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Buy Flonase Without Prescription, This page is presented as an interview to be published in a newspaper. It introduces some of the paradoxes and contradictions that will occur throughout the Principia, Flonase coupon. Flonase recreational, The fictional newspaper is published in a place called "Yorba Linda". This is a hilarious name, taking Flonase, About Flonase, but it's also a real place in Southern California (not too far from Greg and Kerry's stomping grounds), Flonase no prescription. Flonase steet value, It was the birth place of Richard Nixon, and is the site of the Richard Nixon museum and presidential library, Flonase without a prescription. At the time that the Principia was written, Yorba Linda was growing very quickly, Buy Flonase Without Prescription. Rx free Flonase, It grew 30-fold between 1960 and 1980. Must have been quite a hot spot, Flonase cost. Buy no prescription Flonase online, The final part of the interview contains a Discordian style zen koan:
GP: Is there an essential meaning behind POEE.
M2: There is a Zen Story about a student who asked a Master to explain the meaning of Buddhism, buying Flonase online over the counter. The Master's reply was "Three pounds of flax."
GP Buy Flonase Without Prescription, : Is that the answer to my question. Where can i buy cheapest Flonase online, M2: No, of course not, buy Flonase online cod. Flonase photos, That is just illustrative. The answer to your question is FIVE TONS OF FLAX!

This is a good example of the Discordian sense of humor, online buying Flonase. Flonase blogs, It amplifies traditional wisdom into absurdity. The "wisdom" often sounds like a punchline, Buy Flonase Without Prescription.  A good Discordian koan is like a joke - it takes you down a path, Flonase price, coupon, Order Flonase from mexican pharmacy, and then the ending surprises you.

As we'll see later, is Flonase safe, Flonase dangers, the Principia owes a lot to the Rinzai school of Buddhism. Rinzai monks attempt to wake up their students through surprise, get Flonase. No prescription Flonase online, Their form of enlightenment is not acquired gradually during years and years of disciplined study. Buy Flonase Without Prescription, It's something internal that clicks suddenly; a realization, an epiphany.

From the Encyclopedia Brittanica:

One of two major Zen Buddhist sects in Japan; [Rinzai] stresses the abrupt awakening of transcendental wisdom, buy Flonase from canada, Flonase dose, or enlightenment. Among the methods it practices are shouts (katsu) or blows delivered by the master on the disciple, buy Flonase from mexico, Is Flonase addictive, question-and-answer sessions (mondo), and meditation on paradoxical statements (koan), order Flonase online c.o.d, No prescription Flonase online, all intended to accelerate a breakthrough of the normal boundaries of consciousness and to awaken insight that transcends logical distinctions.

Here's a description of Katsu from a book called Zen Speaks:

It follows that Discordians, Flonase mg, Flonase no rx, who venerate someone traditionally seen as a Goddess of Strife, prefer a form of enlightenment based on interruption and surprise, Flonase treatment. Generic Flonase, Discordian wisdom is not about becoming the authority on a body of ancient texts, it's about interrupting your own assumptions and mental processes, Flonase without a prescription. Buying Flonase online over the counter, It's about leading somebody down a path and then suddenly hijacking them.

It is in that moment of confusion that we are no longer distracted by the twin illusions of order and disorder.

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  1. What’s the meaning of “suspended annihilation”? Is it a comment on nihilism?

    Is the San Fransisco Discordian Society also a real place? If so, who was born there? If not, who wasn’t born there?

    Does “Intergalactic Report” imply faster-than-light travel? i.e., that old quantum theory of information that I haven’t heard about in a while because it’s probably bunk?

    Does “Pope Poop” refer to the old line that reduces the Catholic Pope to our level by reminding people that he also uses the toilet? And could the abbreviation “Greater Poop” contradict that by implying that the Pope’s poop is greater than ours?

    The talk about craziness: Is his mental health a subjective and socially/culturally defined state of mind, a claim of enlightenment, or a result of malnutrition/injury/disease?

    Since “mal” is a prefix with negative connotations, can we assume the name “Mal-2″ hss a numerological significance? In many religions, “3″ is considered quite positive, and the two numbers do add to five. Does Discordia recognize this numerology as a sub-part of its “law of fives” (i.e., in the same way that all religions are of Greyface, all numerologies lead to Five)?

  2. TwidNo Gravatar says:

    Suspended Annihilation made me think of nirvana in its original meaning of the annihilation of personality when rejoining the Brahma. When you consider that Discordianism owes a lot of its inspiration to Buddhism, it also means that it indirectly owes it to Hinduism.

    As for the meaning of Malaclypse, probably the person to ask is Phox on Mal- is a Latin stem, whereas clypse is probably Greek. It’s also possible it just sounded cool.

