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'listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go'

-ee cummings


This is a copy of a bank bond issued by the magnificent and magnanimous Emperor Joshua Norton Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription, , the prophet and madman for whom Malaclypse's cabal was named. Buy Cabgolin from canada, Joshua Norton is an example of somebody who changes their environment through sheer force of madness. He decided he wanted to live in a universe in which he was Emperor, Cabgolin over the counter. Cabgolin from canadian pharmacy, So he declared himself Emperor. Simple as that, Cabgolin forum. After the transcontinental railroad was completed, people flocked to San Fransisco, where Norton was a local celebrity, Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription. Cabgolin canada, mexico, india, Likenesses of the Emperor sold in gift shops. Restaurants sought out his seal of approval and displayed it proudly in their windows, low dose Cabgolin. Discount Cabgolin, His proclamations were printed in local newspapers, and he got away with issuing his own currency (which people seemed to think was a novelty item). 

The world which Joshua Norton imagined was so much fun that other people wanted to live there too. Was he an Emperor or a madman, australia, uk, us, usa. Is Cabgolin safe, Either way - people treated him like he wanted to be treated. Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription, how did he accomplish this. How does one create a parallel universe?  Norton acted in a certain way, Cabgolin schedule, Buy generic Cabgolin, and his environment responded to it. This is a feedback loop, online buying Cabgolin, Is Cabgolin addictive, a point of interaction between the individual and the big picture. Norton encouraged and intensified the feedback loops that were a part of the world he wanted to live in, buy Cabgolin without prescription. Online Cabgolin without a prescription, I imagine he ignored the feedback foreign to his universe, the people that treated him as dangerous, Cabgolin from canada, Cabgolin overnight, creepy, or took him too seriously, Cabgolin dangers.

Norton didn't try to destroy our world, Buy Cabgolin Without Prescription. Purchase Cabgolin online no prescription, He merely provided a superior alternative. People were drawn there to experience a little ecstatic madness, canada, mexico, india. Buy Cabgolin without a prescription, On this page, Norton says "Look, Cabgolin natural, Buy Cabgolin no prescription, Comrade, you do your own thing and I'll do mine!" This is a good lesson for all would-be revolutionaries, buy no prescription Cabgolin online. Cabgolin class, The revolution is about love, not destruction, cheap Cabgolin no rx. Cabgolin steet value, We can't change the whole world, the Machine, ordering Cabgolin online, Purchase Cabgolin for sale, the  System, the Network - it's too big, Cabgolin images, Cabgolin blogs, and it has a lot of defense mechanisms. What we can do is change our environments, herbal Cabgolin, Order Cabgolin no prescription, little by little, intensifying the parts that are already silly and wonderful, Cabgolin price. Cabgolin pictures, And eventually, if we all do this, order Cabgolin online c.o.d, Kjøpe Cabgolin på nett, köpa Cabgolin online, the little islands of laughter will begin to overlap and we'll all be be transformed.

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The theme of page 13 is Uncertainty.


The Purple Sage Buy Prometrium Without Prescription, The quote at the top of the page, from the Honest Book of Truth, is attributed to The Purple Sage. The Purple Sage is likely a reference to The New Riders of the Purple Sage, buy cheap Prometrium, Purchase Prometrium online, a San Fransisco based psychedelic rock band which formed in 1969. It included several members of the Grateful Dead, my Prometrium experience. Prometrium long term, It may also be a reference to Riders of the Purple Sage, a novel written in 1912 by Zane Grey, online buy Prometrium without a prescription. Where to buy Prometrium, Its themes include religious confrontation and explorations of moral uncertainty.


Heaven and Hell

Josh the Dill's quote is another reversal of popular cosmology, Buy Prometrium Without Prescription. First, real brand Prometrium online, Prometrium mg, it reverses the Judeo-Christian juxtaposition between good / evil and up / down. He also turns Greek mythology on its head, where can i buy cheapest Prometrium online. Prometrium interactions, Edith Hamilton's Mythology begins with the line "First there was Chaos, the vast immeasurable abyss, online buy Prometrium without a prescription, Prometrium over the counter, Outrageous as a sea, dark, buy Prometrium no prescription, Prometrium price, coupon, wasteful, wild." It is from this Chaos and uncertainty that the universe was born, Prometrium from canadian pharmacy. Prometrium brand name, In Josh the Dill's image, things on earth are outrageous, Prometrium price, Where can i find Prometrium online, budding with potential, hard to explain or classify, Prometrium dose. Buy Prometrium Without Prescription, The heavens, which lack the gray areas and nuance of human morality and social culture, are predictable, orderly, and therefore hellish. Prometrium long term, Is Order "hellish". The Hell Law, after Prometrium, Prometrium from canada, found later in the Principia, insists that Hell is only for people that believe in Hell for fear that they'll end up there if they don't, comprar en línea Prometrium, comprar Prometrium baratos. Generic Prometrium, Is this the same hell that Josh the Dill's refers to. If the Christian afterlife is in the heavens, Prometrium pharmacy, Prometrium trusted pharmacy reviews, it is certainly not where Discordians would like to end up. They prefer the uncertainty and wild potential of everyday life in the material world to the suffocating clarity of traditional morality, Buy Prometrium Without Prescription.


Ignotium Per Ignotius - The Meaning of this is Unknown

This is a cute pun because "Ignotium Per Ignotius" literally translates to "the unknown by the more unknown", real brand Prometrium online. Prometrium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, It refers to an explanation which is more confusing than the thing it seeks to explain. Ignotium per Ignotius is something you'd say to criticize somebody's baffling argument, Prometrium overnight. Buy generic Prometrium, But here, it's presented as a piece of wisdom, Prometrium wiki.


It is My Firm Belief That It is a Mistake to Hold Firm Beliefs Buy Prometrium Without Prescription, This line is another paradoxical attack on dogma. Prometrium schedule, It answers the question "With how much certainty do Discordians embrace uncertainty?" They seek freedom from rigid thinking and dogmatic belief systems. So do you have to firmly embrace Discordian Uncertainty, buy cheap Prometrium no rx, Where can i cheapest Prometrium online, or should we be kind of wishy-washy about it. This line says no, effects of Prometrium, Where to buy Prometrium, take it to the wall. If you're going to be a religious fanatic, Prometrium no prescription, Prometrium canada, mexico, india, be fanatic about your lack of religion.

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