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Where’s Cramulus been?

Hey cats. 23ae's been quiet while I've been working on other projects, so here's a personal update from the Professor Cramulus. My main creative project is that I am a larp designer, I help manage these big stupid games where adults go camping and pretend to be elves and wizards and shit. It's bananas. But Eris told me there's something important about creating strange parallel universes that you can actually visit. And wearing dumb costumes. I think she said something about that too. I started a crazy tumblr blog which is crammed up with dumb images - - most of the content is absurd stuff I've collected from the web over the last six or seven years. It was a pleasant suprise to discover there are actually a lot of Discordians on tumblr. I've got a small facebook group for Discordians which is very low key.  In 2013 we're going to leave 2011 behind and switch to a new group.  This isn't meant to be a big thing, just a place to come hang out with other spags and not really sweat things. I mean christ, it's facebook, communication there is dumb as hell by default. I'm trying to do the "Discordian Society" thing on easy mode - no pressure to contribute, no group identity, no consensus.  Low drama. Sticking apart. So if the groups seem fluffy and unimportant and that nothing of value will emerge from there, good, that's the point. It's obligation free for all. My main Discordian project has been Fractal Cult. This is a creative-output-focused group of about 20 Discordians. New members welcome. Check out our group blag: - the kernel idea (the Fractal as the flag for the cosmos) is something that's been kicking around my head for a few years. I am now exploring it in more depth. We also have a nasty recipe for kool aid which I think everybody will love.


  1. I can’t believe no one’s yet commented on this post. We’re talking about Professor Cramulus, after all. When I was a preteen child just starting to learn about life, my mother sat me on her knee and taught me about the unbelievable and mysterious and awesome Professor Cramulus. I remember the wise words of advice she gave me, oh so many years ago.

    “If you ever see a man wearing an enormous mustache putting up weird posters, turn and run the other way.” Ah, the wisdom of a mother.

  2. By the way, could I get an account here so I can post entries for someone else without having to hack into the account of that unnnamed still-in-hiding person?

    • Anonymous LifeformsNo Gravatar says:

      Ever notice how some people can be really annoying, asking the same question over and over again? Well, I’m one of them.

      I would still like to know if I can get an account here to post articles. I promise I won’t use my power to bully other users, won’t begin a nuclear holocaust, and won’t declare war on other nations (unless it’s North Korea, or if I’m in a really bad mood). Please let me know if I can have such an account, or tell me no so I can begin building an arsenal.


      Anonymous Lifeforms (who really has no thermonuclear weapons hidden in the basement at all. But please don’t check the attic).

      P.S. I really don’t have any nukes (if you don’t count the nuclear submarine in the swimming pool), and don’t even own a handgun. But I can slap pretty hard.

  3. Is Cramulus running this site now? That’s OK he’s cool and both here and Professor Mu-Chao are Order of the Pineapple members like me. 😛

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