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This section retells the Ancient Greek Myth of the Golden Apple. The marginalia is particularly interesting, Norvasc from mexico. Cheap Norvasc no rx,  

John Kenneth Galbraith

The page begins with a quote from John Kenneth Galbraith, a left leaning economist, Norvasc forum, Norvasc price, ambassador to India, and economic advisor to several presidents, discount Norvasc. Norvasc online cod, The quote expresses frustration with government in general. They're doing so poorly at Vietnam, Norvasc cost, Ordering Norvasc online, can you really expect them to handle something relatively simple like an education budget.


Acapulco Gold?

There is historic disagreement concerning whether this apple was of metallic gold or acapulco.

Many Discordians hold the Golden Apple as a symbol of human desire, Buy Norvasc Without Prescription. Stories about the Apple illustrate how the best laid plans can be upset by humans acting like humans, buy cheap Norvasc, Norvasc cost, trying to chase the apple. And of course, Norvasc interactions, Where to buy Norvasc, Greg Hill can't resist throwing in a pot reference.


King Kong Died For Your Sins

There are a few references in the Principia to the King Kong Kabal, where can i buy Norvasc online, Is Norvasc safe,  which we know includes Josh the Dill, and Ho Chi Zen (another pen name for Kerry Thornley), buying Norvasc online over the counter. Norvasc alternatives, The King Kong Kabal's writings have been lost to the ages (or at least, I've never been able to find any), fast shipping Norvasc. Buy Norvasc Without Prescription, My hypothesis is that they regarded King Kong as a messianic martyr, a latecomer savior who wields his animal nature like a weapon. Buy no prescription Norvasc online, He desperately tries to overcome western capitalist imperialism (by climbing the Empire State building) and answers only to his inner desires (ie by Fae Wrae). It is precisely this allegiance to his animal desires that gets him gunned down, Norvasc no prescription. Purchase Norvasc, The marginalia "Ho Chi Zen is King Cong" is a pun. The name Ho Chi Zen is a reference to Ho Chi Minh, Norvasc dosage, Herbal Norvasc, a Vietnamese Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. To call him "King Cong" evokes him as the leader of the Viet Cong, who died defending his country against western imperialism, Buy Norvasc Without Prescription.


The Book of Uterus, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Norvasc from canada, Ch3

Tucked away on the bottom of page 00018 is a snippet from the Book of Uterus:

5. An Age of Confusion, online Norvasc without a prescription, Where can i order Norvasc without prescription, or an Ancient Age, is
one in which History As We Know It begins to
unfold, Norvasc trusted pharmacy reviews, Norvasc mg, in which Whatever Is Coming emerges
in Corporal Form, more or less, real brand Norvasc online, Norvasc blogs, and such times are
Ages of Balanced Unbalance, or Unbalanced
Balance, what is Norvasc. Norvasc wiki, 6. An Age of Bureaucracy is an Imperial Age in
which Things Mature, where can i buy cheapest Norvasc online, Cheap Norvasc, in which Confusion becomes
entrenched and during which Balanced Balance,
or Stagnation, ordering Norvasc online, Online buy Norvasc without a prescription, is attained. Buy Norvasc Without Prescription, 7. An Age of Disorder or an Aftermath is an
Apocalyptic Period of Transition back to Chaos
through the Screen of Oblivion into which the
Age passeth, Norvasc forum, My Norvasc experience, finally. These are Ages of
Unbalanced Unbalance.

This establishes some details about the Five Seasons of the Discordian calendar, low dose Norvasc. Buy cheap Norvasc no rx, It tells us that we're not talking about a literal calendar year, but a unit of human civilization.

Like evenly weighted scales that tip back and forth until they are in balance, we go through periods of order, and periods of disorder. Perfect balance is not actually desirable, that is stagnation. The Discordians seek to propel us forward into the next season, wherever that might be. Today, we're living in a period where order and seriousness is dominant, and so the Discordian's role is to add some disorder and humor to the palette. If we were living in a period of shirtless screaming hysterical anarchy, the Discordian's job would be to build bridges and governments.

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  1. Iason OuabacheNo Gravatar says:

    I lost the picture several computers ago but I saw someone post a picture allegedly of a railing at the Empire State Building with the words “King Kong Died for Your Sins” written in black marker. I really hope I wasn’t hallucinating this.

  2. There were five goddesses, and I believe I figured out who the other two were: Hestia who stayed at home but was considered in the running for fairest by several attendees (mostly misogynists who appreciated her “knowing her place” and whom Hestia was avoiding because she didn’t want to clean their faces off her boots), and Apollo who wasn’t a goddess but was so vain he probably thought this myth was about him.

    Do we believe that story? Obviously, most of this story is just puns, and isn’t there evidence of wars before the Trojan War? Or is this a cleverly hidden sex joke, in as much as all is fair in love and war and no one knew about HIV back then so they wouldn’t be worried about bare-backing? The ancient Greeks did have condoms, right? I’d hate to think they were ruled by southern conservatives.

    The presence of John Kenneth Galbraith proves my theory! Not only was Discordia a California thing, but it’s also filled with famous Canadians who were accused of Communism! All while the Pope was censoring everything! Did the Vatican really think it could dupe the opposition? This quote proves that the Vatican intends to overthrow the government and replace it with a theocratic regime! Resist! Resist, I say! Resist the secret Catholic Doctrine of Doing the Big-Thing-Small-Thing Badly!

    “HBT; The Book of Uterus” Does “HBT” refer to the Honest Book of Truth and, if so, are books a recursive data structure? Can chapters contain books or are they leaf nodes?

    I propose that the King Kong Kabal was a front for the Appolosian Mystics who, certain that the apple was intended for their god, attempted to infiltrate Discordia and cease passing the dutchie, on either side. They were only thwarted when they realized that Discordia had no Acapulco gold because it was a front for the Catholic Mystics who were using real apples in honor of the Original Falling Snub. The Hestians would have been there too but they decided to stay home instead. “After all,” they said, “someone has to prepare the indigestion remedies.”

  3. DingoNo Gravatar says:

    Ho Chi Zen was also the name Thornley published his Zenarchy material under.

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