The Grey Void

Originally posted to 23ae by An Invisible Something.

One day, when Mu-Chao was evangelizing Eris, Greyface possessed members of a crowd gathered around Mu-Chao, and requested he show them the Void where the Grey are forced to dwell and suffer. They said, “Show us, O Mu-Chao, where those of Grey are forced to dwell and suffer”.

“Thou speakst of the Void,” Mu-Chao replied, “but thou dost not wish to see it. For it is a realm of much torment, a realm that not only punishes Grey but produces; seeing the Void will causeth much anguish unparalelled thus far.”

The people replied, “No, really, we dost wisheth to see it.”

“No,” Mu-Chao replied, “it is forbidden by I.”

“Thou now hast piqued our interest, O Mu-Chao, and we now wisheth to be shewn the Void moreso now than at the moment of our original request.”

Mu-Chao let out a noise of discontent, and saith unto the people, “very well. Dost protest not that I hath not warned thee.” Mu-Chao closed his eyes, faced downwards, and let loose three clicks from his mouth; he brought his hands together in union, and, upon parting, opened the Void.

Those standing close to Mu-Chao were instantly consumed by the Void, never to return, and forced to be Grey forever; those close to Mu-Chao yet far enough to not be engulfed were driven insane that they inflicted much damage to themselves: some tore out their eyes with their fingers to block out the visage of the Void, while others tore off their own jaws and tongues to keep from screaming to death.

Those further still tore out their own stomachs to keep from vomiting from the mutilative sight that befell them, while those annoyed with the wailing tore out their own ears to keep from going deaf. Those at the back merely jumped up and down, trying to see what Mu-Chao was doing and what was going on; this was known, for they saith unto the crowd “what is Mu-Chao doing? What is going on?”

Mu-Chao closed the void, and all collapsed to the ground, crying and wailing in remembrance of what they just saw.

“Now, I had told thou that thou aren’t interested in seeing the Void, now hadn’t I,” Mu-Chao spake.

The people then rose up and threw Mu-Chao off a cliff; from that day forward, the place was known as The-Land-Where-Mu-Chao-Was-Thrown-Off-Of-A-Cliff-by-Greyfaces-For-Showing-The-Void-That-Greyfaces-Are-Forced-To-Live-For-Rejecting-Chaos, or Des Moines.

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