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No More Anonymous

I hereby give notice that I am formally and publicly disassociating myself from Anonymous Hackers.  I do not believe in nor do I support the disruption of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press when the exercise of such freedoms does not interfere with the rights of others.  I do not believe in the interference of fundamental freedoms in the guise of protecting those freedoms whether that interference is made by a governmental or non-governmental individual or organization.  I am not by this notice disassociating myself from, nor am I acknowledging any association with, the Cult of the Dead Cow, Umbra Data and the Dark Side Intelligence, LulzSec, Twitter Anonymous, the Sinister League of Evil Badguys, Hacktivismo, the Illuminati, or Terrorists for Truth.  Nothing in this declaration shall be construed as indicating participation in any illegal activity, whether in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, or any other country or portion of the world.  I also hereby give notice that I do not intend to reveal the legal names, pseudonyms, locations, methods, or plans of any members of any of these groups, nor do I acknowledge having any such knowledge whatsoever. Posted at 23:05 UTC on the 20th of April in the year 2012 CE/Setting Orange, Discord 37, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3178  'Anonymous should take a leaf out of the IRA's method of operation and use a cellular structure, with only 3 or 4 in each cell so if there is a snitch in the organization it has minimal damage.' - Stephen, St. Ives, England, 07/3/2012 02:33 Quote from Image from (Remember, this cellular structure is a fundamental part of the origin and success of Discordianism).


  1. I don’t care to belong to any club that would have me as a member. — Groucho Marx

    Joining groups is always a bad idea: there is only guilt in association.

  2. Miley SpearsNo Gravatar says:

    They offered a reward for capturing Reverend Loveshade! That is just wrong. He didn’t do anything wrong. They need to look after real criminals not Discordians!

  3. Lord LackerNo Gravatar says:

    Somebody has to be the criminals. Why not discordians?

  4. Frater FarterNo Gravatar says:

    Who are you & why are you typing to me?

  5. Episkopos Phi-phy Pho-psy, K.S.C., L.S.D.No Gravatar says:

    Aneristic Alert! This post contains too High an amount of “order”.

    A cracker who calls hirself The Jester posted on hir blog[1] Twitter(tm) handles of people SHe (th3j35t3r) suspected of being either:
    A) Islamic Extremists
    B) Al Qaeda Supporters
    C) Anonymous Members
    D) Lulz/Antisec Members

    One of the names SHE posted was:

    Discordia + Anonymous –> Discordianon;

    Discordianon + Twitter(tm) = @discordianon


  6. Many of you have probably noticed that Reverend Loveshade hasn’t posted anything here or on the website since April. The Rev is doing well but is in hiding even more than usual, and apologizes for not answering emails.

    The Rev also wanted me to let you know that e is doing all right, and , “Of course I did something wrong, or at least wrong in the eyes of The Agents of Greyface. And they’re the ones who make the rules, right?”

    Also can we get an account here?

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