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Buy Paxil Without Prescription, This page addresses the discord between the Classical Greek depiction of Eris (as a snarling Goddess of strife) and the modern Discordian depiction of Eris (as a mischievous bitch). Paxil over the counter,


The Classical Greeks Were Not Influenced By the Classical Greeks

The Ancient Greeks were sharp. They laid down the original course of this ongoing civilization experiment we're all riding, generic Paxil. Paxil pharmacy, But were they right? Is that the best that humanity can do. Where did they get these ideas we've been chattering about for thousands of years, order Paxil online overnight delivery no prescription. Can we come up with ideas that are just as good, Buy Paxil Without Prescription. Paxil steet value, And when the Greeks were laying down these tracks, they lived in a time that struggled to overcome Disorder, Paxil canada, mexico, india. Paxil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, At that point in history, we'd spent millions of years living in Primal Chaos, Paxil maximum dosage, Paxil from canada, living in tribal units and not writing down anything. Then we figured out the city thing, purchase Paxil online no prescription, Canada, mexico, india, and entered the age of Discord. The Greeks discovered that with a little order, purchase Paxil online, Order Paxil from mexican pharmacy, we could keep pull ourselves up into better forms of civilization. Buy Paxil Without Prescription, Their order was a triumph over millions of years of screaming and throwing rocks. They built something from the primal chaos, Paxil price, coupon. Paxil dose, That's why they saw Strife as a horrible old woman that you shouldn't invite to your party.

But fast forward to 2012.., Paxil schedule. Paxil dangers, Disorder doesn't play the same role anymore. We've silenced the beasts outside the city walls, we're all citizens and scholars now, Buy Paxil Without Prescription. And in this light, Paxil overnight, Paxil pictures, the danger is in our Order, our Bureaucracy, Paxil class. Paxil without prescription, Now we need the Strife that used to be the wolf at our throats.

In this iteration of civilization, buy Paxil online no prescription, Paxil pics, Eris wears a new dress. It's not important that the Ancient Greeks feared her, Paxil treatment, Paxil use, we're telling the New Story of Chaos now. Buy Paxil Without Prescription, The Ancient Greeks lived in a world where Order protected you from bad scary Disorder. And they protected that baby Order and fed it and cared for it, order Paxil from United States pharmacy, Paxil long term, and now it's out of control. Eris is back now, Paxil brand name, Rx free Paxil, she's looking hot, and it's time to get to work, Paxil for sale. Doses Paxil work,  

Do Not Circulate

The juxtaposition of the Do Not Circulate stamp and the Classical Greek quote suggests the two are related. Perhaps Mal and Omar are suggesting we shouldn't keep riding the Classic Greek merry-go-round, Paxil online cod, Paxil australia, uk, us, usa, perpetually reliving their desperate battle against Disorder.


 The Horace Quote


This line appears at the foot of page 15, Buy Paxil Without Prescription. It's from Horace's Epistles I, Paxil recreational. Where can i cheapest Paxil online, It roughly translates to "Razing, re-building, Paxil overnight, Comprar en línea Paxil, comprar Paxil baratos, and altering round to square."

Here's one translation of the full passage it appears in:

If, when we meet, Paxil trusted pharmacy reviews, Paxil dose, I'm cropped in awkward style
By some uneven barber, then you smile;
You smile, buy Paxil no prescription, if, as it haps, my gown's askew,
If my shirt's ragged while my tunic's new:
How, if my mind's inconsequent, rejects
What late it longed for, what it loathed affects,
Shifts every moment, with itself at strife,
And makes a chaos of an ordered life,
Builds castles up, then pulls them to the ground,
Keeps changing round for square and square for round?
You smile not; 'tis an every-day affair;
I need no doctor's, no, nor keeper's care:
Yet you're my patron, and would blush to fail
In taking notice of an ill-pared nail.

So, to sum up: the sage is half divine,
Rich, free, great, handsome, king of kings, in fine;
A miracle of health from toe to crown,
Mind, heart, and head, save when his nose runs down.

Another translation is "What [do you do], when my judgment contradicts itself. it despises what it before desired; seeks for that which lately it neglected; is all in a ferment, and is inconsistent in the whole tenor of life; pulls down, builds up, changes square to round. "



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  1. Does the indigestion refer to Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Is Eris warning us against gluten? Is Eris a paleolithic goddess?

    Oh, hey, it’s the pineal gland! Where can I get a copy of The Indoctrine of the Pineal Gland?

    Was Horace an owl?

    Were the Mesopotamians influenced by the Mesopotamians? Were the post-modernists influenced by the post-modernists? Did RAW influence RAW?

    Will I ever figure out why I asked the owl question?

  2. justinNo Gravatar says:

    this is just a guess based on other esoteric writings, but a lot is made in alchemy of “circling the square”, that is, making what is square circular. it has to do with energy flow, and that the circle represents (most of the time) freedom, openness, and the square represents the physical, the prison, etc. so another way i would translate this is

    “There will be razing and rebuilding (unless/until), we learn to circle the square”, that is, openness. i could probly write an essay on this or add some other notes if people want

    J T Knoblich

  3. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s my take from Chuang Tzu Free & Easy Wandering +Discussion on making all things equal

    Man is of nature fully round. – But in the beginning was the word. Canticle of Canticles (Douay Bible) KJ version leaves stuff out. overlay some Patanjali Yogic aphorism add a touch from the buddha,
    et voila! the square rounded and back again; as you will remember “the last shall be first and the first last.” kinda like the flow of breath; natural.
    Oh yeah – always remember to heed the muezzins Call to Islam <- tres important!

  4. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! you left out all the stuff I wrote in the middle of what you printed???

  5. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Ignore my first comment. it won’t make sense because of what they(?) left out!

  6. ytrbtNo Gravatar says:

    I’m no Latin expert… nor a Pope, but this is what I take from

    a direct word to word Latin translation gives me “break building change square round”

    Knock down the building and rebuild it anew, in a new direction… in other words, knock down the old dogma of order and rebuild in the Erisian ideal of Discord….

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