the cover, Cytotec from canada, Purchase Cytotec online no prescription, but it's there. He hides it within a poem, Cytotec dosage, Cytotec wiki, as we'll see below.

Right next to the heading, there's a stamp "NOT JUNK MAIL", Buy Cytotec Without Prescription. I like this stamp because it suggests that this is something you'd probably throw out if you weren't paying attention, what is Cytotec. About Cytotec, This juxtaposition between the sacred and the mundane is a recurring theme in the Principia.


The image on the left is the first appearance of the "Five Fingered Hand of Eris", Cytotec price, coupon. Cytotec results, Some describe this orientation as "buttlike".

The verse on the right is a variation on a stanza from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Buy Cytotec Without Prescription, , a thousand year old book of poetry. The Rubaiyat was written by Omar Khayyám, Cytotec dangers, Is Cytotec safe, a Persian scholar with a reputation for mocking the devoutly religious.  Kerry Thornley borrows his nom de plum from the old mystic, but provides his own version of the stanza.  Here's the complete stanza (stanza 12 in the 5th edition):


 "A Book of Verses underneath the Bough, cheap Cytotec no rx, Cytotec use, A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness--
Oh, buy Cytotec no prescription, Cytotec trusted pharmacy reviews, Wilderness were Paradise enow!"


The Rubaiyat makes a good key note for the Principia. Its theme is that life is short, online buying Cytotec hcl, Cytotec over the counter, therefore we should spend what time we have enjoying simple pleasures like wine, music, kjøpe Cytotec på nett, köpa Cytotec online, Cytotec interactions, poetry, and love.  Rather than dismissing the material world as a distraction from the true spiritual plane, Cytotec samples, Purchase Cytotec, as the gnostics and transcendentalists would have us do, Omar suggests that the physical world, order Cytotec online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i cheapest Cytotec online, the world we can experience, is the real deal, rx free Cytotec. Cytotec recreational, We have to open ourselves to the ecstatic joy already present in our world.

At the bottom of the page, Cytotec from mexico, Buy Cytotec online no prescription, there is a quote from the fictional "Book of Uterus" (a name which suggests birth and fertility). The quote reads "BE YE NOT LOST AMONG PRECEPTS OF ORDER", Buy Cytotec Without Prescription. This is another of the Principia's main themes - warning us that the rules we choose to live by can be bewildering, buy generic Cytotec. Cytotec from canadian pharmacy, The Principia dismisses these "precepts of order" as unreal, as a social construct we use to make sense of the world, Cytotec maximum dosage. Get Cytotec, Order isn't some essential property of the universe, it's just a way of looking at things, taking Cytotec. Cytotec long term, It is, therefore, canada, mexico, india, Ordering Cytotec online, only as real as we make it. Buy cheap Cytotec. Cytotec online cod. Online buying Cytotec.

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  1. DrOwlNo Gravatar says:

    A flagrant distrust and plarablising of all the princiPles laid out in this page.

  2. Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

    I had never made the connection between the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and the PD before. Interesting to note that one of my favorite short stories of all time, “The Rubaiyat of a Scotch Highball” by O. Henry, is also influenced by Omar Khayyam. Maybe I should read this poem at some point.

  3. I like this and think it’s worth completing, but I have a few comments.

    Where are the annotations to the annotations? [1]

    Where are the first four pages? Don’t they get annotations?

    What is this Book of Uterus and why no link to it? If it’s to be discussed later, will the annotations have an index?

    What about the sexual innuendo in “…what I did to her when…”? Shall we be discussing the Principia from a feminist perspective? If not, why not? If so, which feminist perspective? (I recommend Mary Daly: she based her entire hermeneutics on the severe application of puns, though I’d watch out for the anti-trans stuff.)

    Is the claim about “everything worth knowing” accurate or hyperbole? If so, what schools of apologetics are available to support this claim? If other so, what literary methodology is available to differentiate actual claims from humorous ones?

