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May Fnords – Day of Discord, Cosmic Trigger, John Higgs and more!

Discordian Events from May: In the '90s Bill Drummond was making references to the Illuminatus Trilogy in the band The KLF. Today, he's an artist. There are events all over Britain worth checking out, throughout May. Speaking of the KLF, writer John Higgs hasa wonderful book about them called KLF; Chaos, Music and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds. He has two events in May: WEDS 14 MAY - Spiegeltent, Brighton Festival Cabaret of the Mind: Tricksters & Troublemakers. Talks on KLF, Ken Campbell and the Church of the SubGenius from me, Daisy, Dr Bramwell and JimBob from Carter SAT 17 MAY - The Corner, Nottingham Pulling the Cosmic Trigger, with Daisy, Adrian Reynolds and Anna Reynolds More info on his site. If you can't catch John becasue you were stuck in Warsaw on the 17th, check out alternate occulture publisher Okulture's event Trans/Wije. You may need your Polish friend to translate. You can see the Discordian Culture shop selling wares at Zine Fest in Chattanooga, May 10. May 21 at The Tanks in Cairns, QLD Australia you can see me present on my Chasing Eris project at Pecha Kucha night. May 23 is Day of Discord. It's also the date this year that Adam Gorightly's Historia Discordia comes out. DOD Events: Aus: QLD, Cairns: AUS: QLD: Brisbane: USA: TX: AU: Of course if you're in London you'll be too bust at the Crowfunding launch of Daisy Eris Campbell's adaptation of Cosmic Trigger at London, Passing Clouds 1 Richmond Rd, Dalston, E8 4AA London, United Kingdom. If you're in Barcelona, catch Discordian Tuesdays weekly. And if you're in Helsinki, tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Pagan Circle. 6pm. Bar Iguana, Kaisaniemenkatu 3. HAPPY FNORDING FOR MAY. FULL list:


  1. Gypsy dimensina the traveller Chaosfeminist for purposes of criminal background checksNo Gravatar says:

    It’s still here.

  2. Gypsy dimensina the traveller Chaosfeminist for purposes of criminal background checksNo Gravatar says:

    Placid Dingo I wonder if I knew ye. Where is the Prince these days

  3. I miss when this site was really active.

    Did Adam Gorightly’s book come out? I didn’t see it.

    Hail Eris. All Hail Harmonia!

  4. Pet GirlNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t think it’s out yet.

    Post events for June this is cool!

  5. TawTew the Naturally PerfumedNo Gravatar says:

    Placid Dingo is the same as Brenton Clutterbuck isn’t he? He’s a very nice and smart guy and I’m sure his book will be wonderful.

  6. Pet GirlNo Gravatar says:

    I got the book it’s terrific!

  7. Anonymous LifeformsNo Gravatar says:

    Should have checked this earlier; would love to have attended some of these. Can anybody loan me a wayback machine?

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