Mindfuck/Jake Ideas

These ideas were collected from the pre-2005 site's comment sections and posts regarding ideas for jakes. The person who provided the idea is attributed after the idea, like this: (Ambrose Bierce) A bunch of people all had their alarm clock on their watches set for the same time, entered a department store, careful not to… Read more Mindfuck/Jake Ideas

Random Jakes

WHEREIN random people from the White Pages get Jaked. Sometimes Discordians get bored. Back in the glory days of the Yahoo Group: Discordia (history now deleted by those nefarious Yahooians) we would get random names out of the white pages and Jake them. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. Stacy Looney, 1101 Shipley… Read more Random Jakes

Ye Olde Jakes

This is a list of Jakes that are over twelve years old now, and so the contact info has been removed. I would have thrown them out, but I thought some of the Jakes themselves were amusing. Vermonters For Traditional Marriage is an Aneristic association that is “taking out ads in the local papers depicting… Read more Ye Olde Jakes