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Annotated Principia Discordia – Page 24-25 – POEE Priests

I love the elegance of "A POEE cabal is exactly what you think it is." There is no purpose or definition assigned. A cabal doesn't have to be a group of mystics, or secret agents a la Illuminatus. If you and your friends get together to  play board games every week, and you have fun doing it, you could call it a cabal. Malaclypse takes special care to divorce himself of any real authority. He encourages people to come up with alternate interpretations of Eris' word. He gives out ordination certificates, but they're basically meaningless.  He seems to enjoy wearing the leader costume, but is careful to hold that role at arm's length. From what I've read, Greg Hill (the guy who plays Malaclypse in this book) had a love/hate relationship with Discordia. When he wrote the Principia, he said he was possessed by the spirit of Malaclypse. This character helped him articulate the things he had been thinking about as he grew up in the suburbs of California in the 1950s and 60s. Many years later, when the work was done, Malaclypse left him. (note the concordance with Aliester Crowley's Aiwass, the entity which Crowley claims wrote The Book Of The Law). In anecdotes about Greg Hill, he sounds totally annoyed with the Discordian Society. Rev. Loveshade approached him in the 80s (?) and the man sounded like he was done with it. He didn't want to be the guru anymore. Robert Anton Wilson's alter ego, Hagbard Celine, voices the same thing when he steps down as head of the Lief Erikson cabal in the Illuminatus! trilogy.  
Hagbard lowered his eyes for a second and gave a Sicilian shrug. "O oi che siete in picdoletta barca," he said softly, and bowed. "I'm still in charge of nautical and technical matters," he announced, "but Miss Portinari now succeeds me as episkopos of the Leif Erikson cabal. Anyone with lingering spiritual or psychological problems, take them to her." He lunged across the room, hugged the girl, laughed with her happily for a moment and placed his golden apple ring on her finger. "Now I don't have to meditate every day," he shouted joyously, "and I'll have more time for some thinking."    -The Illuminatus! Trilogy
  I love the phrase "World Council of Churches Boutique" It sounds like a store offers samples of various world religions. The warning about money illustrates the main difference between Discordia and the Church of the Subgenius.


  1. So, where are the pics? Should we be pissing on this page? (I already do a lot of mumbling.)

    What about the advice to seek into a Chao if we would be wise? Should we be wise? Is wisdom considered harmful, or is that seeking goto a Chao?

    What IS in a Chao? And why ain’t it so?

    I thought I was possessed by a spirit once, but it was just Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

  2. Lord LackerNo Gravatar says:

    How can you tell the difference between a spambot and a discordian commenter? Punchline.

  3. Thanks for the note; it was actually in the mid 1990s when I met Greg Hill.

    When I was searching for the guru in the Bay Area of California, I met this bald-headed friend of Hill’s who had a tattooed face on the back of his head. E called emself Janus, as in the two-faced god.

    ‘I told em I was a Discordian, a big fan of Hill’s, and wanted to meet em. Janus said, “Go back home, kid. He don’t want to talk to nobody.” When I pressed, e said, “If you really want to talk to him, don’t say anything about Discordia, and for Fuck’s sake don’t say you’re a fan.” I capitalized ‘Fuck’ because e said it like it was the name of a Pagan Deity.’

    My ‘holy quest’ is described in ‘How I Found Malaclypse the Younger and What Mal Did to Me When I Found Em’ which appears in Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht. Frankly it makes me sound like a fool, but oh well. Our publisher just sent the book to the printer this weekend, so it should be available soon. I’ll post more on that later.

  4. Frater FarterNo Gravatar says:

    Should we be pissing on the screen?
    and I think that my inserts are missing… Nothing fell out when I opened the page :(

  5. vFVGNo Gravatar says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this annotated Principia. So far, it has been a priceless help for me trying to translate our Holy Book into Czech, my native language; this being the first Czech translation whatsoever (shame on my nation, they’re a bunch of sissies).

  6. Feels great to see the rising on the rise.

    On the eve of my country’s independence day anniversary,

    I took an oath against mind control,

    which goes like this:

    ‘Fear Not O Rambling Dunce.’

    Also: No hot dogs were harmed in the making of this (hopefully never ending) work –

  7. FinniusNo Gravatar says:

    I found a disturbing trend in this batch of “annotated” threads”

    1. They seem to be following a numerical order
    3. Many of the posts seem to be explaining…or clarifying…aspects of the document in question
    2. This confuses me

    oh wait…

    “Confusion leads to Questions…Questions lead to answers…and Answers are what we are all looking for.”

    i get it now…

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