23AE Dada Sheets

We were given the idea to produce dada sheets by the classic dada sheet that starts our collection below. It was made by AC Bulhak a jake for his computer class and was posted on the flat-earth listserv. We liked it so much, we had to do one also. Then, as usual, things got out of hand.

This is the original dada sheet. As said above, this was not made by us. It was created for a jake by Andrew Bulhak.

Wherein I provide dada for a grunderloom by carefully marking up Andrew’s postscript.

Fnordicyclic DT
You know those sheets they have for medicine, where the words are so small you can hardly read them? Well, I made a Dada sheet of one of those and left it lying around several medical waiting rooms. Kernel Catchup was good enough to leave one on an airplane. Leave them anywhere you would like to cause wonder and enjoyment.

How To Contact Your Pineal Gland in 5 Easy Steps (2 pages)
Here, I stepped it up a bit and made a full-fledged two-sided folding brochure extolling the benefits of Creative Disorder and other things with blurbs for 23AE on it.

A Letter From the Discordian Society
A letter I made for a Jake that kinda works as a Dada Sheet.

Find Fnords At Home In Your Spare Time!
Poster I put up around Minneapolis one weekend as I was going used-book hopping.

Fnord Your Ones for Our Troops!
Poster trying to convince uber-patriots that they should FNORD the pyramid on their one-dollar bills.

U R A Pope
One-sheet explaining to the reader that they are the Pope and supplying them with said ID.

Fix Fnord Foundation
This sheet asks you to mail your barcodes to some unlucky random people.


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