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Calendar Contest


  1. We’ve gotten and printed your calendars every year; our daughter Lexena Rae has one by her bed and has since she was a baby. Of course she’s barely a toddler, so it hasn’t been all that long.

  2. threegoddesses.jpgThe_Apple_of_Discord-530×700.jpg_01_pedia.jpgimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZeIVYQY68A7K_TjVXuPoOAPgP0aSJiFW8DygNUUZcfKd3eHQTZw

    Yes, one’s the planet. But the discovery of Eris got Pluto demoted to dwarf planet. And Professor Mu-Chao who began this site led the campaign to name Planet X Eris.

  3. OH NOEZ A COMNUNITY REFRENSE! Now I must srcub off the nerd juices.

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