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Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht ON SALE!

Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of ShamlichtAfter legal complication, printing problems and other technical difficulties, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht is now available!  And if you're on our list of esteemed contributors (see below), you can get your copy at discount! S. John Ross aka Pope Leo (GURPS, Cumberland Games & Diversions, Warehouse 23, Novus Ordo Discordia: The Gospel of Pesher the Gardener) penned the outstanding foreplay.  Our blurb writers include Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson (who saw an early draft), Rev. Ivan Stang, R. Crumb, Sondra London aka The Erisian Elestria, Reverend Jason "Pee Kitty" Levine, Adam Gorightly, and others.  

Quotes about the Book

"This inspiring volume makes a splendid auric pippin to be lobbed amongst the bickering goddesses of our contemporary debate." -- Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Lost Girls) "Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia may become to the 21st century what Principia Discordia became to the 20th.  Which means--I don't know what the hell that means." -- Robert Anton Wilson (The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy, Masks of the Illuminati) "Buy it and BURN THIS BOOK FOR 'BOB'!" -- Rev. Ivan Stang (The Book of the SubGenius, High Weirdness By Mail, the Church of the SubGenius)  

Buy it and Burn It!

Feel free to buy two copies, burn one publicly, and hide the other! The book is now available for $20.00 $15.00 American money at  Or even better you can buy it through our store at  

Esteemed Contributors

We would love to be able to give a free copy of Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht to everyone who contributed, but as you can see from the long list below that would not be practical.  However, if you are on the following list, you can receive a special discount for a book if you buy through!  Just send us an email with the name you used to contribute to:

We will assume you want your discount sent to the email you use to contact us unless you tell us otherwise. If your name isn't on this list, contact us anyway!  We might have accidentally left your name off and might even be feeling generous.  Unlike Pat Robertson, we aren't perfect. Adam Gorightly, Alan Moore, Al Barger, Alden Loveshade, Alien, Anonymous Lifeform, Ashibaka aka Shii, Bellydancer Upyours, Binky the WonderSkull, BloodStar, Brother Femtomoment, Brother Kob, Bumper Bunny, Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers, C. S. Martin & Steve Lewis, Danacasso, Dorian Jack (family), Dr. Isaac Clarke, Dr. Octopussy, Dr. Sinister Craven, Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane (family), Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Gamemaster Loveshade, Greg Hill (family), Herr Bookmonger, His Wholiness the Rev. DrJon, Icarus 23, John Wilkes Harvey Oswald, Kerry Thornley (family), Lani Lina Lian Lain, Max Flax Beeblewax, Miley Ray Cyrus, Miley Spears, Nixie Nurita, Nurse Devine Stripling, Paco the Fruit Bat, Perlie the Pony Girl, Pope Higgins, Pope Hilde, Princess Unicornia, Professor Cramulus, Professor Mu-Chao, R. Crumb, Reverend Loveshade, Rev. Ivan Stang, Reverend Jason ‘Pee Kitty’ Levine, Robert Anton Wilson (family), Saint The Mary, Sister Hooter, Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree, S. John Ross aka Pope Leo, Sondra London, Sparky Newberg, St. Verbatim, TawTew the Naturally Perfumed, Toby Bruno, Untroubled Teen, Zeus, Xists. This offer will expire at the End of the World at midnight Dec. 21, 2012!  If the world doesn't end then, you have until midnight Pat Pineapple Day, Jan. 18, 2013!  So claim your discount now!

Anonymous Lifeforms reporting for Reverend Loveshade


  1. S. John RossNo Gravatar says:

    I was explicitly promised a free copy. Given that this free copy is the ONLY payment I was offered, I can’t imagine you’d actually want to be anything but honest and provide the copy you promised.

  2. Miley SpearsNo Gravatar says:

    The book is awesome! And that’s not just because I contributed. :-D All I did was write Discordian American Princesses and pose with Rosey Tiger for TawTew’s painting “The Kiss.”

    This is from my Amazon review:

    Ever laugh at a comedian’s jokes and then suddenly think, “OMG, that may change my whole perspective?” That’s this book.

    Do not read this book if you aren’t willing to challenge your thinking and perception. It’s a literary collage, a joke book, a puzzling philosophy, a riddling rant, a challenge of the way we write and speak and raise children. It’s a graphic description of animal and human sex that goes well beyond lesbian-gay-bisexual-intersexual. Sometimes it’s fascinating, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it’s profound.

    It will get you laughing and then suddenly-ZAP-will blow your mind. It’s not a book for anyone who’s afraid of digging deep inside themselves and seeing what’s hidden in the backyard of their mind. It will challenge how you see reality and even yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find hidden in the shade of your heart and soul.

    Or you won’t get it at all.

  3. S. John RossNo Gravatar says:

    Again, I was explicitly promised a free copy and wrote what I wrote for you on commission based on that promise.

    I can have this conversation with you, or I can have it with Amazon and your publisher through DMCA filings. It’s up to you, and you can decide by answering or you can decide with silence. Either way, you are, right now, deciding.

  4. S. John RossNo Gravatar says:

    You have made a public declaration that you INTEND to rob me of my promised payment. That doesn’t sit well with me, for obvious reasons. What’s more, you made it an insult by then suggesting I send you money in lieu of being paid.

  5. Miley SpearsNo Gravatar says:

    Peeps told me not to, but I posted about Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia on Those silly spags are STILL ripping Revy Love! I signed up there three years ago and they were at it then and they still are. Haven’t they gotten tired of it by now? Of course Revy Love loves it, lol.

    They said they don’t believe Alan Moore, Adam Gorightly, Rev. Ivan Stang wrote those blurbs. Their quotes are in the book and on and Like somebody could make those up without getting sued? They also said the book’s been out for years online and of course it hasn’t, it just came out this week in dead tree form and it’s never been online. And they tried baiting me to get me to argue but I knew better than that three years ago! Silly spags!

  6. Miley they will never give up!

    I finally got my copy of the book and its wonderful! Of course I already saw it on pdf but its really cool holding a book with my name in it. Its not the first book I was published in but its still totally cool. I really want to read part of it to my class but theres not much I could read to first graders. Maybe Love your neighbor as yourself? Maybe I could tell them real life Nemos or clownfish start as male and switch to female. I dont know what the school board could do about that.

  7. S. John RossNo Gravatar says:

    IMPORTANT BIG TIME NOTICE (straight from the small time):

    My earlier comments about not getting my promised copy are old-bad information. I got my copy and there had been a communication error. Everyone on all sides of the matter is innocent (or at least, as innocent as we ever get).

    All is hugs and kisses. Possibly more if things go well.

  8. Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:

    Why the hell am I not on the list above? I’m going to sue! Or you could just send me photos of you in the bathtub with your dog.

  9. Rev. BootieNo Gravatar says:


    He was a hacker, but not for anonymous. He was hacking into porn sites.

  10. Bunny QuitoNo Gravatar says:

    lol, I love Miley! She is so fun.

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