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Buy Zocor Without Prescription, Here's another page by Rev. Zocor cost, Mungojerry Grindlebone, the author of the Erisian Hymn on page 00019, Zocor no prescription. Buy no prescription Zocor online, It's an application to the Erisian movement, the counterpart to POEE, buy Zocor online no prescription. Zocor street price, This is Kerry Thornley's half of the classic Discordian society.

The page resembles a bureaucratic application form, Zocor treatment, Buy Zocor from canada, but the questions themselves are absurd. This entry path to the Erisian movement shows  the relationship between bureaucracy and absurdity, Buy Zocor Without Prescription. If you've ever spent hours filling out forms that in all likelihood nobody will read, Zocor forum, No prescription Zocor online, you already understand.

The Lick Here box in the bottom right corner has been an ongoing mystery to Discordians, Zocor dosage. Australia, uk, us, usa, Many of us have licked our monitors or print-outs of the Principia, hoping that we're one of the lucky 25, real brand Zocor online. Zocor mg, Discordian folklore posits that Mal and Omar dropped a hit of LSD into 25 copies of the Principia.

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    What if it’s only some of the above? What if the “other” is a non-specific description of the kind of group we’d like to join?

    What if the postal service, due to budget cuts, cuts mail forwarding services? All addresses are temporary! Can’t you see the tectonic plates moving?

    Okay, I know what a racehorse is, but what’s a racehuman? Can racebannons join?

    On the medical sheet, what qualifies as a “psychotic episode”? Should I include masturbation?

    Do I really need a reason to wear obscene tattoos?

    What if I’m invisible? Do I still have to draw a self-portrait?

    What if I don’t want to be one of the “lucky 25″? Is licking mandatory?

  2. Ralph Radix Fenderson-Mckenzie Etal (RRFMEtal)No Gravatar says:


  3. I love Cram’s commentaries and see it as eventually a book. For this one, though, I think you could have added a little more.

    4) Height…fluid ounces. I think this would be called a non sequitur, where the answer and the question don’t match.

    The IQ thing was part of the beginning or an early revision of the Church of the SubGenius. Rev. Ivan Stang claims they discovered “Bob” and were developing the church before they even knew about Discordianism, which is probably true, but it was still an influence. While IQ scales vary, on those that use 150 as the genius level, The Church is “What Discordians would be if their IQs dropped below 150.” Of course that’s a joke–subgenii are as smart as erisians; they’re just more humble about it.

    5) Education, highest grade completed. According to my Loveshadean educational cohorts, early public schools were designed to go to grade 6. It was deemed anything beyond that was unneccessary.

    6) As for “I have ceased raping little children,” I’m probably not the one who should comment on that, but being me I’ll do it anyway. This could be seen as a false dilemma, where you’re given options, usually two, as if those are the only ones available. Or it could be seen as a loaded question, where any answer would be false or misleading. The implication here is, of course, that no matter how you answer you’ve essentially admitted you raped children.

    I wear obscene tattoos because….is related to the kid rape.

    • I’ll add that in the Steve Jackson Games edition of Principia Discordia, Greg Hill in an interview with Gypsie Skripto said the “Lucky 25″ thing was something being passed around at the time. For those who don’t know, Lysergic acid diethylamide is abbreviated LSD or LSD-25.

      A “demon drug” of the 1960s, real evidence indicates it’s not addictive and won’t fry your brain, and no one’s died from an overdose. It actually had a high success rate in dealing with certain mental problems and treating alcoholism, and Dr. Timothy Leary said under controlled conditions they didn’t see a single bad trip.

      But because it’s fun to take and could easily be made outside of a corporate laboratory, it was made illegal in much of the world. In the UK you can get seven years and an unlimited fine for possession and I think lifetime for selling it, but they’re thinking about lowering that. There’s also an effort by the UK Transform Drug Policy Foundation to legalize it. The TDPF is actually legally-recognized as a charity in the UK–can you imagine that happening in the US? Check their website at

      By the way, any reports that Cherub Princess Shamlicht inspired me to begin Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht (which will be published by Anaphora Literary Press in a couple months or so) while I was under the influence of LSD are strictly rumours. It was the tea. Really.

      • El SjaakoNo Gravatar says:

        I agree with everything except this:

        But because it’s fun to take and could easily be made outside of a corporate laboratory, it was made illegal in much of the world.

        LSD is not easy to make. The fact that it is made anyway proves how much some folks like it.

        There are many reasons why it was made illegal, suffice to say that rational examination of scientific evidence and comparisons of the risk to public health and the advantage of keeping it legal was not a large part of the debate.

        • You may well be right. I’m not a chemist, so was just going by what I was told. Of course “easy” and “difficult” are relative terms.

          One thing I find fascinating is that it can be very difficult to make a drug, but I found it easy to make a human being. Incredible.

          Of course raising a human being is a whole ‘nother story….

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