Mornington Crescent

Most of the following information about Mornington Crescent was discovered and carefully extracted from the Flat Earth Society archives by Prince Mu-Chao and according to legend, he pretty much ripped this off and called it Cook-Note Fiberglass. Anything in italics are comments by Mu-Chao. Everything else is exactly how he found it. As near as… Read more Mornington Crescent

The Wholey Book of Clichés and Cabbages

A wholey Discordian supplement to Risus Introduction (You call these) Rules Clichés Adventures Appendectomy A: Reference Material Appendectomy B: Summary of Risus Appendectomy C: Optional Rules Appendectomy D: Magix Twix Appendectomy E: ThanksVersion 1.1 INTRODUCTION Discordia is a loose disorganization of Eris Freaks. A better definition is impossible. If you are unfamiliar with Discordia, please… Read more The Wholey Book of Clichés and Cabbages