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Archive of entries posted on July 2012

The Dark Apple

Today's meditation: The golden apple has a counterpart: the apple no one desires, but fears.   turn on the news, half of it is about squabbling for a golden apple. the other half is about running from the other one     Question for the 23 Apples of Eris (meaning anybody who reads this thing):

Does Eris roll those apples too?

     Personally, I think not anymore... that's why we Discordians embrace humor over seriousness. But then again --- Eris used to be a scowling Greek chick with a dagger concealed in her bosom, so I think maybe she just told Mal and Omar she'd changed her ways so that they'd like her more. Her name is Strife, after all. Her closest relatives are War and Night. So let's not pretend She's all smiles and lulz..   What is this Dark Apple? What does it look like and what should we call it?   Wes Unruh calls it "The Hot Potato" I think that apple is part of the Sacred Chao too, you just can't see it because it's eclipsed by the golden one. The Golden one is in front because we Discordians prefer humor to seriousness, but The Apple of Strife is in our bag of tricks too.

Reasons To Go Discordian: Part 1

Freedom of religion means you can believe anything you want and people have to treat it seriously. But there's a limit to that, right? At a certain point somebody's going to say, "No, that HAS to be bullshit." Discordians gleefully hop that fence and run naked into the wild. It's a blast, you should try it.

Seriously, if religious freedom protects your the right to, say, oppress homosexuals, it can probably be used for some awesome things too. Awesome things nobody's thought of yet.

Chasing Eris

Hey all. I'm just rocking up to share a project which I find exciting, and hopefully some of you might grok too. The Principia was written around forty years ago. The Apocrypha Discordia, the first major work since the Principia, was released in 2001. Since then there’ve been numerous creative pieces released, with more major Discordian works released in the last ten years than the first forty combined. There’ve been Discordian music projects, artworks, magazines, T-shirts, badges. The religion is alive and kicking; but why? What is it about a 50 year old joke religion that remains so pervasive and inspiring to its followers? What has attracted Discordians to Discordia? What does an ambiguously sincere religion offer to the irreligious, or sometimes aggressively atheistic? How does a philosophy overtly disregarding rules or structure capture the rigid attention of so many? How has Discordianism influenced one’s life choices, political or philosophical beliefs or lifestyle? What came before Discordia, and what did the road look like after? I intend to visit Discordians to develop an understanding of the role Discordianism plays in one’s life through a series of interviews. I also intend to take an active role in viewing Discordians in ‘their natural habitat’, seeing how Discordia plays a role in everyday life, whether that’s taking some downtime to relax or roaming the streets in a fake moustache putting up silly posters as part of Operation Mindfuck, ultimately developing an engaging and intimate piece of gonzo anthropology. I intend to come up with a piece of work that explores and develops an overview of Discordia, that ultimately represents a celebration of religion, humour, philosophy and life. If you're keen to keep up to date, offer yourself up as a human sacrifice volunteer for interviews, offer advice or just heckle from the sidelines, you can do so at the Facebook group here: Or, just start chatting here.

Discordian Calendar Request Thread

Over at my blog. Is it still shameless self-promotion if I have enough shame to mention how shameless it is?