    Speaking of claims: what about “Not junk mail”? In one interpretation, it can be read as a false claim since most junk mail does its best to look like real mail. In this explicit and naive attempt to look like not-junk mail, it is mocking junk mail while simultaneously asserting authenticity, albeit ironically. So, what do we do with an ironic claim of authenticity?

    Does Discordian Dialectics even have room for the concept of authenticity? If so, an authentically brief overview of the authentic schools of thought on authenticity within the Principia should be provided. (Merely linking to Wikipedia articles is so… mainstream.)

    Isn’t it so much easier to be a critic? ;)

    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to an examination of Discordian Matriarchal Tradition (DMT) and the role of Rev. Lady Mal in the Principia’s formation (or at least an authentically brief overview).

    1. Save the Footnotes!

  4. El SjaakoNo Gravatar says:

    I have not found a source for the image, but I have a feeling it’s supposed to be Diogenes the Cynic. Not completely sure why.

    “BE YE NOT LOST AMONG PRECEPTS OF ORDER” This is a parody of Ephesians 5.

    This version of Uterus 1:5 is actually in conflict with page 44. As it is listed there:

    And therein emerged the Active Force of Discord, the Subtle Manifestation of the Nonexistent Chao, to guide Everything along the Path back to Oblivion – that it might not become lost among Precepts of Order in the Region of Thud.

  5. Laughin JudeNo Gravatar says:

    I find the use of a semicolon in “The Book of Uterus 1;5″ interesting. Using a regular colon is the way it’s generally done when quoting biblical verses (ex: Genesis 14:1). Are we supposed to take this as a “mistake” in the text, adding to its “this is some crazy religious tract that could be mistaken as junk mail” mystique? Is it supposed to be a conscious decision, perhaps to distance this work from Judeo-Christian norms? Or should it be taken literally? Perhaps this is a reference to a concept dealt with in chapters one and five of the Book of Uterus, and we’re being referred to both in short-hand.

    Like so much of the PD, it’s open to interpretation.

  6. DingoNo Gravatar says:


    to whistle in the dark
    (idiomatic, US) To make a show of bravery despite one’s fears.
    (idiomatic, US) To speak of something despite having little knowledge of it.

    • My own image has always been of ‘Thou’ being a reference to Eris herself, and her whilstling in the darkness as being her letting us know that she has been up to some mischief or other. But I also like the meanings you give here.

  7. KaiNo Gravatar says:

    How about the title itself? Principia Discordia translates directly to “The Principles of Discord”. This is a direct satire of the style of enlightenment era science authors such as Newton’s Principia Mathematica. The second title, “How I found the goddess and what I did to her when I found her”, sounds like an irreverent retelling of the visions of a Baptist convert (“How I found Jesus, and what He did to my life”). The religious talk of a deity changing a person for the better is turned on it’s head with the convert becoming the do’er and the deity the do’ee! This speaks of the Discordian requirement to shape his or her own spirituality and life, rather than being controlled by it. The statement underneath the second title is a direct contradiction of the Pentabarf, intentionally. The book is purposefully contradictory throughout to prevent it’s use as a source of dogma. “Wherein is explained absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely everything” is a foreshadowing and jab at the basic idea of a Discordian thinking for himself.

  8. I never thought of the five fingered hand looking like a butt! lol

    Heres something else I didn’t think of until now about the Beside Me Whistling in the Darkness part. Who’s beside him and whistling? Thou, the leg of lamb, or the jug of wine?

  9. faustNo Gravatar says:

    The Buttlike symbol is an apple core, after eating.

  10. Iron SulfideNo Gravatar says:

    The particular version of the Verse could be taken from the 1957 movie, Omar Kayyam

    The time frame fits, and the verse is used in the movie, almost vis-a-vis from P.D.

    • vertrevNo Gravatar says:

      The variation on the line from the Rubaiyat is a straight lift from a Walt Kelly Pogo strip from the 50s/early 60s – pretty sure the text as it appears here is simply clipped from the comic/newspaper as the font is the same. I’ve always liked it – as I recall it’s spoken by Albert Alligator in the context of some warped version of a fairy tale. I’ll dig out my mother’s copies of collected Pogo and try and find a specific reference.

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