The Unusual Smell

Originally posted to 23ae by An Invisible Something. So it came to pass that all twenty-thirdians went to the Prophet of Cod’s basement for an information seminar. As each had passed the trial of the staircase, they each noticed odd smell; a smell not created by mere mortal. “Whoo-ee,” Happy Fun Ball did express, the… Read more The Unusual Smell

The Grey Void

Originally posted to 23ae by An Invisible Something. One day, when Mu-Chao was evangelizing Eris, Greyface possessed members of a crowd gathered around Mu-Chao, and requested he show them the Void where the Grey are forced to dwell and suffer. They said, “Show us, O Mu-Chao, where those of Grey are forced to dwell and… Read more The Grey Void

Our Trip to Kongomadu

by Dingo, Dr. Hexar le Saipe, Mu-Chao,┬áMaenad and Ambrose Bierce We were getting ready to go to the Congo, but then Erisian Pigmies (we knew they were Erisian because they had five eyes) attacked us and our boat sunk near Hershey. Barely making it out of the piranha-infested chocolate, we rushed to Grannies Grit Shack… Read more Our Trip to Kongomadu