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Archive of entries posted on December 2012

Now that the apocalypse is over…

Where have you been?

Where’s the other anonymous been?

Ever since I started making calendars, I've subscribed to the RSS feeds of deviantArt search results for Eris, Discordia, and Fnord. I've spent the last few years on a daily diet of Sonic the Hedgehog slash, gender-swaps of MLP:FiM villains, OCs from shit I've never wanted to know about, and every single thing Jakob Klug has ever drawn. One of those is a good thing. I have a blog where I post art that I made from porn and other found images. It's kind of psychedelic, but not in an ironic way. I'm still a directionless, zenned-out loser with no friends, living with his parents, and masturbating relentlessly, but I'm learning to stop judging myself and love who I am. This may be counter-productive, though what I intend on producing is beyond me (and wasting a lot of tissues). My main Discordian projects have been trying not to obsess about becoming Joss Whedon, watching Gossip Girl, walking to stores and then not buying anything, finding out how long I can live like a hippy off of the good-will of my family, and struggling to achieve the coveted 23 chin-ups in a single set. I've managed to cease all magical attempts, almost care about any character besides Michelle Trachtenberg, 5 miles, 32 years, and 11 reps. Though some days, I still play the slide show. Oh, and I recently found two original paintings by George M. Royer in the garbage and brought them home. I don't know why; they belonged there. He should stick to pulling teeth.