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Buy Propranolol Without Prescription, Page 11 explores the relationship between battle, order, disorder, and divine will.


St. Propranolol coupon, Trinian's

[caption id="attachment_1628" align="alignright" width="400" caption="St. Trinian's School for Girls shows how people act when rules aren't enforced"][/caption]

The logo at the top of the page juxtaposes "St, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Propranolol used for, Trinian's Sewing Circle" with a call to "support your local police". This joke probably made more sense in to a 1960s audience, buy cheap Propranolol.

St, Buy Propranolol Without Prescription. Purchase Propranolol online no prescription, Trinian's is a fictional boarding school for girls which appeared in a World War II era comic strip. The tone of the comic was morbid and dark, Propranolol cost. Get Propranolol, The girls of St. Trinian's, taking Propranolol, Australia, uk, us, usa, often depicted as being the daughters of gangsters and other criminals, were dangerous, Propranolol overnight, Propranolol trusted pharmacy reviews, anarchic, and violent, Propranolol mg. Buy Propranolol Without Prescription, It was made into a series of comedy films in the 1950s, and a reboot was released in 2007.

St. Order Propranolol from mexican pharmacy, Trinian's is based on two real life boarding schools:  St Mary's School, Cambridge, where can i find Propranolol online, Propranolol from canadian pharmacy, and the Perse School for Girls, Cambridge, buy Propranolol without prescription. Propranolol forum, These schools emphasized self-discipline, as opposed to discipline imposed by the school, where can i order Propranolol without prescription. Is Propranolol safe, This gave them a reputation for being pretty wild.

The logo on this page suggests that the evil little girls of St, Propranolol samples. Trinian's support their local police, Buy Propranolol Without Prescription. Propranolol class, The forces of law and anarchy are not at odds, they have a symbiotic relationship, buy Propranolol from canada. Propranolol dose, The Discordian point of view holds both forces in equivalence: you cannot impose law without creating more disorder, nor can you create disorder without evoking the law, effects of Propranolol. Propranolol images,  

[caption id="attachment_1629" align="alignright" width="400" caption="They are up to know good"][/caption]

The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy

The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy is a parody of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, a patriotic war anthem which was written during the American Civil War, Propranolol maximum dosage. Order Propranolol no prescription, The Battle Hymn of the Republic may have been selected for parody because it was popular amongst both Union and Confederate soldiers and it celebrates war as a righteous glorification of Christianity. Buy Propranolol Without Prescription, Both sides of any battle believe that God is on their side. The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy satirizes this position, rx free Propranolol. Buy Propranolol online cod, Clearly if God is on both sides, she is not a God of mercy who advocates turning the other cheek, Propranolol price, coupon. Ordering Propranolol online, She is a God of War who will eagerly throw the first apple. The chiefs of staff who contemplate dropping the bomb do not destroy the balance of order and disorder, where to buy Propranolol, Propranolol dangers, they are an integral part of it.

Lord Omar served in the marines from 1958 to 1960, and probably intended that this page be interpreted ironically, Buy Propranolol Without Prescription. Thornley served in the same unit as Lee Harvey Oswald, herbal Propranolol, Buy Propranolol from mexico, and was one of the only people that spent any time getting to know him. When Thornley left the marines, where can i buy Propranolol online, Propranolol from canada, he wrote a book called Idle Warriors which starred a fictional version of Oswald. It is the only book written abo0ut Oswald before 1963, Propranolol brand name. Where can i buy cheapest Propranolol online,  Wikipedia summarizes: "[Thornley] viewed Oswald as the  metaphorical embodiment of an intelligent peacetime GI: deeply dissatisfied with the monolithic, totalitarian structure of military life which stood in distressingly sharp contrast to the professed American ideals of individual liberty and free enterprise."


Custer's Last Stand

The page closes with another American Civil War-era reference: a quote from General Custer, Propranolol online cod. Custer is hopeful about the future, but is sadly deluded. Shortly after saying this, Custer would be killed by American Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn. It just goes to show that in battle, it's really hard to tell whether or not God is on your side.



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  1. Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

    I had never paid attention to that St. Trinian’s logo before. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for doing the research for all of us lazy bums.

  2. How local is local? Should we support the FBI? the U.N.’s DPKO’s CPU (civilian police unit)?

    After she threw the apple, she started using a lot of apostrophes. Does she have some kind of nervous disorder that would affect her speech like that?

    Is the Holy Punchbowl a sacred artifact among Discordians? Do fictional historic queens search for it while making out with weird guys who live under water?

    Was Shakespeare a woman? a pirate? Geena Davis?

    Was the queen who went looking for the Holy Punchbowl Queen Lear!?

  3. Great, Cramulus! Once you’ve completed these you ought to put them in a book (I’m guessing that’s your plan). The unofficially-official website is supposed to open very soon and you might want to let them know about this–they might want to post part of it there.

    Along with a real-life home for girls in “trouble,” St. Trinian’s School for Girls was a partial inspiration for Sister Hooter’s Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School for Unwed Mothers. Journalist and Discordian biographer Pope Hilde assisted the sister in the real-life home.

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