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We're The Upside Down People Buy Trental Without Prescription, The POEE Disorganizational Matrix describes the "hierarchy" of the POEE side of the Discordian Society.

The first thing to note is that it's reversed. The people who know the most about Eris have the lowest rank in the society, Trental class. The people who have never heard about it (most people) are the highest rank and the best Discordians. Trental trusted pharmacy reviews, Discordia is not about creating an elite sect of people who "get it", and impart their enlightened wisdom onto the unwashed masses. No, we Discordians have a lot to learn a lot from those spags, Buy Trental Without Prescription. Following a lesser-known Greek Goddess, Trental maximum dosage. We're clearly wired all wrong. Online buying Trental, A few weeks ago, somebody at a party asked me what Discordia was about. He had seen the Chao Te Ching on my facebook wall, buy cheap Trental, and he really likes the Tao Te Ching you know, What is Trental, and so I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to "explain" Discordianism. Buy Trental Without Prescription, WELL, I said, We're a disorganized religion. Or maybe we're a joke, it's hard to tell, Trental treatment. We reject dogma and definition. Trental schedule, The Discordian hierarchy is reversed... the most informed people about Discordia are at the bottom. The people who have no idea what it is [the popes] are at the top, Buy Trental Without Prescription. So the fact that I'm even explaining this to you means that you get Discord better than I do, buy Trental no prescription.

My friend said, Order Trental from United States pharmacy, "So the point is to stop the mind?"

and I said, "Well, uh, where can i order Trental without prescription, kinda... Trental recreational, some people treat it that way... It's like this..."

He said, "You missed it, comprar en línea Trental, comprar Trental baratos. Buy Trental Without Prescription, You can't tell me what it is or isn't about, I'm the fucking POPE, MOTHERFUCKER."


The Classic Discordian Society

Once upon a time, there really was an office of the polyfather. There really was an organization called POEE. Is Trental safe, Both of these things have faded into the purple haze of history, but that hasn't stopped them from being part of the Discordian society. There's still a Discordian society, low dose Trental, but they're (dis)organized differently. Doses Trental work,  


Today, there are two groups that use the name POEE (the Para-theo-ana-meta-mystikhood Of Eris Esoteric). The people who run have a bunch of links to Discordian literature, Buy Trental Without Prescription. An awesome guy named Synaptaclypse KSC runs, generic Trental, which operates as a Discordian publishing house and propaganda depository. Trental reviews, Among other things, Syn prints the Hardcover edition of the Principia Discordia, which is gorgeous, Trental blogs. Sadly, My Trental experience, neither of these websites represent real communities anymore.

Needless to say, anybody can be a member of POEE, Trental wiki. Buy Trental Without Prescription, You don't have to get anybody's approval anymore, you just declare yourself a member. POEE has a bit of a mystical connotation - it appeals to Discordians that experiment with the occult or other esoteric approaches to reality. Trental no rx,  

The Golden Apple Corps

The Golden Apple Corps are the activist wing of the Discordian Society. If you do pranks, projects, Trental gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, or mischief in the name of Eris, Canada, mexico, india, this is your crowd. Their primary project is Operation Mindfuck, an ongoing mission to snap people out of their robotic thought patterns, Trental price, coupon.

The Golden Apple Corps have no leader and accept anybody as a member, Buy Trental Without Prescription.

In recent years, Purchase Trental, the Golden Apple Corps have used OMGASM to collaborate on projects. Briefly, OMGASM is the idea that Discordians should participate in other pranks by Discordians ("Sticking apart is most fun when we do it together!" -St Mae), buy Trental from canada. Sometimes Discordians come up with projects and name them with a -GASM on the end. Herbal Trental, This is a signal that "you're invited to participate, collaborate, and expand on this", Trental used for. Buy Trental Without Prescription, For example, FnordGASM is the project to write "Fnord" one paper currency. Anybody can do it. Trental images, The more people do it, the more people will look up Fnord and find a trail of breadcrumbs leading to MADNESS.

My hope is that as Discordia becomes better represented on the web, about Trental, we'll have a larger pool of pranksters to collaborate with. Trental pharmacy, This could lead to larger and larger projects, more golden apples being tossed into people's brains.



Episkopos is an Ancient Greek word meaning "overseer", Buy Trental Without Prescription. In a modern religious context it refers to the Bishop who presides over a group of churches, online Trental without a prescription. Protestants don't have a pope, Trental photos, but they do have Bishops. Being an Episkopos means that you've got your own version of Discordia, your own revelation from Eris, purchase Trental online, and you accept nobody else's authority to tell you what's up. Trental dose, There are a lot of Episkoposes. Buy Trental Without Prescription, If you have an interpretation of Discordia that doesn't jive with POEE or the Golden Apple Corps, you're probably in charge of your own Episkopos. Discordia encourages this sort of thing - it's better that we have 10,000 conflicted versions of Discordia than one "true" version with its own tribes of believers and skeptics, buy cheap Trental no rx.


The Legion of Dynamic Discord

The LDD is comprised of Discordians who don't belong to any of the above groups. Buy Trental without a prescription, This is sometimes seen as the "entry path" into Discordia. You are in the LDD while you don't have your mind made up about this stuff.

The stereotypical legionnaire enjoys telling other Discordians that they're doing it wrong and their tribe is bad, but doesn't himself have a clear idea of what "doing it right" would be, Buy Trental Without Prescription.  St, where to buy Trental. Vincent Verthaine used to call them the "Little Deluded Dupes". Purchase Trental online no prescription,  

The House of the Rising Hodge

This sect represents the Discordian elements that are ordered. Discordian Historians, Dictionaries, and this series of blog posts attempting to "explain" the Principia Discordia  belong in this category.

The House of the Rising Podge Buy Trental Without Prescription, This sect refers to Discordian advocacy for Disorder. Mal and Omar warn us that a little disorder can be good, but don't go too crazy with it. Too much Wisdom is Insanity. Too much Beauty is Outrageous. Overemphasis on Integrity leads to Arrogance. And while bullshit makes the flowers grow, too much of it really smells.


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  1. Where are the lost documents? Does anybody remember any of the forgotten truths?

    What is the mysterious Drawer “O” and how does one become “out of file”? How is this different froma lost document or forgotten truth?

    There are five breezes and winds. Do these correspond the the elements/seasons?

    Where can I find a treatise on the Cabalablia? I’m assuming it’s a Discordian Kabbalah?

    Where are the other four columns? We do have back-up, right?

  2. Lord LackerNo Gravatar says:

    Change is change is change.

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