    • KaiNo Gravatar says:

      Mal is from the latin, for bad, or evil. eclypse is from eclipse, for failing to appear.

      I think he used the name because it sounded cool, not because it means evil failing to appear.

      • TwidNo Gravatar says:

        Unless mal- has a separate meaning in Greek. I don’t know Greek, so I can’t conjecture.

        I do know one bit though, the equivalent for mal- in Greek would be kako- or caco-, as in cacophony (evil sound)

      • Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

        It’s also worth noting that apples belong to the Malus genus. No idea if Malaclypse knew that or not. The second half of the name reminds me of Apocalypse, Greek for “revelation”.

        • deadfongNo Gravatar says:

          Yeah, the -calypse part of apocalypse is derived from the Greek verb for “cover, hide, conceal” (apocalypse quite literally means uncovering or revealing, hence “revelation”). So Malaclypse could conceivably mean something like “badly hidden.”

  3. TwidNo Gravatar says:

    Also, I’m wondering what is meant by dissolving negatives and why Mal2 refuses to develop the point.

    • Telarus, KSCNo Gravatar says:

      Most likely, Mal means “You dissolve opposites (hodge/podge) by transcending them.”

      As the question regards “negatives” (i.e. negative affirmations, “something IS NOT”), we cannot simply answer with a positive (“Because THIS is.”). We have not escaped or dissolved the negative, mere pushed it further down a cause-effect-chain while staying within the Positive/Negative duality.

      The only way to Truthfully answer the question is by NOT ANSWERING IT. This mirror’s Joshu’s Koan (“Does that dog have the Buddha Nature?” to which Joshu answered “MU!” a negation of the very question, not a simple yes or no, but “STOP THINKING CATEGORICALLY”).

      The querant’s mind is ‘trapped’ in a dualistic system (it can only seem to define things in relation to the duality). The sudden, absurd, amplified signal which cannot be placed within the querant’s current frame of reference.

      • Telarus, KSCNo Gravatar says:

        Ooops, got cut-off.

        The sudden, absurd, amplified signal which cannot be placed within the querant’s current frame of reference serves as the impulse to escape the local-system definitions.

    • Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

      It’s also a pun about developing photographic film. :P

      • Telarus, KSCNo Gravatar says:

        HAHAHAHAHAH. Thanks Iason! See, this is why I love Discordia…. I was approaching it with such a Zen mindset, that the pun completely escaped me.

        Laughter indicates that the mind is frantically trying to integrate new information, btw. It can either be integrates into the existing local-system definitions, or it can re-define the system (see ‘Panarchy Cycle of Adaptive Ssytems’ which very much mirror our 5 Seasons.. except they’ve lump two into one.)

        [Quote =
        Stages of the Adaptive Cycle: Basic Ecosystem Dynamics

        Panarchy identifies four basic stages of ecosystems, represented in the Figure below:
        exploitation, conservation, release and reorganization.

        All ecosystems, from the cellular to the global level, are said to go through these four stages of a dynamic adaptive cycle (see below). The exploitation stage is one of rapid expansion, as when a population finds a fertile niche in which to grow. The conservation stage is one in which slow accumulation and storage of energy and material is emphasized as when a population reaches carrying capacity and stabilizes for a time. The release occurs rapidly, as when a population declines due to a competitor, or changed conditions. Reorganization can also occur rapidly, as when certain members of the population are selected for their ability to survive despite the competitor or changed conditions that triggered the release.

        It would be interesting to more closely link the models.

  4. Laughin JudeNo Gravatar says:

    I really love the line “I don’t know, man, I didn’t do it.” It sneaks into my own writing. There are at least three interpretations/levels of meaning I see in it:

    1) The first is the basic, defensive, “It’s not my fault because I had nothing to do with it.” Getting defensive when confronted with the matter of one’s own ignorance is a pretty standard human response, isn’t it? And examining that response can teach you more about the automatic ways your brain will work when you’re not paying attention to your own thought processes.

    2) The second is a more abstract statement about the Universe as a whole and the particular place each of us has in it. None of us is the one who did it, so how could any of us possibly be able to explain? It’s a ridiculous expectation. Why bother getting defensive about it? Hell, you should be laughing at the guy who asked the question because it’s an absurd question!

    3) The third level has to do with being comfortable about what the first two versions of this response say about you as an individual and about the Universe. At this point you can give a semi-Zen “Aw, fuck it” shrug, admitting that the Universe doesn’t make sense to you and never will, and saying “I don’t know, man, I didn’t do it” is just a calmer way of saying “five tons of flax!”

    We should probably assume there are probably two other interpretations to be had along those lines just to be on the safe side.

  5. dkkauweNo Gravatar says:

    i’m a walrus!

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