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Buy Actos Without Prescription, Page 00012 includes the short parable "On Prayer", a quote, an image, and a Japanese newspaper clipping. Is Actos addictive, Charles Fort

The little story references the writer and researcher Charles Fort, from whom the word "Fortean" is derived, online buying Actos hcl. Actos results, Fort was interested in highly unusual topics such as spontaneous combustion, poltergeists, Actos steet value, Actos without a prescription, UFOs, teleportation, buy Actos online no prescription, Buy Actos no prescription, and other "Forten Phenomena". He liked to dig up topics that scientists had trouble understanding and had therefore dismissed, Actos description, Actos australia, uk, us, usa, like ball lightning. He was interested in the fuzzy border between science and psuedo-science, buy no prescription Actos online. Fort observed that the border was not very stable, it shifted dramatically over time, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Fast shipping Actos, To many, it seems that Fort wasn't as interested in truth as he was experience, discount Actos. Online buy Actos without a prescription, "I conceive of nothing, in religion, Actos without prescription, Buy generic Actos, science or philosophy, that is more than the proper thing to wear, Actos no prescription, Purchase Actos, for a while."


The Japanese Newspaper Clipping

Somebody made a T-Shirt of that image which you can buy at cafepress.


The Quote

The quote at the bottom of the page reads, Actos street price, Actos photos, "OF COURSE I'M CRAZY, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M WRONG, where can i cheapest Actos online. Real brand Actos online, I'M MAD BUT NOT ILL." -Werewolf Bridge, Robert Anton Wilson

Werewolf Bridge is a poem by Robert Anton Wilson which was printed in his book Coincidence: A Head Test (page 29), about Actos. Buy Actos Without Prescription, The poem has been revised since its original form, so the line in question doesn't actually occur within it. Comprar en línea Actos, comprar Actos baratos, But the spirit is there. Here is the full text of Werewolf Bridge:

[caption id="attachment_1641" align="alignright" width="326" caption="A close-up of the Japanese text on page 00012 of the Principia"][/caption]

At midnight, Actos pics, Order Actos online c.o.d, as I rise from my coffin,I ask:
Am I Christ or Mehmet Ali Agca, canada, mexico, india. Actos interactions, Am I Count Dracula or just another Hiroshima Werewolf
Howling for human flesh.

In my mad and werewolf heart
I have howled half a century away
In despair and rage:
The bread and wine of werewolf Mass

Every God-damned, after Actos, Actos over the counter, man-damned morning,I ask:
Is this the beginning of another cardboard day
Or is it the first day of the rest of the universe, Actos no rx.
Will nothing happen or will everything happen, Buy Actos Without Prescription. Actos canada, mexico, india, In my green and bleeding soul
I have sung half a century away
In laughter and in scorn
The flesh and blood of sorrowful werewolf Time

Every twilight as the shadows fall,I ask:
How many missiles are aimed at Moscow, Actos dosage. Generic Actos, At New York and London. At Paris and Rome, Actos blogs. Order Actos from United States pharmacy, At the naked skin of God.

In my high and mountain skull
I have mocked half a century away
In measure and in fact:
The line and square of werewolf Space

One dizzy moment above the Liffey I forget, my Actos experience, Actos pharmacy, I ask:
Is this O'Connell Bridge or Butt Bridge.
Am I on the Ha'penny Bridge perhaps, Actos for sale. No prescription Actos online, Is this another endless werewolf bridge.

Until defiance builds of its own ruin
A truth more brave than the truth of death
My werewolf heart shall rage against
Both werewolf God and werewolf Man

Until terror builds of its own heat
A myth more green than the myth of life-
But my werewolf heart is pierced at last
By the silver bullet of the Lady's gaze

My werewolf self is atom-bombed
By the golden sunrise of the Lady's smile:
I am the Beast the Lady rides, online Actos without a prescription,
I am the stars within Her hair


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  1. Does anybody want to translate the Japanese?

    I need a job. Where can I send my resume to Persons in a Position to Know, Inc.?

    Are werewolves real? If so, should we burn bridges before or after we cross them?

    Is it only ignorant people who get flooded, or can smart people get flooded too?

    Why would they be afraid of a drought? Are they teetotalers?

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